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Using Reiki to find balance with Lisa Milroy

Using Reiki to find balance with Lisa Milroy

This week we talked with Lisa Milroy, a Reiki Master and Teacher that worked in several administration jobs before finding her path and explore a new path, working with Reiki and Crystal Healing. Lisa talked about her story, how Reiki works for children and how can anyone find his/her balance. Check out her website, Zen Life Reiki.

Please present yourself to our audience

Hi, my name is Lisa, I am 47 years old, a wife and a mum to 3 teenage boys.  I was raised by my mum with my 2 brothers, after our parents divorced.  My grandparents have been a massive influence in my life and have given me the values I carry today.  I left school at 16 years old and worked within the Metropolitan Police Service for 8 years, before taking a year out to travel Australia.  It was there in Queensland I sat in a hippy market and had my “fortune told”.

The one thing that stood out was that I was told I had healing hands.  Although at 25, I do not think I really took on board that comment.  Fast forward, various administration jobs, getting married, having 3 boys and generally juggling life, to where I found myself questioning who and what I was doing, relationships with friends and where I fitted in.  The constant pressures of raising children in a society that perceives to be perfect via social media, and judgment from other people, if you have fed your child the right food, sent them to the right school, the best club, this all has a huge impact on us.

I chose to change and try not to be a part of that stigma, still be myself but to not have the need to compete in a competition that does not exist.  I have now been able to leave my 9-5 job to grow my Reiki business and hopefully help others realise the benefits of Reiki.

You were introduced to Reiki seis years ago after your first treatment. Can you share with us how that experience changed your life?

I was starting to feel overwhelmed with life, and after an incident which lasted a number of months, this led me to look for alternative therapy.  I had experienced Reiki for about 10 minutes, at a pamper event at my son’s school, so felt drawn to find out more.  A friend of a friend was a practitioner so thought I would give it a go.  I can honestly wholeheartedly say that after my first treatment I felt different.

I was less anxious, rested, calmer and more patient, I didn’t question myself every time I spoke to someone, “have I offended them, did I say something the wrong way?”  I learnt to keep protection around myself to not allow other people’s comments to enter my head and question myself.  I have and am still learning to live a happier life, to always be grateful even when something not so good happens.  It has helped me to realise I am responsible for my well being and holding onto negative emotions, only weighs me down.

If you live happier, you are lighter.  From my first treatment I have not looked back, and Reiki has been part of my life for over 6 years, and although I am a Reiki Master/Teacher I still see my original practitioner who has also trained me and continued to help me grow.

How do you believe that Reiki can help a regular person to find their balance and have a healthier lifestyle?

Reiki is a natural healing technique originating from Japan, it can do no harm.   It is a natural non-invasive treatment which activates relaxation and helps the body to balance itself from a deep level.  The treatment realigns the body’s energy center and enables toxins, imbalances, and blockages, which result in emotional and physical health and wellness.

Reiki will heal the person as a whole, on the principle that inner harmony is the source of your health.  If the person is open to receiving reiki, they will naturally start to make healthier choices in their life.  Reiki will not make a huge change after one session, but if you have the one session and commit to yourself for a healthier and balanced lifestyle that will be the start you need.

You also offer Reiki treatments for children. Is your session different compared to sessions with adults? What are the results you observe?

The Reiki sessions for children are slightly shorter, sometimes a parent will want to sit in depending on the child’s age.  I have a child who has been coming for Reiki for a number of years, at the first session they were probably focused on what I might be doing and didn’t seem relaxed.

We would talk after the treatment and speak about things the child could do at home to help themselves.  The child has been coming for a few years now and relaxes straight away, the child has made conscious choices to work on the worries outside of the reiki treatments.

They have become more confident and often at the end of the session have been so rested and relaxed compared to the early days when they would sit up as soon as I left the room to get them some water.

How does your crystal healing knowledge fits with Reiki and also western medicine that we are all “exposed”?

Crystals are from the earth, therefore the earth’s energy and Reiki is universal energy.  I believe they work well together and complement each other.

Crystal Healing is about placing crystals on the body in the same way as Reiki is about hand positions over the body.  Both with the same outcome of helping the body to relax and be able to heal, whereas western medicine targets a specific disease or injury.

Reiki can work alongside western medicine, helping the person to relax when receiving treatment.

Can you give some tips to our readers on how to find our balance and be more grounded and positive, especially in such challenging times?

We all need to take time and listen to our bodies, if you feel tired or run down you need to rest.  Take time to sit, read, watch something, go for a walk.  Life is busy and we all say we do not have time, but we need to make time for ourselves.

Eat good food, drink water, little changes will help.  Go outside breath, look around.  Try not to take other people’s worries or concerns in and do not hold on to too much negativity.  Try to eliminate stress.  A lady I worked with when I was younger used to say to me.  “Try not to get annoyed about things we have no control over.” I often remember this at certain moments.

Walking outside helps us to stay grounded, connecting with the earth. Stay in the present moment, breath and having good routines all help to keep us grounded.  Try not to be caught up with too much with social media, or the news, just take a break for a while and make the most of the time and have fun.  Be kind to yourself and others, take time to just sit quiet and listen.  Be grateful, think of one good thing to be grateful for daily.

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