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Written by Katarina Todorovic | Updated On May 31, 2023

Journey of Spiritual Connection with Maria Carla Cadotte

Journey of Spiritual Connection with Maria Carla Cadotte

Today, Mystic Mag has the privilege of delving into the enchanting world of spiritual practices with Maria Carla Cadotte, a remarkable practitioner who effortlessly navigates the realms of mediumship, animal communication, ThetaHealing®, Reiki, intuitive counseling, soul contract exploration, crystal healing, and sound healing. Maria Carla Cadotte stands as a guiding light, utilizing her diverse expertise to help individuals foster spiritual growth, emotional well-being, and self-discovery. As a gifted Spiritual Medium, she acts as a conduit between the earthly and ethereal planes, bridging the gap between loved ones who have passed and those seeking solace and guidance. With compassion and clarity, Maria Carla channels messages and insights from the spirit world, providing comfort and validation to those in search of healing and closure. We step into the ethereal realm, guided by Maria Carla’s multifaceted expertise as a Spiritual Medium, Animal Communicator/Medium, ThetaHealing® Practitioner, Reiki Master, Intuitive Counselor, Soul Contract Specialist, Crystal Healer, and Sound Healing Practitioner. Together, let us open our hearts and minds to the boundless possibilities that lie within the realm of spiritual awakening and transformation.

As a psychic medium, how do you connect with spirits or receive messages from the spiritual realm? Can you share a memorable experience where you provided comfort or closure to someone through your mediumship abilities?

As a psychic medium I facilitate all of my energy healing sessions and readings through connecting directly to God/Source/Creator of All That Is consciousness and do not use Tarot Cards or other tools.  The reason I choose this approach and teach my students in the same way is to ensure that the information received is of utmost accuracy and as needed to be communicated for the recipient themselves free of any contamination of the myself (or the reader’s) ego.  For example, as I explain to my students, Tarot Cards may be a useful tool to assist with guidance to some people that do not yet have the ability to connect directly to that Source/God/Creator of All That Is consciousness, however, cards still require a certain degree of “interpretation,” meaning that the reading is not entirely free of the reader’s perceptions, interpretations, or in other words, will be to some degree limited by the ego of the reader and or their beliefs and or perceptions shaped by the reader’s own personal experiences.  My goal in every session is to “take Carla” out of the reading and to channel only that of which is the highest truth based on God/Source/Creator of All That Is’ perspective, definition, understanding and the truth of what is being asked about.  Therefore, since all of us as souls and even as incarnate identities are of that original God/Source/Creator of All That Is consciousness, we all are a part of it and contain what I like to refer to as our “God in Self” and thus, I as a reader and or healer am simply here to serve as a facilitator and or bridge for communication between that of which is someone’s “God in Self” and that original God/Source/Creator of All That Is Consciousness until the individual is fully able to do so on their own.

I have had many memorable experiences throughout my career but some of the ones that are most noteworthy to me include readings I have done to assist with murder cases, cases involving deceased loved ones where there were confusing or conflicting autopsy reports where I was able to provide clarification to the sudden death of a loved one due to undiagnosed health issues that led to death by embolism, and cases where I had to connect to loved ones currently in a coma (not yet passed away) in order to help attain information for who a person was with and details of the night that they went into a coma.

Other memorable experiences include using mediumship to release co-possessions and attachments from those who began to experience sudden Panic Attacks, become suicidal, and or develop acute psychosis due to spirit attachments and or co-possessions I was able to facilitate the removal of, and all done remotely via zoom as I do not see clients in person and work with people from all over the world.

Lastly, I have facilitated everything from exorcisms to removing poltergeists and harmful spirits from people’s homes that followed them after visiting haunted places such as the Queen Mary Ship in Long Beach.  The clients in these cases were experiencing things such as light bulbs bursting, waking up in their sleep with bleeding scratches and bruises, awakening from nightmares of being strangled with visible marks on their necks, electric appliances catching on fire and more, all of which ceased once the poltergeists and spirits had been removed from their space.

What type of services do you offer?

I offer a variety of services, all done remotely via zoom as I work with clients from all around the globe, including but not limited to:

1.  Mediumship Readings (this can also be done for Pet Mediumship, someone who is still alive but in a coma, or a person who has already crossed over fully, a spirit that is trapped/earthbound)

2.  Past Life Readings

3.  Future Readings

4.  Comparative Trajectory Readings (these are a form of Future Reading in which a person has multiple paths they could choose such as whether to invest in a certain business, take one job offer over the other, etc. and I am then able to do a comparative reading of Path A, Path B, Path C, and so on to show what things look like 6 months down the line, 1 year later, 5 years later for each specific choice or “path” to assist the client in making the decision that is best for them and their individual goals)

5.  Intuitive Counseling

6.  Psychic Development

7.  Entity/Sprit Attachment/Co-Possessions Removal

8.  Soul Contract Release and Cord Cutting

9.  Thetahealing

10.  Reiki Teacher Training up to Reiki Master Teacher Level

Could you explain the concept of energy healing and how it complements your psychic mediumship practice?

The majority of new clients that come to me begin with psychic readings.  During a psychic reading, if there are any areas in which they have blocks that are preventing them from attaining a specific goal, delaying their divine time, or even causing emotional disruption, I will be shown and or told what the cause is – be it past life related, core level (this human physical lifetime) genetic level (inherited belief programming literally written in our DNA) or soul level (the lessons, challenges, and blueprint by which our soul is choosing to learn, grow, and evolve).  If there are areas in which I would be able to facilitate energy work that would be beneficial to that client it is revealed to me and I will tell them about it so they may choose to work on it later in time if they feel called to it.  Past life reading is particularly interesting in that the saying of “those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it” could not be more true, whatever is not resolved in our past lives plays out in a modern day manifestation now, both individually and collectively.  What I mean by this is that when I share with a client something is related to a past life – be it patterning in their life, relationship issues, or issues with co workers etc., I will then explain what the past life karma is between the two, the soul contracts, and anything that has been carried over from unresolved past life karma between the parties.  Every single time I go into the unresolved past life karma with a new client they are amazed by what I describe as it the relationship I describe, circumstances I describe are exactly what the relationship or situation is like now, in modern day form.

Through energy work we no longer see ourselves as victims of fate and can become empowered to create and manifest our reality with great control so long as it is for the highest greater good and in alignment with what our Soul Path is and what our soul sees fit for our continued growth and expansion.  I myself have seen in my own life what can be done as we reconnect to our power to create as conscious creators and have seen firsthand clients get their dream jobs within weeks after clearing blockages and after years of being unable to get a job somewhere else despite being qualified with an excellent resume.  I have witnessed others grow so rapidly in ways that others around them cannot believe and seen the power of what can be done when someone takes full accountability as a creator of their own reality and follows it with the necessary actions to do energy work and self-work to open new timelines and trajectories to bring in what they want to create.  Accountability however is the first step, it is hard for people to step out of a victim state regarding their creations and to admit that they as a soul chose to create pain, suffering, loss, and hardship, however, all my readings and energy work are delivered in a way to help one understand and accept this concept at the level in which they are ready to receive it, so that they may then move forward by their own freewill with the knowledge and understanding of this.  Before every reading I explain that readings are based on their current trajectory of the path they are now following, meaning their freewill can and will affect this either keeping things as they are projected to be, or positively – ie; if energy work or self-work is needed and done certain timelines may speed up, new timelines not available before may open to allow better manifestations to come in, or even allow repeated hardships in the form of old soul programming to no longer have to occur, or negatively – such as if someone has a great trajectory and becomes a drug addict and chooses to derail their higher timelines.  Thus, energy work is absolutely interconnected to and able to alter our future timelines and wherever there is room for this to happen for a client through energy work, I always communicate that to them so they may make the appropriate freewill choices to do what they want as creators of their reality.

How do you maintain your own energy and protect yourself from negative influences when working with clients or engaging in psychic or healing practices?

Because I work through God/Source/Creator of All That Is Consciousness, all the work I facilitate comes from that directly, therefore I often have 10-12 hours of client sessions in a day without becoming drained in any way and free of taking on attachments from others. However, I am always mindful to do energy zip ups in the beginning of the work day and perform energy breaks after each session to ensure no cords from a previous session have formed and to ensure my client’s safety of not becoming connected to another client’s energy.  I sage and use palo santo regularly and keep a crystal grid within my home at all times, making sure to regularly cleanse and charge my crystals as needed.  In addition, I am mindful in my interactions with others and what I put into my body to ensure my aura stays strong.  Breathwork, daily meditation, and clearing work on myself is done on a regular basis as well to keep my energy clear and my channels sharp.

In your opinion, how does the practice of energy healing align with scientific principles or traditional medical approaches?

There are many instances of this but one of my favorites to reference are within the Vedic Texts of Hinduism from BCE 2500.  Those who have studied the Vedas understand and know that they reference antimatter and antiparticles, parallel universes, and many of the theories related to and connected Quantum Physics thousands of years before Albert Einstein’s publishing his work on Quantum Physics, Parallel Universe Theory and so on.

Tesla understood and worked with the power of the 369, key number patterns in regards to Sacred Geometry.

Modern day Developmental Biologist Bruce Lipton who specializes in the study of epigenetics and how beliefs influence and control the human biology more than DNA or what we inherit such as predispositions to diseases or illness is one of my favorites to reference when working with clients for Thetahealing and belief work.

I have had the honor of having dinner with a world-renowned Quantum Physicist and had in-depth discussions regarding my work and things I have encountered and we discussed how we both know and understand the same things, just use different terminology in how each of us communicates the information – my terminology more spiritually based and his scientifically based.

I come from a family of doctors and nurses, I believe that there is great value in Western Medicine and it is absolutely necessary, for example, I would not advise energy work for someone with a bleeding gunshot wound, severe staph infection, and so on.  Traditional medicine is absolutely necessary and even with my experience working with schizophrenic clients and those with severe chemical imbalances, though a schizophrenic client can have great improvement with energy work, I am always insistent that they always continue working with their doctors and stay on their medications.  I myself have Graves’ Disease Hyperthyroidism and am on medication for it.  However, with energy work and lifestyle changes and my refusal to have accepted I have an disease that will only get worse and would lead to me having my thyroid removed, I am now on a maintenance dose low that it astounds medical professionals as I had a very severe case when diagnosed and the pattern of how such a disease progresses with no hope of ever fully healing basically means I am defying what they have been taught.

Can you share a personal experience or realization that solidified your path and continues to drive your passion for this work?

There are many personal experiences I have had including the messages that came through in my Kundalini Awakening that I was meant to utilize and expand the gifts I had since childhood to pursue this as my full-time work and serve others.  I abandoned a very well-paying career path in order to make this my career being assured that if I followed all guidance I would be able to make the same amount or more within a year and half – I never doubted one step of the way and within about 1 year I had more clients than other Intuitives I knew who had been working as psychics and healers for 10 years.

Every decision I make, down to which grocery store to go to I tap into psychically beforehand.  I am often invited to events and exclusive gatherings but before deciding to go to one or not I always check in with questions such as “does it serve my highest and best interest to go?” “is it necessary for me to go?” “what do I need to know?”  There are times I have not wanted to attend an event but been told “there is someone very important regarding business that you need to meet” and every single time I follow the guidance given to me, regardless of whether or not I wanted to do it, the messages have always been accurate.  At times there are warnings that I am meant to skip something my human self wants to do, not do an interview or accept an opportunity my ego would want, but in the end, when the time is right, it is validated with physical proof exactly why I made the right decision to not partake in something I thought I wanted to.

Despite how beneficial having intuitive gifts is to my day-to-day life, what makes the work so rewarding is the feedback I receive from my clients when their readings have come to fruition, watching them grow and evolve in ways to where they are now able to achieve things unimaginable, manifest effectively, understand their ability to create their reality and actually do it in how they want, and seeing many of my clients begin to awaken their own intuitive gifts to later transition from clients of mine to students and eventually practitioners themselves.  I am blessed to have around a 99% client retention rate and have clients who have been with me for years and years that refer endless new clients to me to where I have really never had to spend money on advertising, and because I do place standing commands around what type of clients can come to me, I tend to attract all amazing clients to where I have only cut off 2 clients from working with me despite having worked with hundreds of people through the years.  My goal is not for clients to be fully dependent on me as a “healer” or “reader” but rather to help them grow and expand their own connection to where they can then go forward to help others and access fully the magic that comes with harnessing one’s own direct connection to God/Source/Creator of All That Is.

We rank vendors based on rigorous testing and research, but also take into account your feedback and our commercial agreements with providers. This page contains affiliate links. Advertising Disclosure
MysticMag contains reviews that were written by our experts and follow the strict reviewing standards, including ethical standards, that we have adopted. Such standards require that each review will take into consideration independent, honest and professional examination of the reviewer. That being said, we may earn a commission when a user completes an action using our links, at no additional cost to them. On listicle pages, we rank vendors based on a system that prioritizes the reviewer’s examination of each service but also considers feedback received from our readers and our commercial agreements with providers.
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