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Lori Ann Spagna on The Evolutionary Shift of Consciousness

Lori Ann Spagna on The Evolutionary Shift of Consciousness

Lori Ann Spagna is a Best Selling Author, Speaker, Spiritual Teacher, Ascension Guide, Multi-Dimensional Channel, Intuitive, Animal Communicator, Energy Healer, Lightworker, Visionary and Luminary. MysticMag finds out more.

Lori, you experienced an induction/abduction experience? Can you tell us more about this and do you believe it happened for a reason?

I believe everything happens for a reason and nothing is by accident. There is a Universal law of synchronicity that organizes and synchronizes everything. I believe that my experience happened so as to bring me into alignment with my true mission and what I am here to do. I also believe it happened to help me to grow, evolve and transform on a personal and spiritual level, and to assist others.

I lived on the golf course in Maui at the time. I was desiring to accelerate my spiritual journey and had been studying with some incredibly gifted Masters.

One of my Masters suggested I meditate through the evening instead of sleeping. When in deep meditation, it’s as if you have slept even if you have not and many beneficial things can take place during this time; brain wave, synchronization, mind and body alignment, you can come into peace and harmony, connect with unseen and unknown realms and connect with extraterrestrial beings to name a few.

My motivation to practice this came from a desire to accelerate my own spiritual progress and journey and to come into more unity with Source – or love. I wanted to know and experience love. One particular evening while I was meditating, there was a moment where I came out of the meditation, and I opened my eyes and saw a very low to the earth, bright light moving in a circular motion. In the absence of aircraft and satellites, I knew what I was seeing. I immediately made a telepathic connection with the ship and I was transported on to the ship and surrounded by many of the ‘beings’ who inhabited the ship.

I was in a state of shock and awe but was very aware of the beings around me. I was incredibly curious so I asked many questions in a telepathic way. I was able to move around the ship to a certain extent. The doors would slide open if you stood in front of them. I walked down a long hallway, through a kind of stadium. I interacted with a woman that I recognized – and asked her what was behind her in the stadium. She said that there were children, and asked if I wanted to go in. I said no and she was happy with my answer. I then knew that this was where I had come from and that the child in there was a future, more advanced version of myself.

This was a complex and detailed experience, but at one stage I knew that I wanted to go home. A door opened and suddenly I was home. This experience left me frustrated because I didn’t fully understand at the time what had happened and what it had meant. I was told that I would understand one day, when the time was right.
Now I understand – it was the integration of my future self from that star system of intergalactic beings, of many different races, merging in with my human self. I see myself as both human and star being braided together, bringing back from the future into the present gifts of consciousness and enhanced DNA that I am here to share with humanity. Most of these gifts are of spiritual consciousness and awareness of energy and how the Universe works, and they also include the solutions to the world’s / humanity’s problems.

You talk of “The Evolutionary Shift of Consciousness which is well underway on planet Earth” – how would you define this for our readers?

Humans have been blocked in a matrix and currently we can see a collapse of all the old systems, structures, leaders and authorities that have kept us trapped in this old matrix. A matrix is just a word but it is actually an energy field of density and unconsciousness. We have been in a matrix where waging war is normal, where poverty and corrupt politicians are part of life on earth, where huge pharmaceutical companies have been keeping us sick for their own profit and gain….we have lived in a world of struggle which is controlled by the perpetuation of fear.

This system is falling apart and collapsing as it is not sustainable long-term. If a system is not serving the betterment of HUMANITY the system and structures will collapse. The collapsing monetary system is a prime example. New energies are now being brought into the earth and this is contributing to the shift.

People are being restored to humanity and to their human nature. Healers, lightworkers, star seeds are all contributing to this shift. Mother Earth is playing a major role as she is a conscious living being who wants to be healthy again. Many of the world’s calamities are proof of this deep desire. We are becoming more conscious about our own health and the health of Planet Earth and let us not forget animals who are also playing a major role in this shift.

In your opinion, what role do animals play in our lives and should we be more focused on spending time near and around them?

If you are not an animal lover, then spending time with animals does not really make sense. Being kind and compassionate to them, regardless of whether you are an animal lover DOES progress all beings and. Is part of Spiritual progress….
Animals are playing an instrumental and significant role, whether we realize it or not. They are helping us to awaken, they are holding the frequencies and vibrations, the energetic templates and divine virtues. Animals don’t have to learn forgiveness, they have it inherently, as they don’t have to learn magnanimity – the ability to love that which seems unlovable. Humans, on the other hand, need to learn all of the above. Animals already embody these qualities so they are inherently our teachers or healers.

Animals are majorly empathic and absorb the energy that emanates from their human counterparts. If the human is stressed, fearful, has a disease etc..the animal will display the same characteristics. Animals are healing and absorbing to help their humans or the environment around them. We can learn many valuable lessons from the various species around the world and we would be doing ourselves a huge disservice by not listening to them.

Animals are helping humans become more conscious about energy. We are moving into a much more energy-conscious society which is of course part of the evolutionary shift mentioned earlier.

You offer a myriad of services to your clients – which of these modalities resonates most with you and why?

I have a huge tool kit as I was trained and learned about all types of healing and energy work. However, in truth, I believe that it was all in my dormant DNA. I believe that we all have these gifts. What I do, if truth be told, is to follow God’s divine guidance. I believe I support humanity in God’s plan for light and creation. It is the Agenda of the Light for humanity to awaken and evolve. I am doing my very best to align myself with the Agenda of the Light and do that which serves humanity’s evolution according to God’s will – the will of love and God’s consciousness.

I love helping humans and animals to align with Source, to evolve and to ascend, and to improve the quality of their lives in all areas. I love accessing information from the unknown and bringing it into the light. We all have a role to play; to move in the direction of clearing, healing and resolving our traumas, wounds, pain and suffering and judgements – we need integrity.
Peace, joy, freedom, authenticity is where we are heading. I help people achieve this through retreats and workshops; whether it be for relationship issues, money related issues, physical problems or other. Anything can be improved by using these tools and following the guidance that Divine provides and I am living proof of how effective this is.

What do you feel is your mission here on Earth – at least in this lifetime?

Overall, my mission is to help humanity through this evolutionary process. I use consciousness and energetic frequencies that are in service to the Light and in service to the support of God’s plan to do this. I am so grateful that I get to do this profoundly effective transformational work for people and animals.

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