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Written by Miguel Amado | Updated On April 01, 2023

Processing grief and expressing your love with Medium Adelita

Processing grief and expressing your love with Medium Adelita

Adelita is a natural born psychic and evidential medium, in her words a “conduit between the spiritual and the physical worlds, a vessel for spirit communication, providing messages from beyond the veil”.

Adelita shared with us in this special interview for MysticMag her journey, a traumatic event in her family and how she dealt with grief and how we can start living through our emotions.

How did you discover your psychic gift?

I was born this way. It’s who I’ve always been.  I always felt different and a bit out of place. I never could pinpoint it, but it wasn’t until the death of my son that I dug deep enough to seek it out. Once I surrendered to it, I knew there had to be something more to life.  That is how I found my way. It has blossomed fully from there. Many things have happened to get me to where I am.

In the beginning, how was the experience of healing and helping people cope with their life? Was it hard?

Absolutely. The beginning is when I had self-doubt, it crept in and that’s when I thought that people were just being nice to the mother who lost her son. I start recognizing the truth and that it wasn’t a fluke.  My gifts are real. Then, I fully let go and now I don’t have that worry about being right or wrong and I just let the information flow.

That’s where my confidence comes in: the more I was able to tune out my own feelings and shush that voice of doubt, of ego, I was able to be that clear channel for spirit to blend with.  I just allowed them to come, that’s when the confidence came.

No matter what, the messages that come through are not for me, which gives me a lot of confidence in the reading. I’m not to question it, but rather just to give it as honestly and quickly as I get it.

Is doing readings over Zoom or over the phone very different from doing them in-person?  

The initial process of opening up and making sure people are comfortable and not blocked off remains the same. However, I find that readings over the phone is probably the easiest because it comes very quickly as I’m not distracted or trying to pay attention to anything at all.  I’m just fully tuned into the spirit realm. So, those actually are some of my most incredible readings.

Can you explain to us how your mediumship readings work?

Absolutely. I first feel their energy and I let them know that spirit gives you what you need, never what you want. So, if they are thinking or obsessing about one specific person, they can actually unknowingly block themselves off. All messages must be for their greatest and highest good.

So, when I ask them the question if they are open to all messages for their greatest and highest good, it opens them up and it allows them to breathe. I like to do a brief rundown of what happens and I explain how I receive my messages from spirit. Sometimes they show me things, sometimes I hear or smell. Spirits will use everything within my toolbox to get their messages through. Once they understand that, their shoulders drop, their breath softens and then they are open.

From there, I always start with a prayer. I always honor spirit, which allows spirit to know it’s the time. When it happens, I can feel my energy shifting and I ask that they pull my ego away so I can completely allow the spirits to blend. Messages come so freely that way.

Do you feel people sometimes get frustrated getting things they were not expecting from spirit?

I feel that when someone’s ready for an appointment, they should be fully aware that spirit gives you what you need, not what you want. People need to remember that these are the final messages the spirits come back to say, so I try to let them know it doesn’t have to be something they are thinking of specifically.

Each reading is different and unique but I always get clear and evidential messages, so that even personalities come through no matter who I am talking to. So, they know their loved ones are there.

Are Reiki sessions for everyone?

Everyone can get a Reiki session. It’s a universal healing energy and we all heal and need healing and love. Anyone can benefit from it. It’s like a vitamin: if you are not going to use it, it just stays within your auric field until you do. It never hurts. But it definitely makes a difference to people who are in chronic pain, sick or hurting. The benefits are incredible!

Do you have a specific reading that you always remember and that you are willing to share with our readers?

I do have one reading that plays on my heart’s strings. My son committed suicide, so I tend to get a lot of parents grieving the loss of a suicide of a child.

I remember this particular instance where the parent had purchased the same belt and hanging bar used by their child to end their time here.  The spirit of the child made me aware that the person getting the reading was thinking of doing the same, using the same items that their child did. The spirit who crossed over was upset over the situation. It brought me to tears because I told that parent that their child who’d crossed over said it was their mistake and wanted the parent to continue living.

That always sticks with me and is a reminder that we all miss them and love them but they want us to continue and go forward. I also let parents know that there are no escape routes to this life. We sign up and are here to learn lessons and grow. Sometimes we have to learn every aspect of the situation, such as being a grieving parent in this lifetime, whereas in another lifetime we could’ve been the person who had committed suicide.

To me, grief is a very important subject.  We all have a 100% chance of losing someone we love.  Grief is our unexpressed love. So, when you are beside yourself in grief I always suggest that you find your own way to express that love. I love to write and my poems are channeled. That’s how I processed a lot of own my grief. Other people paint or sing, but there’s something they do that is creative and that’s the side of us that is mostly attuned with spirit, the Universe, God or whatever you want to call it. It’s a beautiful way to express the love we have when we can no longer run to hug them anymore.

Do you have a special message to our readers for these challenging times?

No matter what we go through, how hard things get, don’t run your life through your emotions, but allow them to flow. In order to honor your feelings and emotions, release them, without judgment and just let them go.

Also, when thinking of your life, think of yourself as a train. Your head is the engine and your emotions the caboose. Sometimes in life, we can get mixed up and start living through our emotions, which means our train is going backwards. It helps nobody. I want you to start thinking and coming from a place of your head. When your head is going the right way, the heart and emotions naturally follow. Try to stay in that state of always being aware of your thoughts and your feelings. If the feelings come, allow them and honor them without judgement. They will pass and you will be OK.

I wish for everyone to have healing, so much love in their lives and try to be in the headspace where they are in control of their positive thoughts and keep moving forward.

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