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Written by Chené Murphy | Updated On June 06, 2023

Open Doors To Self-Understanding, Self-Love and Self-Compassion with Marilena Marino

Open Doors To Self-Understanding, Self-Love and Self-Compassion with Marilena Marino

Marilena Marino is a professional astrologer and educator trained in modern, traditional and evolutionary astrology who has been reading charts since the 1990s.  In this interview she shares her insights in her approach to astrology, using astrology as a tool for self-development and events to look out for in 2020.

How and when did you become interested in astrology?

I was so young I cannot really tell you exactly what age! Probably when I started speaking! My mother was passionate about astrology, and had an astrologer friend who read my chart as soon as I was born. We often talked astrology at home. My Mom and I were both Libras, so we felt like accomplices in a household of fire signs. She was very relieved that her youngest daughter (me!) was a little less accident-prone than her other two children…

How would you describe your approach to astrology?

I’m told that my approach is humane, compassionate and pragmatic. I’m very conscious that many of my clients are going through really challenging circumstances when they contact me, so before I start I always ask my Higher Self how can I best help this person at this time in their lives. Sometimes this means going beyond what they ask. In all cases, I take my responsibility very seriously and do my best to provide an affirming and empowering experience to them.

Astrology is an extremely complex system. What are some of the specialty areas of astrology that interest you?

I’m formally trained in psychological, classical and evolutionary astrology. Classical astrology is probably my biggest passion, and I use it every day with my clients, whether to answer specific questions (horaries) or to set them up for success (electional astrology). Another passion of mine is mundane astrology, which looks at current and past world events, and I offer that in conjunction with financial astrology for investors. I find it fascinating that techniques that date back thousands of years are still surprisingly accurate in our hyper-connected, high-tech world!

Do you feel astrology is a helpful tool for self-development?

Astrology is a powerful enabler. It opens doors to self-understanding, self-love and self-compassion, and a richer inner life as a result. I have long-standing clients for whom astrology has been invaluable in confirming who they are and what their purpose is in this world. It has given them the confidence to become wonderful healers, mothers, fathers, husbands, or successful business owners. For young adults it can confirm the intrinsic value in all of us, and offer a more positive outlook on life. This is where I believe the astrologer needs to tread carefully, as a negative word or statement can send a trusting client into a spin. Astrology cannot replace therapy, but can absolutely confirm, empower and guide us through life with purpose and a critical edge.

How do you see the practice of astrology evolving in the modern world?

My dream is that astrology will one day regain the credit it deserves as a serious intellectual discipline. More and more universities are now offering advance studies in astrology, and many astrological research centres now combine it with robust statistical analysis and powerful computing to prove its validity. This, coupled with the many translations of ancient text from the Islamic world and beyond published in recent years, shows how far astrology has come in recent years, and how much more there is to it than its omnipresence on social media.

Are there any significant events taking place in the universe in the near future that we should look out for?

The 2022 conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in the sign of Pisces will make waves! We are on the verge of a highly mystical age, where enlightenment will reach untold levels and compassion will spread far and wide. We can also expect a new classic in music and film. Sadly, this conjunction comes with serious risks, such as no less than ecological disasters, mass migrations and high inflation, but for many people April next year will be a joyful time unlike any we’ve had in a long, long time.


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