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Human Design and Awareness with Lynette Hagins

Human Design and Awareness with Lynette Hagins

What is your authority? What influences you and directs your decisions in this life? Those two questions are at the top of Lynette Hagins website, Authority In You. Lynette is a Certified Professional Analyst, Living Design Guide and Teacher and uses the Human Design system in her work. Check out the interview MysticMag did with Lynette below.

What is human design?

Human design is a system that was revealed to a man called Ra Uru Hu – that’s the name he was given later. He didn’t sit down and figure it out, it was an experience “implanted” in him to give to the world – sort of like a download. It is a system that offers a mechanical understanding of the nature of being.

Please share with us your story and how you got in contact with human design.

I’ve always been interested in esoteric things and Astrology. A girlfriend of mine happened to be a manifestor type, which I didn’t know at the time. She mentioned Human Design to me and it hooked me. What brought me to human design was pain. I couldn’t figure out my life anymore and I felt like I was always trying figure out my life. We all go through these challenging things and that’s when it showed up.

Human Design is about taking the decision-making ability away from the mind and putting it back into a mechanic in the body. It’s not about hating your mind, which is beautiful and amazing, but is not here to make your decisions. There is energy within you, a way that your authentic self can make decisions. In Human Design this is called your strategy and authority.

Firstly, the thing to understand is: you are not your mind. If you can’t accept the fact that your mind is not here to run your life, you are never going to get this. So, you have to treat it like an experiment.

What I did was to experiment with my design. I learned how to identify my strategy and authority by getting a reading and talking to Ra Uru Hu online, who helped me a lot. I entered into my experiment as radically as I could and that is how the mechanics began to prove themselves to me.

When you experimenting oftentimes your authority will say something and your mind will contest your capacity to do that thing or question your sanity. It is starting to see that after a while you can really trust it and get less resistance in your life, so that you get the right things for you, and things that you’d never conceive will open up, because you were busy trying to figure them out.

There’s an intelligence to which you don’t have conscious access, which is in your body. It knows what is right for you and helps you follow your authentic path. That’s what it is at its most mundane level.

What composes that chart?

The components that make up the system are Astrology, the Hindu Brahma chakra system, which is where we get the centers. The channels come from Kabbalah and what makes it really unique is the I Ching.

There are 64 gates in the I Ching, which correspond to the 64 codons of our DNA, so there are gates there as well. Then, the fifth component is Quantum Physics. You put all of this together and it’s kind of like Astrology on steroids!

Everybody is perfect and it is not about adding anything to you, but to decondition what you are not, so that you can live your authentic self. The chart will show you where your gifts are, your natural tendencies, characteristics and, more importantly, it helps you to see where you are tripping yourself up and where you are not.

The image of “astrology on steroids” is great! What do you see as the main differentiators between Human Design and Astrology, besides having that extra knowledge and influences?

Astrology is a wonderful component to the Human Design system but it’s not the only component. The main difference is that Human Design gives you a specific way that YOUR body makes correct decisions.

How does your session work?

You would need to provide your birth data (date, time and place) and then we set up a time to do the reading in an online room where we can look at your chart as I take you through it. There is a recording provided as well.

If you start to try to figure it out yourself, it gets incredibly mental really fast. I’ve been doing this since 2006 and there is still so much to discover! Getting a reading is the first and best space to start.

But I really want to emphasize: make sure that you get a reading with someone certified, because there are many black marketers out there putting the information out and mixing with other things, so it is not going out as a pure transmission.

Do you recommend taking those sessions on a specific part of a person’s life or is it universal?

I think that it is not for everybody. Some people are never meant to wake up in this way and come to their true self. We are all different. If someone hears it and it hooks them, they could get a reading. When you get it, don’t believe it – experiment with it in your own body. It isn’t about me, Ra or any other person or institution telling you what to do. It’s about you! Your authority within your own body is absolute.

For example, some people understand that they are intuitive. Some people really need to go through their emotional wave before they make a decision. I’ve got an ego authority, and you can hear it in my voice. I recommend getting a reading so you know what your strategy and authority is and then go experiment with it. Play with it.

You mention in your website about the awakening process. Does that process change from person to person or the paths are similar for everybody?

Yes, everyone is different. In this context, AWARENESS is probably a better word. Once we begin to understand who we are and who we are not, we can experiment and watch life unfold as a passenger – instead of trying to drive the vehicle (our body) all the time.

You also offer relationship analysis. What are the most common things that come up in those analysis?

Generally, we are a mix of true self and not-self, and that’s ok. I wouldn’t do a partnership analysis unless the person had been experimenting with their own design for at least a few months. The analysis shows you how you are conditioning each other, who you are and who they are as well, so you can start to understand what the energy does when you are together.

For example, my husband is emotionally defined, which means he takes time to make a decision. He’s got to wait until it lands for him. My authority, on the other hand, is generally faster. When we come together, if I didn’t know that about him, I’d try to force him to hurry up. Now that I know that about him in all aspects of life, I can respect his process even though it is not my process.

What you start to see is that the relationship you are having in life is with yourself. You need to hone in on that first or else everything becomes a codependent mess. It helps you respect the other person and to let them and yourself off the hook, so you can each just live out what is correct for you, moment by moment.

So, you also learn to understand yourself better?

Yes. When we connect to another person, there’s us, them and a blended energy between two people. Sometimes, that can be amazing and other times it can be hell. I can look at a relationship chart and say ‘this is going to hurt’ or ‘this might be really nice.’

Can you give us some tips on how to live a more fulfilling life and trust our own authority?

It’s all about following your strategy and authority. There are seven authorities, but also there are 4 basic types in human design with their own strategies. There are generators, with a subtype called manifesting generator, which means they can move quickly into action. Generators are here to wait to respond as a strategy.

I’ll give you an example. Let’s assume you are a generator – approximately 70% of the planet are generators. If asked you a simple question, you’d respond naturally to it. The response comes spontaneously from your body, not your mind. The tip would be to respond from your sacral center, from your body, and not your mind. Being in your body is how to start.

Another type is the projector, whose strategy is to be invited. Projectors are really intelligent beings, with a special, selective way of seeing things, energetically and visually. If they are not asked for their opinion, for example, and keep giving it, people smile and thank them but it doesn’t really get value. But if they sit back in their power and someone comes up asking for help and they feel recognized in the moment, they can give their opinion and it works, because they waited and were recognized.

A third type, which is mine, is the manifestor. Manifestors don’t have to wait to be asked or to respond or be invited, they act on their own authority. If I’m being correct, I don’t initiate what I think I think I want, but I wait to be moved from my authority, which is my will power. When it hits, I initiate and inform people around me. Manifestor authority is to inform.

The last type is called reflector. They don’t have any centers defined so they have a completely open chart. Their authority is the changing moon cycle. They are like the priests and priestesses of being able to reflect and read the environment around them. They make up around 1% of the population.

Learning how to make a correct decision is vitally important for your life. Why not find out how YOU are here to make decisions and give it a try!

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