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Connecting with animals with Lynn Schuster

Connecting with animals with Lynn Schuster

This week our team at MysticMag interviewed Lynn Schuster, a Telepathic Animal Communicator, Intuitive, Reiki Master Teacher and artist. In this interview we talked specifically about her work with animals, how she discovered her gift, the differences between the animals and what can a pet owner do to connect with its animal.

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When did you discover your gift?

When I was about 7 years old, I could talk to the animals. In fact, I wasn’t talking to animals so much as I was talking to my angels and guides. I didn’t know who to talk to about that, so I shut it down and stopped.

In the early 1990’s I started meditating a lot and in 2002 I met my mentor, Rebecca Moravec, who taught me Reiki. I found out I loved it and studied with her, from then on to her passing in 2014.
She taught me animal communication and I did two yearlong studies with her, concentrating on Shamanic journey work. So, I learned about past-life regressions, soul retrieval, finding totem animals in the lower world and other things. I found that it suits me well and it’s a practice I need to do every day. It brings me great joy.

How does the animal communication process differ to you from doing it in-person to remotely?

It’s basically the same. I have a photograph of the animal, so if it’s in-person I look at the animal and imagine a still photograph of it in my mind’s eye. I state my intention of speaking to that animal and call it by name. When I see it moving or animated in my mind’s eye, I know I have a connection. From there, we have a conversation, very similar to what you and I are doing.

Mostly, whether in-person or distant, I sit with my eyes closed and concentrate because I see pictures in my mind’s eye, I might hear their voices, which sound more childlike and innocent than my normal mind chatter. Sometimes I feel their feelings in my heart and it’s kind of a gut feeling, in the sense of knowing something is true.

With what types of animals do you communicate more often?

I’d say mostly dogs. But it’s really diverse, including cats, horses, rabbits, turtles, birds, llamas, and alpacas. Sometimes I talk to wild animals, such as squirrels, wild birds and deer. I feel all animals connect with each other telepathically and we are the only species that has forgotten that is our nature as well.

Do different animals communicate in particular ways compared to others?

No. All animals have very similar ideas. But every animal has its own personality, so some of them are happy and joyous and love to play, whereas others are more lethargic or older and wiser. It’s a lot like talking to people. I’d say dogs are a little more happy-go-lucky and cats are a little more stand-offish.

Is there a session in particular that has become a highlight in your journey?

Yes, a few of them. One that comes to my mind most often is a horse named Mali.

I got a call in the summertime from a woman who lived on the other side of Wisconsin. She needed help because she couldn’t get Mali on the trailer and they wanted to take her to the county fair and show her off, doing some horse shows. When she came to their farm, a year before, she loaded right on, but now she was scared and all sweaty and everybody was discouraged.

So, I talked to Mali and she was afraid of having done something wrong and being taken back to the farm that she came from. I told her that they actually wanted to take her to the fair.
I proposed to her to imagine me near her in the trailer, petting her and talking to her. We imagined that her people drove around the country block and came back and unloaded her to her stall three times and the fourth time was a little bit further. We also imagined that she was unloaded at the fair grounds and had a place for her to stay before the show.

The next day, the woman called me and said that Mali loaded right on the trailer, she walked straight on. They went to the fair and she did the halter class with the woman’s daughter. They won second place and it was their very first time, which is unusual to win a ribbon.

So, Mali knew exactly her purpose there and even won a ribbon. To me, that was affirmation of actually talking to her and helping each other to heal.

How does communication with deceased animals work for you?

I really enjoy talking to animals after they pass because they are always so full of unconditional love. My heart opens wide every time. They tell me that we never leave this Earth alone, there is always somebody there to meet us and it could be animals, people, spirit guides, wild animals…

Animals always tell me the moment of death is the most important of our lives. Even though we celebrate birth, our passing is actually the most important and we are celebrated on the other side. It feels warm and happy when I talk to animals from the other side.

Also, there is a 3-day initiation period right after they pass, during which I can’t reach them. To me, it looks like a pure White Light box. It’s opaque and I can’t see inside it. It’s a very special time for each of us, including humans. I think it’s a place where our vibration rises to that of pure unconditional love, a higher frequency than we can even remember or imagine in our bodies.

What do you advise owners in order to improve their relationship with pets?

I believe we all can speak to each other and to animals telepathically. It’s all about the breath. When I am with my horses and stand by them, I lower my gaze and do deep belly breathing and they relax. We have a deeper connection with each other. Animals like it best when we are there with them, in the moment. It’s the best way to connect with them – physically, telepathically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

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