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The different personalities of animals with Loli Jane

The different personalities of animals with Loli Jane

A conversation with an animal communicator “lit on fire” Loli Jane, as she says in this interview for MysticMag. After intensive training, she offers a wide array of services and with a lot of different animals (and their different personalities). Check out this very interesting interview with Loli Jane to know more about her journey and to understand better our pets.

When did you discover your gift and how long have you been working with this?

It started when I was six years old, when I lost my hearing; I grew up profoundly hard of hearing; so, I became aware of communicating outside the normal means. When you grow up like that, you become very visual and gain some extrasensory abilities. I became very observant, and visual and could read lips. Later on in my life this developed into Clairaudience and Clairvoyance.

When I was a child, I used to bring home animals all around the neighborhood but I wasn’t one of those people who grew up talking directly to animals.

When I lived in Hawaii, I was doing sales in one of those activity booths, and in walks Animal Communicator, Amelia Kinkade. We talked for two hours and she lit me on fire! That was the seed, it started there; I could not stop thinking about it. Later on I was from that job, for not reaching my sales quota. I decided that my next job would be what I was really passionate about. I tried bee keeping for a day, and that was not it. Next I tried jewelry making that was not it either. Then I finally remembered meeting Amelia and being so excited about animal communication. Besides, by then I was already clairvoyant, an energy healer, and a channel. So it just felt like this was my path. I looked for a training program; and I eventually went through a very intensive two-year training program with mentoring for animal communication, at the Gurney Institute of Animal Communication – and here I am, a certified, professional, Animal Communicator.

What are the main niches you encounter in animal communication when someone hires your services? Are there recurring specific problems in this field?

Well I call myself an “interspecies therapist” and really get to the root causes of issues. It could be anything: behavioral, emotional, physical or health issues; end of life decisions, animals in spirit or past lives. I can talk to animals already passed-on, I can even help to locate lost animals.

I can get valuable detailed information on physical issues or pain to help the vet diagnosis. I can help resolve behavioral issues in the household; like relationship issues with other animals. I really help with the dreaded end-of-life decision, by asking the animal if they are ready to leave their body. If they’ve already passed-on can bring great relief to grief from losing your fur babies. I also work with soul animals and past-life regressions.

I work with individuals or families, and their animals and also do Pro- Bono work for zoos and rescue sanctuaries. I love working with the large animals in human-care, since they have shared with me that they are “teachers for humanity”. I have also worked with wild horse rescue sanctuaries.

You work with different animals. Does the work approach change significantly from one animal to the other? How do you work with each animal?

It depends. For instance, I was working with an Orangutan at the Honolulu Zoo. He had aggression issues with its mate but also needed to get a health check. I was trying to help the zoo staff get a health screening, since he was around age forty and, like humans, they can have heart disease around that age.

This Orangutan would throw temper tantrums and not allow any vet checks. He was very agitated and angry. So, I had a long talk with the Orangutan, on why he needed to get a health check and why he was beating up his mate, Violet.

After the session, I discussed, with the head zookeeper. She called me a couple of weeks later. She said, “You’re not going to believe it – not only did Rusty not throw a temper tantrum, but he actually put his arm through a sleeve on the other side where the vet tech was standing and pointed to the spot on his arm that he wanted the blood drawn. That was so amazing!

It must be stressful for some animals to be in a zoo. Do you have another interesting zoo case to tell?

I am writing two books and I keep talking about zoo animals because it is so fascinating to me. They have shared so much with me. I always ask them what their message for humans is when we are talking and each and every one of those animals has shared with me that they are teachers for humanity. They also have very distinct personalities.

I’ve talked to a Malayan Sun Bear, an Asian Elephant, a Sumatra Tiger, two Orangutans from Borneo, I am about to talk to a Lioness; my next client.

The animals were beyond amazing. One was the “intellectual”, the other was a walking Geological library, the other one was an actual comedian, very funny, and cracking jokes they all shared these phenomenal messages with me. This work I am doing is way beyond me. It’s so important to get the message of these animals out. They are pissed off because they chose to incarnate, as teachers for humanity yet are not being heard or acknowledged for their high intelligence and to help awaken the humans. I have found many people working with animals, don’t believe in animal communication. So I am an emissary for the animals to bring forth their messages.

In regard to pets, what factors can commonly be connected to aggressive, disobedient behavior?

I don’t make assumptions or pre-judgments. If the client tells me their animal is behaving in a certain way, I ask the client what the actual behaviors are, so I can discuss specific behaviors with the animals. For example, if the client says my dog is aggressive; I get the behaviors, and ask the animal how they are feeling emotionally or physically. If they don’t volunteer that they are feeling aggressive, I can ask them, “how they feel” when acting aggressively. In this case, there can be multiple causes. Sometimes they are overprotective because of mirroring “fear’ in a person. I had a client with an aggressive animal and was very afraid when stepping out the house because there were many aggressive animals, like pit bulls in the neighborhood. Many of these animals were trained for hunting and were aggressive. So, this person would feel fear during walks and the animal would “mirror” fear and become “overprotective”.

There are a million and one reasons and we need to find out the cause through a therapeutic session with the animal. In this case, the person needed to work on her own fears, before going on walks, and the animals needed to be thanked and made aware of mirroring his human. Then the animal and I can come up with solutions, together, to explore other ways of being protective, without the aggression.

Do pets present the same cycle of maturity and development of humans? Is an old pet more mature in its behavior than a younger one?

They are much more developed. We talk baby-talk to animals because they are so cute! But they are not babies. They are highly intelligent and come to us in service because they are our soul animals and incarnate with us over and over again.

Be it a cat, a dog, a horse or a bird, they want to be in service to us, and that’s why they are with us. Domestic animals are in service to help us with our lessons. As I have mentioned, animals in “human-care” have shared with me that they chose this life and incarnation to be teachers to humanity. It did not happen by chance.

Do you have a special message for pet owners out there?

Well first, I wouldn’t call them “pet owners”. They are pet parents or animal caretakers. The word “owners” denotes dominance and control. They are our equals. The message to anybody who is an animal lover is: open your mind and do the research. Telepathy is a real science; the military are using it currently and doing new research with synthetic telepathy, connected with AI. There are many studies on the field of telepathy. We were all raised in a little box, open your hearts and minds, and see this as a real possibility. You can find me at my website for individual sessions on animal communication or energy healing, and animal communication training and mentoring.

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