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Interview with Marion Weatherburn

Interview with Marion Weatherburn

Mystic Mag’s Miguel Amado talked with Marion Weatherburn, a Psychic Medium based in Australia, about the discovery of her gift – actually, how normal it is and was for her getting in touch with that power – the importance of spiritual growth and assess what is important and what isn’t in these unique times.

Can you please present yourself to our readers? How did you discover your psychic gift?

Hi everyone! My name is Marion Weatherburn and I’m 57 years old and live in South Australia. I am an internationally recognized spiritual teacher, registered and accredited with the International Psychics Association. I also work as a spiritual counsellor, soul clinician and inspirational speaker.

I’m not that much different to you. I’m a mum of two adult children! I work full time. Love sailing, skydiving, walking, reading and kayaking.

To be honest, I didn’t discover my psychic gift! You see, being psychic for me is as normal as the color of my eyes. It was actually a girlfriend that told me she thought I was psychic. She’d witnessed many occasions where I knew information for either her or someone else that normally there would be no way I would have access to under normal circumstances.

I explored my gift for over 20 years doing readings for people voluntarily without charge. Now I charge for my time only. My gift is priceless. I’m very happy to work with my gift and my team as I understand both and know how to fully interpret all messages I receive and lessons I get shown.

I have “chatted” with my two Grandfathers all my life. They have always guided me in my life and decisions together with an Uncle and my personal Guide, Mark and Healer, Staven. I refer to them as my “TEAM”. I do not know life any other way.

I read in your blog about “living in your soul” and being caught between two worlds. Can you explain that to us?

I’ve always “just known” what to say that people needed to hear, particularly when dealing with sadness, loss and grief. I’ve always been able to give messages from those passed over or even, still living! I feel more comfortable in the Spirit world than I do in real life where depression has plagued me forever. I realize the depression is about being “Caught Between Two Worlds” which is the name of my first book.

I feel “caught” between the Spirit world and living this human existence, right here, right now. My Gift has allowed me to touch the lives of thousands of people and Souls. I have the experience of helping people through almost 7000 readings. We’re all Souls actually.

However, it is my gift that allows me to see everything from a spiritual perspective, a Soul’s perspective and helps me understand everything that happens in my life. All the lessons, coincidences, signs, messages with crystal clear interpretation.

When I cannot understand situations or people in my life, I come back into my Soul and everything makes perfect sense. I was taught by my Team many years ago that we all live a certain percentage using our Soul. Some people, like me are in their last lifetime. We know this is due to the intensity of our lives and the level of our Spiritual awareness. We live fully, using all six senses. We will not be back! We’re learning our final lessons in this lifetime so that we can Guide you all in our next!

What is the most important detail in maintaining a relationship of mutual trust with customers?

Absolute Trust and Confidentiality, sharing parts of my story to give confidence to clients that I haven’t learnt what I do from reading a book. I have a Gift and my Gift comes with responsibility, insight and ultimately, understanding of our Spiritual selves.

Most importantly too is that I do not tell people what they want to hear, I give them the truth as it comes through. If the messages are harsh or blunt, I have the ability to deliver the message to their Soul in a way that they know for a fact it is their truth!

What is the most popular type of reading that customers are looking for? What are the most common concerns that interest them?

People are going through so much Spiritual growth at the moment and these are the most popular readings. The Teaching ones: identifying what they are experiencing and how they too can become more psychic and spiritual in their own lives. Most people would like insight and direction into their relationships and also careers.

I am also known for the great work I do with children who have behavioural difficulties that teachers and counsellors cannot help. I have also been working on a variety of legal/court cases. I have just finished working on a murder case where the wrong person is currently serving time in jail!

What advice would you give to a fledgling psychic reader? Is it better for them to work independently or as part of a team?

My number one piece of advice would be to seek out a Spiritualist Church nearby. There are many around. If one doesn’t suit you, find another one. You will find the one that feels like Home to you. That’s where you will fit in like you’ve never fitted in before.

It took me 20 years to get confidence in my Gift. Because it was always normal for me to give messages to people, I couldn’t see why people couldn’t do it for themselves as I thought it was normal for them too.

Once I realized, that what I had was indeed a Gift, I started accepting bookings. My advice is that anyone starting out, prove their gift to themselves in order to build up their own confidence in the hope it won’t take them 20 years to gain it like it did me! It kept me humble to my gift.

I also advise to work for Psychic Phone Lines. This is a good way to find out if you are good at what you do or not. I did this for a while however it was not the area that I wanted to work in.

My other advice would be that anyone interested, really gets used to discerning the difference between the 85% and 15% of thoughts that come to our mind: 85% of what we think are thoughts that come into our mind, while 15% of what we think to think are actually messages from our Guides, the  Universe, Higher Self etc.

Do you have a special message for our readers in these difficult times?

During this Covid virus, I see that the universe is giving us the opportunity to go within and really assess what truly is a need and what is a want in our lives! We are being given a second chance to find what is important. We are going through one of the biggest transitions of our lives! A huge Awakening.

When I was growing up, I felt alone in my human world on a Spiritual level. Nowadays, so many alarm clocks are going off for people everywhere. They are “waking up!”

It is important that we continue to give ourselves our own private lock downs once everything comes back to life. A new normal is being created for us. We need to respect that there is way more going on around us on a universal and energetic level at the moment than our human minds can comprehend.

It’s time to have faith and Trust in all that is happening to you. Don’t question it. Accept it.

Most importantly, be gentle with yourself as you journey through so much personal growth on all levels that you will find confronting and yet comforting at times. No one is coming to rescue you. You need to rescue and nurture yourself with patience, kindness, tolerance, forgiveness and unconditional love.

And remember, that you are never, ever alone!


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