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Changing your mindset and going beyond limiting beliefs with Maria Concha (Manifesting Ninja)

Changing your mindset and going beyond limiting beliefs with Maria Concha (Manifesting Ninja)

This week we interviewed Maria Concha, from Manifesting Ninja. Maria is a Mindset + Manifestation Coach based in the United States with an inspiring story about struggles and how to overcome it and having to fight for everything. Check out our interview for the MysticMag Blog below.

When did you realize you wanted to pursue your present path?

I’ve been on this path for over a decade. Early in college I knew I wanted a bigger life than the one I’d seen and experienced growing up. I was terrified of being in the position of a single mom with not much money as an adult, so I clearly knew I needed to change my mind and beliefs about how life would go for someone like me. If I wanted to change my external world, I needed to change my internal world.

I started to get on this path professionally about 8 years ago. I tried other businesses and names before but Manifesting Ninja was the one that spoke to me the most. It was created because of my desire to help other women rise and go beyond limiting beliefs, assumptions, and stories in order to manifest what they truly desire.

You state in your website that you only work with women you believe are a great fit for your programs. What is a good and a bad fit?

Women who are open and receptive are the most aligned fit for my work. You may not be too familiar with the foundational work, but you should be curious and willing to expand your mind beyond what you know. It takes so much courage to do this work, because it’s breaking through the patterns and life as you know it.

It’s ok if you doubt the program but are still open to it, because you will learn and your mind will start to shift. But I will not work with anyone who is skeptical with a negative approach. I am not here to convince the non-believers, but to empower the believers.

It’s also an energy thing. If I am interviewing potential students for the Academy, which is my signature program, and don’t feel they are energetically the right fit for the group, then I will not allow them to be in the program.

What are the first steps you take when meeting a new client?

The first conversation I like having is to check in where they are in life at the moment and where they want to be. I like to learn the gap because all beliefs, patterns and ways of being are within it, blocking them from getting what they want. I let them speak freely and unapologetically, and many women that come to me are afraid to speak what they truly want.

Do you have a remarkable case in mind of you helping people and seeing their lives change?

The one that freshly sticks out was a single mom who had not done any kind of work or invested any money on herself when we met. She said she wanted to manifest her dream home with her daughter, her dream apartment.

By the end of our work, a lot started to shift within herself, she started gaining a strong sense of self-worth, clarity over her desires and a lot of self-love to be able to receive different things in her life. Her outlook on life started to change. She became more positive and saw a lot of those changes.

In the middle of her work, she said to me: I don’t think I came here to manifest an apartment – this is way more than I expected to get. But in our second month together she told me and the group that she manifested a gorgeous apartment, bigger than everything she desired.

It happened very easily for her and she realized (and many of my clients also do) she didn’t fixate on that apartment. She started to let go and really embody the more positive, confident person she wanted to become, that attracted many opportunities to herself. Had she gotten the apartment on her first week without the foundational work, it wouldn’t have been as fruitful and fulfilling.

Please give us more details on the Manifesting Ninja Academy.

This is my signature program containing the foundational work. It’s an 8-week program in which I teach live. Me and the students meet once a week with access to different resources and tools, such as workbooks, training videos, guided meditations.

It’s building up to help them break through the limiting beliefs, create more abundance and opportunities for themselves and align their mindset to the life they truly desire. Many changes happen with those weeks, which is quite extraordinary.

Please share a special message with our readers.

I believe so many of us get stuck with a feeling we have to follow someone else’s way of doing things. We always look to someone else for answers. It’s if you are doing it to figure out what works for you, but looking at someone else and thinking that their blueprint is perfect for you can be a big let down and take you down a path of feeling that there is something wrong with you.

There’s nothing wrong with you. It’s just about discerning what works for you. So, it is important to strengthen the ability to discern what works for you and knowing that that is right. I’d invite and encourage anyone to explore what lights them up and how to be in alignment with their purpose without getting attached to how someone else does it. Your uniqueness is perfect and is what will make you stay on purpose.

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