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Written by Miguel Amado | Updated On June 06, 2023

Marieke Leliveld on frequency, energies and Quantum-Touch

Marieke Leliveld on frequency, energies and Quantum-Touch

This week Mystic Mag’s Miguel Amado talked with Marieke Leliveld, a certified Quantum-Touch practitioner and Animal Health Technician based in Canada. You can check out this really insightful conversation below.

Please present yourself to our audience

My name is Marieke, I am a space holder of love, harmony and balance, offering energy healing sessions for people and animals in person in British Columbia Canada and via distance Worldwide. The energy healing services I offer have been created through all my life’s experiences. Life brought me on a path where I’ve always been deeply connected with nature. Growing up, I felt energy deeply within and around me, communicating with nature and the cosmos came natural to me. When the precious energy of dogs and horses came into my life that is when I was taught how to communicate telepathically with animals. Animals themselves are the best teachers.

While working with different veterinarians, I received the western viewpoint of animal health and healing, but I was curious about healing and well-being on a more natural level and what that entailed for people as well. I was shown how much animals and people reflect each other. When an animal is not doing well mentally, spiritually or physically, the owner is likely not doing well and the other way around.

When I started to work with parrots, I learned how to use my breath and heart energy to change their behaviour, have the animals respond nicer, more harmonized and balanced. It became much easier to work with them. They worked together with me without any pressure and/ or dominating, resulting in a joyous relationship. Aggressive parrots became friendly after only a couple of days of working together.

When learning Quantum-Touch, it became very clear that healing and well-being lies within the heart, the energy of love that we radiate, and can magnify on intent. The work I offer is centered within the heart, spirit and our breath, connecting people back to themselves, the universal energies and wisdom that lies within every soul. It is a beautiful and profound healing process that happens once we allow the nervous system to calm down and we can sink into our being together with our breath and souls energy.

If people have animals, they can learn or I rather say activate how to heal themselves together with their animal(s). If we practice this energy awareness, everyone can experience the blissful and consciousness expanding energy that arises, it is just magical.

 What is the Quantum-Touch?

Quantum-Touch is an energy modality that works with the same invisible energy force (Chi/ Prana) that flows through every person, animal, and everything that is alive. Quantum-Touch is a modality that specializes on the heart, specifically the love energy that we can harvest and move with our breath and intent.

The Quantum-Touch practitioner raises the frequency of their entire energy field to a high extent, through the practise of mind-body awareness combined with love and various breathing patterns. When we hold our hands over a sore body part or our intention on emotional and spiritual healing, the frequency becomes so high that the frequency of the person or animal receiving the energy will start to entrain to the higher frequency and energy field held by the practitioner, this is called resonance and entrainment.

When the frequency is higher, it is easier for the energy body to release any pain, blockages, locked-up energy within the physical body, as well as within the mental, emotional and spiritual body. It is possible to activate healing without the need to be in the same physical location. With Quantum-Touch we can hold this high frequency energy field on a distant as well for anyone anywhere within the Cosmos.

 What do you mean by ‘activating the keys to a comfortable flow of energy within and out’ (a phrase I saw in your bio)?

Years ago I went through a healing crisis myself. I experienced so much body pain and had no financial budget to afford treatments of various healthcare practitioners. I had to find the answers to my health and well-being within myself, and continuously activate my own healing journey, it was tough on many levels.

Through this experience and many others I realized that the keys of activating healing and an optimized energy flow lies within raising the frequency of mind, body, and spirit. Creating an energetic space for oneself where the energy of light can release blockages, patterns, belief systems, and deep rooted pain, while holding us in nurturing high frequency energy of love, compassion and gratitude.

The most important keys to activate daily are; activate a healthy breathing pattern, activate healing of your heart energy and self-love, physical movement to maintain the release of energy that does not serve you, and a dedication to the expansion of mind, body, spirit and soul consciousness.

Some other supporting keys or tools we can use to form a high frequency energy field within and around us are with the use of gemstones, essential oils, wholesome nutrition, listening to and moving on high frequency music, sound therapy, and there are many more. When connected to your personal healing journey, the tools that are for you will show up at the right time, allow your consciousness to ask for them in meditation.

 Did your work change a lot during this pandemic? Can you meet people and animals during this time?

Everything has changed, for sure. At first it felt like the world stood still, now I noticed a lot more people are looking again for support in their health and well-being. Distant healing sessions have increased. I kept seeing animals in-person, since it is a little easier to keep the social distance with their owners.

In-person sessions became less, specially following the government restrictions and I miss them. Even though distant healing is amazing and super profound, there is a profoundness by placing your hands on a person and/ or animal and feeling the accumulated energy leaving the body, feeling them letting go on multiple levels of their being, it’s magical to work in-person. Now I offer home visits again following a covid protocol.

 What do you see as the most common occurrences in relations between people and animals?

Most of us have not been taught early on how to use our energy system. That leads to the ungroundness of many people. The disconnect to their spine, their nervous system, brings a lot if disharmony and miscommunication between people and animals, as well as between people and their relationship with their inner and outer world.

Every person can start to become aware of their spine, the energy that flows through it, and learn how easy it is and good it feels to ground themselves through their awareness combined with their breath. I see a whole different world and relationships if we all learn how to better grounded ourselves and when we are all conscious of energy flow.

The first thing I do when I work together with an animal is to clear my energy system. That is what animals have taught me: if I don’t clear my system before and approach them, they will give me a different less balanced reaction. If every owner of every animal can clear their energy field, ground themselves, and have their animal show them the subtle language of energy flow, we will see a calmer, loving and compassionate energy in the world.

The biggest “lesson” of the parrots to me was when I walked into a big boarding facility where I worked with approximately 60 parrots. I had not cleared myself and was not in a good mood that morning. I walked in and the parrots where all screaming. So, I walked out of the room and intuitively started to do some breathing and grounding exercises, got deeper in touch with how much I love them and walked back into the room. Suddenly, all the parrots simultaneously shifted their energy and became all quiet, observing me, resulting in a lovely day with them. That experience expanded my consciousness to the fact that animals just need us to breath, be connected to earth and get in touch with this subtle language of love, energy flow and telepathic communication, because that is how they communicate and live their life’s too. When we allow animals to be our teachers we are shown profound teachings and wisdom.

 What case stands out to you in your mind when you talk about your work?

There are so many people and animals that touched me deeply and every session teaches me in an unique way. What I find most rewarding and humbling is to hold space for people and animals well-being during the last stages of their lives. The cycle of life is a beautiful flow of energy, when honoured spiritually this heartbreaking time can be felt as deep love, gratitude and compassion, moving your soul deeply and connecting you even deeper with your loved ones.

Each time it is a profound experience, to be asked to be present and to hold space for people and for animals in their last stages of life, and to feel the energies within everyone harmonizing and focused around pure love for one another. This forms a very strong indescribable beautiful energy field.

I feel it as an honour to offer home visits and hold energetic space for people and animals who are going through deep grief and heartbreak of having to let go of a loved one. For some people, loosing their animal companion goes beyond losing a family member, due to their deep energetic connection.

Marieke, thank you very much for your time. I have one last question: do you have a special message for our readers in these difficult times?

There are so many messages coming through each day, but I think that the biggest one in my life’s work is extra important in these times: stay within your heart energy, give yourself as much love as you would give to any other person or animal, spend enough time with nature, and let mother nature and the animals teach us the language of the subtle energies. Life lies in the little things.

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