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The Art of Energy (TAO) and Integrative Quantum Medicine™ with Louise Mita

The Art of Energy (TAO) and Integrative Quantum Medicine™ with Louise Mita

Born and raised in New York but living in Hawai, her parents homeland, for a long time, Louise Mita has a wide array of interests (music, surfing, martial arts) and for more than 20 years she teaches her trademark philosophies. To know what they are and why they are so interesting, continue reading the interview we did with Louise!

Louise, please present yourself to our audience. How did you discover your gift and decide to pursue this career?

I think a lot of us know a little something from our childhood, even though we don’t know that we know it. By the time you are an adult, you “unlearn” a lot of these things. In many ways your thinking now is the same as when you were a child, and if you can rely on that ‘knowing’ part of the thinking, you are really able to tune in.

I grew up in Harlem, New York, in the 50’s and 60’s. You can take it as a unique experience or as a total disadvantage. As a child, you don’t know what standard you are supposed to be living up to, so everything is normal. From this background, in an eclectic racial, financial demographic, I had such a great exposure to so much – to so many different cultures, races and religions. I think that’s what kept my antenna up, looking around and experiencing it all; finally shaping who I have become.

I had a 40-year career as a choreographer and dancer simultaneously with a background of martial arts training and an ever-exploratory spiritual practice. To make a living as a dancer is not the easiest thing but I think the stamina and discipline of martial arts was the driving force behind its success. It allowed me to see the potential and possibility of what the mind can do to fulfill what I wanted to do.

I loved dance, but there was a point at which I was done with it. I became intensely involved in the energy work and wanting to grow and develop this new found love. I realized to fulfill this passion would require the same dedication I had given to my dance. So, I had to walk away from the world of dance and just immerse myself in the magic of energy. And I never looked back!

What is TAO Energy and what is your understanding of energy?

TAO Energy is the acronym for The Art Of Energy. There is an art to everything we do. We can do things blindly and just stumble through or we can do it with the most finesse and grace and understanding as possible. It’s from that perspective I look at the study of energy. I want to understand it from all sides, in all its elegance.

Energy is the essence of everything. Everything from the sound of my voice to the thoughts in your head, to the computer we are talking through is energy. From the Eastern perspective, energy is a subject that people study, develop and master. From the Western perspective, it’s a whole different story; it’s almost ignored.

We know the obvious: when our energy is balanced, we feel good. It doesn’t matter if people are grumpy or sick around us – we’re unaffected. And when our energy is feeling good we are strong; we are happy and flowing; we are generous, even reaching out to someone who may not feel so good. We can go the extra mile.

But, when our energy is not feeling that flow, nothing’s right. We don’t like anybody; everybody’s ugly. Lol! Whatever you are doing will be colored by the negative energy you have. What makes our energy positive or negative?

That’s the exploration and the idea behind studying energy and discovering where it comes from. There are a multitude of factors. When it comes to our energy, we have mental energy, emotional energy, spiritual energy, psychic energy, psychological and physical energy that influences our lives.

What is Integrative Quantum Medicine™ (IQM)?

IQM is an integration of a number of different modalities that work. All healing modalities have some aspects that work all the time and other aspects that can depend on the practitioner and how well they apply those techniques to the given situation.

I assembled the best of the best modalities I’ve studied and put it together into a technique that could bring a high percentage of successful results immediately. I wanted to make it quick, easy and teachable, as well. I have taught more than 5,000 students in 25 countries and I now have 26 authorized teachers of IQM who are teaching others, as well.

That’s the great thing about IQM – everybody can do this. It isn’t about a separation of power. We can all be healers.

What is the IQM treatment? Who can benefit from that?

Everyone can benefit from Integrative Quantum Medicine™, IQM. There are no needles, herbs, crystals, exercises or mantras in IQM. It requires no belief system or understanding and is absolutely painless. IQM is powerful, direct and has no language barrier. Proof of this is that animals and babies respond successfully to it, and obviously I don’t have to explain to them what I am doing.

In fact, when I treat some of my clients, their animals will come from wherever they are and jump on their laps because they want to get some of this energy too! Even if I’m having a remote session on the phone they tune into this on such a profound level.

Do you adapt your language for approaching different types of customers or is it ‘one size fits all’?

I adapt my language in the same way you would when talking with a six-year-old versus someone in the media who understands IT versus your grandmother – as you instruct them to turn a computer on. I look at people as diamonds with many different facets that affect them.

They might have a physical ailment they want to address, but I’ll be looking at the metaphysical, mental, emotional, psychical, spiritual aspects of them to see how that resulted in the physical. If they are comfortable with talking about energy I may explain what I discover and where the energy imbalance was. But it isn’t necessary to discuss the energy findings to have successful results.

What are the main problems and concerns people bring to you?

Stress. It’s the problem with everything, whether it is mental, emotional, financial, relationship stress, even physical stress. Sometimes we do a week’s worth of work in one day and turn around and do it again the next day, and the next. When you compounded this with deadlines and struggling to pay all the bills this leads us to do more than we are normally capable of doing.

Somehow we force ourselves to do all of it but the level of stress eventually takes its toll. We will keep going until our body responds to thie overload. Suddenly it shuts down – and we get sick. Our body knows when it’s just too much though our mind tries to trick us into slavery.

Is this where Integrative Quantum Medicine™ comes in?

Yes! If we can address our stressors before they manifest into the physical, we can stay healthy, calm, peaceful and resilient! IQM transforms the energy that can be damaging and brings us back to homeostasis – back to factory settings, so to speak. We get a fresh start and clean slate to approach the day anew. And it’s easier done than said!!

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