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Written by Marko Velimirovic | Updated On June 06, 2023

After-Death Contact With Your Loved Ones - Mary-Anne Kennedy

After-Death Contact With Your Loved Ones - Mary-Anne Kennedy

This week, we had the opportunity to speak with Mary-Anne Kennedy, one of Canada’s Top Psychic Mediums. We discussed her beginnings, what type of reading is most frequently requested by her customers, and what she loves most about her profession.

What inspired you to start your psychic reading business?

Seeing the shift in other people is what inspired me. Service to others is a calling and a sacred agreement, and I was honored that when I decided to do my work professionally.

What is the most popular type of reading that customers are looking for? What are the most common concerns that interest them?

I’m a psychic medium, but my most notable work. whether it’s private readings, gallery or event work, or even my book, is focused on mediumship.  The people I work with most often are seeking some solace in knowing for certain that their loved one in spirit is still very present and very real. They want to know the spirit person is okay where they are now.

For others, it’s about closure. Sometimes there are words left unsaid or unsettled conflicts that folks here are looking to resolve.  I have found over the years, and through my own experiences, that making after-death contact with people who are important to us is tremendously healing on the grief journey.

Are some types of psychic readings more demanding or difficult than others?

I think the most difficult psychic readings are ones where the answers you’re providing are incongruent with what your client really wants to hear. But as a professional, you must speak the truth as it comes to you.

For example, clients often inquire about infidelity in their relationships, or about whether or not their job is secure. or whether or not the house they really love is the house they should buy.  It’s no secret that it can be hard to tell someone that their partner is emotionally or physically invested elsewhere, or that their job is soon to be gone, or that the house they have their eye on will be a money pit and bad investment.

Information alone is helpful, but it’s my philosophy that empowering is the best way to help.  And so I always go to the next level of questioning for my client, and deliver this information as the next step – what can be done with this information to make their life better?

What do they need to know to overcome this situation?  What needs to be learned?  What needs to be done?  It’s being able to provide this level of information that makes delivering hard news a little easier.

Some of the psychic sessions are still performed in person. What about you? How has your work been affected by the pandemic?

All of my work, whether private sittings, audience readings, workshops, or classes, have all been over Zoom since March 2020. For the time being, this will be the delivery format of all sessions with me. Virtually nothing in my practice was affected by the pandemic, other than the delivery format.

What is the most important detail in maintaining a relationship of mutual trust with customers?

I think that as a medium, your work has to speak for itself.  When you bring through large volumes of verifiable information at a high degree of accuracy, it naturally brings an energy of trust into the reading. So what’s the most important detail in maintaining mutual trust with customers?  Do good work, and do it with integrity.

What do you love most about your profession?

It’s really an honor for me to work with people at their darkest times in life, whether it’s deep grief, or feeling of being lost and disconnected, or just feeling unclear about where to go next.  I love being able to provide insight and connection for them that allows them to carry forward in a more powerful way.

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