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Love and Light with Maid4Luv

Love and Light with Maid4Luv

Maid4Luv, a Caribbean Empress with a passion for love, is a twinflame committed to supporting other twinflames on their soul path. In this interview, Maid4Luv shares insights with MysticMag about her spiritual journey, how you would know if you have found your twinflame, and the importance of understanding our past lives.

Could you tell us a bit about your journey and when your inspiration for helping and healing others began?

Well first of all, l just want to preface this interview by saying that I’m just sharing my truths because nobody knows what is the truth about the world, about the universe, about the spiritual realm, about spirituality. No one knows and I’m not even sure there’s such a thing as the truth or if we’re meant to arrive at THE TRUTH or A TRUTH but just own truths in this life. My truths have come from of course my experiences, my training, certainly my conditioning. Even though a big part of the journey that I am presently on involves deconditioning and unlearning the things that I was programmed to believe, there’s still quite a lot of things that are entrenched. My truths also come from my downloads, my research and my collaborative research projects with soul family.

I was raised devout Catholic and I’ve always known that I was spiritually gifted but the development of those gifts wasn’t something that was openly addressed as a child. My siblings called me “Ghostbusters” even though they too were and even now are quite psychically developed. Lol. But that sort of schism in my home was and is representative of the wider Caribbean society in which I grew up. It was and still is very common and normal that the first question that would greet you when you woke up or when you went to breakfast would be “what did you dream last night” and if your mother had a bad dream about you, you would stay at home and be very caution about your comings and goings, or if we opened a new bottle of rum or liquor we would throw some for the “spirits” or the Ancestors or if you found that your life had taken you down some sort of path of bad luck you would find a traditional healer what we would call in my culture, an Obeah man or Obeah woman in order to clear you right. But at the same time those same persons word sit in the front pew of their house of worship on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday condemning those very same spiritual acts as witchcraft which was used a word that was used in a negative sense. So that’s the dichotomous society that I grew up in and you have just had to find a way to navigate through that and you navigate through that for a large part by hiding your true self and hiding your intuition abilities.

Looking back on it now, I have several periods of awakening but nothing massive like what I felt when I met my twin and this is where everything started; this journey of remembering myself and having all my gifts unfold. That’s when everything just started taking place. It started off really subtle, just being bombarded by all these different synchronicities and just all this knowing and being Guided to all this information and eventually to the YouTube community. After months of procrastination, I started my YouTube channel but my healing services and research didn’t start in earnest until I met my soul sister Charlotte in February of 2019 and that’s where our deep dive into the study of twinflames and Spirit Release Therapy started.

We had only been chatting for a month when she was shown an etheric representation of the twinflame connection by her Guides. When she mentioned it to me, the social scientist in both of us was ignited and we set out on this…I have to say qualitative research study to figure out what we were being shown when we tuned into this third entity which is meant to be the representation of the connection in this lifetime. The Guides told us that everyone has a twin; the question is whether or not your twin is incarnated in this lifetime with you and whether or not you’ve met them. So we sent out a call for volunteers- calling all persons in all different stages of the journey. Basically, I would collect the info. We had a form that they would fill out and the form was pretty thorough asking them about their journey, their lifestyle and spiritual practices, mental health status that kind of thing because we wanted to be aware of any factors that might have an impact on their experience. Charlotte would not see the info but tune in and describe what she was seeing. Then after she tuned in and I collected that data, we would try to match up her data and their data and in this way we created a baseline and this baseline became the foundation upon which we would study other twinflame rings. I started tuning into rings as well and before you know it we had tuned into, by now, thousands of rings.

So generally what we found is that persons from all walks of life from everywhere in the world are having a common experience. And they are having this experience whether they come from a polytheistic background or were atheist. We have met pastors, priests, Muslimas, persons in addiction, person incarcerated, persons who identify as 2Spirit, persons identifying as non binary, couples with huge age gaps, persons of varied ethnic origins and races, persons who once identified as straight being on a twin journey with someone of the same sex and gender, scientists working with the UN, members of royal families and celebrities and the list goes on and on- all having the same experience.

Below you will see two diagrams depicting two twinflame couples. Image 1 is Meagan Foxx and Machine Gun Kelly and Image 2 is of Alicia Keyes and Swizz Beatz. Through healing and the collapsing of the ego, the chakra light from the individual counterparts gradually move toward the center chakra. When all chakras are connected and the center chakra fuses, that couple is said to be in sacred union. Sacred union has nothing to do with physical union and as you can see, couples can be in physical union and not sacred union and vice versa. This is just a very simplistic representation. The webinar has more info and Charlotte and I are working on a book that will present our findings and explore the twin flame ring and the journey more deeply. Till then, if your audience wants to take a deeper dive into the ring and the functionality, they can check out the “Introduction to Twin Energy” webinar on my website.

Could you tell us a bit about your journey and when your inspiration for helping and healing others began?

Image 1: Meagan Foxx and Machine Gun Kelly

Could you tell us a bit about your journey and when your inspiration for helping and healing others began?

Image 2: Alicia Keyes and Swizz Beatz

Which of the modalities that you offer is the most sought after amongst your clients?

Oh definitely twin flame checks. I mean everybody wants to know if they have met their twin and it’s also possible to know at what stage you’re at in the journey from looking at the twin flame ring, what sort of healing needs to be done, the progress that’s been made with karmic partners, if you’ve met a soul mate or if it’s a karmic… all these are things that we can tell by tuning into your twin flame ring.

What is the difference between soul mates and a twin flame?

Well I want to be facetious and saying that since most persons who describe themselves as spiritual believe that we are all one consciousness and if you truly believe that we are all one consciousness then we are basically all twin flames of each other right? Lol. But…. for the purposes of the journey that we are embarking on this particular lifetime, I do resonate with what is the most popular opinion out there. This was confirmed for me from what I have observed not just on the twin flame ring but also from what I saw when I accessed what I call your twin flame movie in the Akasha. It was very much the same thing I saw…one soul in a thing like a centrifuge being split into two. So I do resonate with that; that is one of my truths. This idea of one soul incarnating as two is represented again when you tune into a twinflame connection and a soul mate connection. if I tune into a soulmate connection, I see a Venn diagram- two circles intersecting and the third entity being in the middle that is the soul mate connection. So it’s two souls from different twin rings coming together. But I don’t see that one I tune in to a twin flame connection or someone who has met their twin. What I see is two people in one circle with a shared chakra down the middle as represented in Images 1 and 2.

How do you know if you have found your twin flame?

Well most of the information out there about how do you know that you’ve met your twinflame kind of centers around the synchronistic events that happened when you meet your twin or when you meet someone that is significant but those things or synchronicities aren’t peculiar to meeting a twin. I mean anyone going through an awakening or what I like to call a Remembering, because they’re trying to remember their soul self, anyone going through that is going to see 11:11 or 22 or 555 and you know all those recurring numbers and the feathers etc. But those aren’t particularly peculiar to the twin flame journey and certainly that feeling of knowing or you’ve met this person before you can also feel that with kindred spirits and soul mates so again not peculiar to your twin. People also like to say well they are they are your mirror. Well quite frankly everything both animate and inanimate in your world is mirroring back to aspects of yourself- your home is a mirror yourself, what you have in your fridge is a mirror of yourself and your pets are a mirror of you, your purse is a mirror of you right, your family, everybody is mirroring back to you aspects of self. So again not peculiar to your twin. So for me, the only ways to know if you have met your twin is one, through a twin check and two, through the quantum healing machine which is a scientific method.

You are also a trained Spirit Release Therapist, please could you tell us more about what this entails?

Yes I am a trained Remote Spirit Release Therapist and I’m also an internationally approved training provider (IPHM) so I also teach persons this modality and offer a certification program in Spirit Release Therapy. I was trained by Dr. Terrence Palmer who was considered to be the authority in this practice. He transitioned at the beginning of this year actually. Spirit Release Therapy (SRT) falls in the ambit of Transpersonal Psychology. Transpersonal psychology is concerned with what is happening above the personality and looks at what is happening with the soul. SRT is just what it says it is… it is the releasing of a person’s spirit from anything or anyone to which it might be bound. So it is synonymous to what people might call a clearing or an exorcism. Every culture and every ethnicity in has some form of release of the spirit whether it is through Jaray or Ouchay done by Indo- Caribbean peoples, herbal baths, salt baths, exorcism or some sort of shamanistic practice.

Spirit Release Therapy is less intrusive and it is done remotely so there is no physical contact between the client and therapist. The therapist mediumistically tunes into the client, their Higher Self and their Spirit Guides and the Higher Self of the client directs the therapist as to the parameters of the work that has to be done. The therapist works with Spirit Guides, Angels and Archangels do the clearing work and produces a report. It was first designed as an intervention for schizophrenia. The premise was, yes there is definitely something neurological and psychological going on but there may be also be external interference from lower forces that may make the person even more disoriented. The rationale then was to clear these clients from external chatter so that they can better deal with the rest of the chatter that is going on and become more compliant with their talk therapy sessions and their medication. Dr. Palmer did extensive research and it proved to be quite efficacious and they started expanding the use to more mental health issues again with great success. This was his life’s work.

So Spirit Release Therapy is basically a spiritual health check, just like your annual physical health check. It is good practice to check in spiritually and see what’s happening- whether there are any entities that have been able to attach, and these things will happen to everyone in their lifetime right we are not all high vibe and sometimes when we are in lower emotions for a long time we can attract lower energies because that’s how lower energy are attracted to us – by sympathetic resonance. So if you are vibrating in resentment and bitterness and jealousy for long time, remember our aura, our vibration is always sending out messages all the time and it’s attracting different experiences and attracting different things to ourselves including these lower force entities. Everybody goes through ups and they’re gonna go through downs and when we’re down that is where we’re most vulnerable to negative attack.

Now the situation becomes complicated if we are very stressed out because stress also erodes our auric field which is our first defense or first line of spiritual protection. Lifestyle choices such as alcohol and drug abuse can also erode your auric field. There are even prescribed medication that can erode your auric field. Please continue to take your prescribed meds but be very vigilant about your prayer and or grounding and protection rituals or meditations. The same advice goes for microdosing for medical benefits. Follow the advice of your doctor just be serious about your psychic hygiene. Hardcore substances such as cocaine and meth basically blow huge holes in your aura. Marijuana also creates holes but it’s usually a neat hole just above your Crown. So again, there is no judgement, just be very rigorous with your psychic hygiene. Besides repairing the aura, in an SRT session we will also look at removing any sort of curse/ hex energy, implants, check on a person’s grounding, realign their chakras, remove earthbounds or what people call ghosts and other items listed in our protocol. If you are doing spiritual work, you would need to schedule spiritual check ups more often because you not only have a duty of care to yourself but also to your clients. I get a check up every month just to make sure that I am always a clear channel.

Lastly, how important is knowing and understanding our past lives for the growth and healing of our present lives?

Whether one resonates with time being linear and the idea of past lives or if one resonates with the idea of a multiverse and parallel lives, the exploration of these lives are pivotal in our journey. The lives shown to us through past life regressing, Akashic Record exploration or through a past life reading, often show us the themes that we are meant to work on in this lifetime. Often we are processing the same issues in our present life… just on a different level of consciousness. Not only is this pivotal for our soul evolutionary journey but also for the balancing of karma both for ourselves and for our lineage. Past life exploration gives us a spiritual heads up as to what we should be focusing on and the general direction that we need to be heading in.

It is also possible to heal disease and dis- ease (trauma, internal conflict) through the exploration of past lives. We can go back to the life where the issue began and change the outcome and/ or gather information that will empower us to make lifestyle changes or make different choices in this lifetime. For example, everyone on my father’s side of the family has severe myopia. As I grew in my spiritual awareness, it just came to me that this has got to be related to some sort of past life issue. I journeyed to the Akasha and asked to be shown the lifetime that was related to this issue. I saw two children, a boy and a girl, both around 12- 13 yrs old. They were walking through a field together and the girl made a comment that the boy did not appreciate and in a fit on anger, he took his slingshot and slung a stone right into her left eye, leaving her partially blind. Weirdly enough, I had just started having major issues with my left eye. In this instance, I changed the outcome and really started focusing on my healing gifts as I realized that facilitating healing in others was part of purpose and a way to balance the scales in this lifetime. It was George Santayana who said “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”. I think this sums up the importance of past life exploration in the evolutionary cycle of our soul.

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