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Life Coaching with Marnie Baruh

Life Coaching with Marnie Baruh

Marnie Baruh is a Certified Spiritual Life Coach with Holistic Learning Center. MysticMag finds out how Marnie helps her clients align with their authentic selves.

Do you believe we have to experience some kind of pain, hardship or trauma to open the portal to the growth of our spiritual side?

What I have learned as part of my discovery is that not all people go through pain, hardship or trauma to access the spiritual side. I, unfortunately, had to go through this uncomfortable process to tap into my spiritual vortex. I see it similarly to the process of making popcorn from kernels. The kernel seed has to go through an extensive heating process, then pops and becomes the final result. This is what I experienced before accessing my spiritual side.
I went through a very traumatic experience which I do not often share with others. Prior to this experience, I could see and hear things that others couldn’t, and sometimes of a premonitory nature. After my traumatic experience, these abilities simply vanished and although they seem to come and go in this stage of my life, I somehow feel that I was disconnected from them.

How would you describe the trajectory of your own spirituality?

I grew up in a very conservative and traditional way with Catholic parents, in the Philippines. The modalities that I practice or life experiences I went through were never discussed. Growing up, there was a very preconceived understanding of what spirituality is. My mind was enmeshed with my parents’ religious beliefs, until I emigrated to the US.
As an adult, and having now experienced life for what it is, I see that spirituality is more extensive and inclusive. One size doesn’t fit all – it is more like a vast ocean where everybody can choose to share the perspectives of others, while still coexisting. Part of my discovery taught me that we are all one; energetically, interconnectedly and vibrationally. This is how I describe where my spirituality lies.

What exactly do you offer your clients?

My healing platform harnesses the power from within. Our strength lies within each and every one of us to heal us from past trauma, limiting beliefs, self-doubt, or anything that holds us back from becoming our fullest potential or leading the life that we have always wanted to manifest.
I do one-on-one coaching and help clients shed the energy that no longer serves them, make amends with their past pain or parts of themselves that they may have forgotten through conditioning or trauma. I truly believe that you really need to understand yourself and truly love and accept yourself – even your shadow self – to be able to interact with other people and to be your authentic self.

Do you believe that fear is our greatest foe?

No, actually I don’t. One of my core values and what I have come to discover is that my ego mind makes me fear fear. Fear is my shadow aspect, so for me, I need to acknowledge that the fear is there and validate what these fears are.
The more I acknowledge my feelings or fear and validate what I am feeling, the more I am trusting my inner guidance and I coexist with this fear and realize it is no longer my enemy. It is simply part of me, something that I shouldn’t fear.

Would you describe our bodies to be as ‘simple’ as a hard drive?

I believe our bodies are more than a hard drive. My body is like a vessel of energy, and a temple for my spirit. The more I look after my body the more my body looks after me. My body has far more capabilities to evolve and transform and connect with my inner space and vibrate from a space of love.
My logo incorporates ‘mind, spirit and body’ and in the middle is a heart. When we come into this world, our very core or essence is love and if we can tap into this energy and then allow ourselves to have a harmonious relationship between these three aspects, then our bodies are so much more than a simple hard drive.

If you would like to find out more about Marnie Baruh, visit https://marniebaruh.com/ or follow on https://www.instagram.com/marniebaruh or https://www.facebook.com/groups/breakingfree.inspire.heal.motivate/

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