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Written by Sarah Kirton | Updated On June 09, 2023

“We Have Everything We Need Within us to Create our Own Reality” - Maria Papapetros

“We Have Everything We Need Within us to Create our Own Reality” - Maria Papapetros

Maria Papapetros is a world renowned Intuitive Consultant who travels the world to hold and attend workshops and seminars. She possesses an uncanny ability to see into the inner and higher realms of each of us. MysticMag has the absolute pleasure of finding out more.

Maria, in your experience of being a Professional Seer, what are the most insightful lessons you have learned?

First and foremost, I have learned the art of demystifying metaphysics. When it was pointed out to me for the first time that I was psychic, I was asked to feature on programmes and make predictions that would leave people speechless…Often I would be asked questions of a simple nature such as why I was blessed with psychic abilities for example. My answer would always be that I felt no different to anyone else – we are all psychic. ‘Psyche’ in Greek means soul, therefore if you have a psyche, you are psychic.

What can you tell us about your Psychic Development workshops?

I host workshops for Psychic Development. In three hours I can teach people how to read psychically in detail as well as I do, or even better. My workshops are inexpensive as this is my gift to the world. If we all used more of what we already have, we would be dynamite.
I use psychometry in the class which is picking up vibrations from an object. I encourage my students to have faith in themselves and to speak their minds. It is incredible to see how they gain confidence and skill within just three hours. By demystifying the whole process, we are all able to access our talent and psychic ability, albeit that some are more talented than others. The same applies for any given skill that one chooses to develop.

What is your definition of reaching one’s ‘potential’ in this world we live in?

Again, I come back to exploring our talents and tapping into what we want to achieve. The gifts are there, we simply need to create our own reality. If something interests you and it doesn’t come to you as naturally as it may come to the person next to you, you simply need to work a little harder. There is no secret or mystical solution. This is what living up to one’s potential is all about.

What can one generally expect from a consultation with you?

I will give the person the choices as I see them. Usually there is a choice and I will give my client the best option available. I am a big believer in recommending my clients visit a therapist or to do some kind of counseling so as to explain themselves. We inherit so much from our parents and our environment that we are far too often unaware of. We keep repeating the same patterns because we don’t go within to understand and acknowledge past wrongs. We stop growing. I am a major advocate of going within and exploring one’s talents – I can’t say it enough.

What role does meditation play in your practice, for both you and your clients?

What role does prayer have in your life? Every word and every thought is a prayer. The subconscious knows not between right or wrong nor does it have a sense of humor. We create our reality for the most part so it is vital to project and visualize positivity in every aspect of our lives. Please check out my YouTube videos of meditation with Vanessa Williams.

If you could turn back the clock would you have lived your life differently?

Absolutely not! I would do the same thing over and over again – however many lifetimes I may have.

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