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Written by Miguel Amado | Updated On June 06, 2023

Intuitions, online and telephone readings and reinvention with Mariana Intuitive

Intuitions, online and telephone readings and reinvention with Mariana Intuitive

This week Mystic Mag‘s Miguel Amado talked with Mariana Martinez, an Intuitive Consultant based in the UK. Mariana explained to us whe she noticed her gift, how the readings work and her wonderful online presence. .

Please present yourself to our audience! We want to know who is Mariana Intuitive!

My name is Mariana Bolivar Martinez. I am originally from Venezuela and I’ve been living in the United Kingdom since 2008. I’ve been intuitive all my life – I was born this way. My mother realized that I had some gift because, as a baby, I used to smile and stare when there was nothing there.

The history of intuition in my family goes back ten generations from my mother. I was always nurtured at home about the gift but was told not to share it with people outside because obviously coming from a very conservative Catholic society, some people would consider that antireligious. So, I always felt different at school and was labelled a “sensitive child”.

When I was 5 years old I started giving insight to my family. I particularly remember one time my grandmother from my dad’s side came to visit us. My youngest uncle was working in an oil production place and she wanted to go and visit him, about a one-hour drive away. The day was beautiful with the sun shining but I told my mom it was better to go the next day because a storm was coming. She didn’t believe it. Half of the way, there was a horrible storm and they needed to stop. This was one of many experiences.

Professionally, I can say I have started in my home country, doing readings for people, probably about 15 years ago. So, I moved to Britain and I have stopped for a while. About 4 years ago, I started back.

I noticed that you use the word “intuitive” a lot on your site. How does someone know to be intuitive?

I was born this way, but in my working life and experience I’ve met people who were really scared of discovering during adulthood that they had this gift and freak out, and think to be mentally ill.

It gives me satisfaction to help people who feel lost and don’t know what to do, how to train, to manage and use the intuition for their greater good. I could help people to develop their abilities and do have some clients who successfully learned how to use them.

You offer sessions via telephone and email, but does it make it harder to do readings remotely in comparison to presential readings? How do your non-presential readings work?

When I decided to launch my business here, I was told by my guides to do online consultation over the phone or video – they didn’t tell me why. In fact, some people ask me to see them face-to-face and I have a very uncomfortable feeling. I even got offered three of four times my fee but I politely decline – I don’t work that way.

I have no problem with remote calls. I even see people expanding their customer base to people all around the world. I have a lot of clients from the USA, from the UK… From whatever country you can imagine. I can communicate in Spanish and English, so it gives me a broad range of potential clients.

I believe your work requires a lot of trust and confidence. What do you do to build that bridge between the parts?

Well, I think it is something about energy. If people were drawn to me to book my services, it is because something in my energy attracted them. I’m always pushing my boundaries and am very professional.

For example: if I see I can’t help a person, especially in case of mental health concern, I refer them to a mental health professional and sometimes I even refund the fee. I want people to trust me – to have a reputation, to be professional and do the work well.

In your experience, what do people look for in a reading? Do they want to confirm something they already know or want to know something about the future?

Some people just want to sit down and hope everything – abundance, love, prosperity – comes to them without doing anything. I explain to them that nothing is set on stone. We, the sensitives, can see possible outcomes but you have free-will and the people around too.

I explain to my clients that, more than doing predictions, I prefer to analyse what your blockages are and what you need to improve in your life, because most of the time your subconscious is blocking the abundance, your relationships… So, it is better to explore what is blocking you to achieve things than to sit and wait for predictions that will or will not come.

I know people ask for predictions and I often explain to them that it could happen or it could not – it is a possibility, that might change.

Do you have a special message for our readers in these difficult times?

Reinvent yourself. There are always people making money. Find a problem the people are facing: there is a solution. If you lost your employment, find your skill and how you can monetize that skill. If you lack them, take your time to work on yourself to acquire new skills that you can monetize.

Think outside the box instead of playing the victim. We are all in the same boat and need to adapt. For the line of work that I do, this has been brilliant because people need advice now.

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