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Take a Break and Breathe Love with Melissa Jean MSW

Take a Break and Breathe Love with Melissa Jean MSW

MysticMag chats with Melissa Jean MSW, an Integrative & Regenerative Health Social Worker, driven by her passion to educate, empower and uplift others into a greater understanding of who they are and to live in their authentic power. She helps others find and believe in their inner guidance, and here’s how:

What exactly is a Human Design Practitioner and can Human Design be compared to modern astrology?

A Human Design Practitioner is an individual who has, at the very least, taken foundational training through the International Human Design School. Human Design Analysts go even deeper into the practice and take even longer to qualify. Practitioners offer consultations on more of an overview of what Human Design is.  I decided to delve deeper into the business side and am a BG5 Certified Career & Business Professional. This way I can access the Human Design System both personally and professionally.

Astrology is a component of it. The Human Design System is a synergy of the i’Ching, the Kabbalah, Eastern/Western Astrology, the Hindu Brahman Chakra System, the 64 Hexagrams and the reading of your genetic codes of uniqueness. Similar to an astrologer, a Human Design practitioner will ask for the date, time and place of birth, as it is at the moment of birth where imprints are made on our unique design. We all have conscious and unconscious traits and qualities and when they are unified, that synergy is what we call our body-graph or Human Design. For a more in-depth understanding, follow this link.

If you were to describe Aligning Hearts in one or two sentences, what would it be?

Empowering people to come home to the truth of who they are. In our hearts, we have guidance, inner knowing, truth and power. It is about people coming home to these. We are all designed differently, and knowing how to access our own inner truth and guidance is key. This is what I love about Human Design; it can help me to help the person that I am empowering through consultations, to understand how to access their own truth and to trust their own inner guidance.

You describe yourself as having experienced a ‘major shift in consciousness’? Please tell us more.

It was really quite a simple experience. I watched a movie by Louise Hay called, You Can Heal Your Life and this movie had such a profound effect on my life. For the next five or six weeks, all fear-based thinking was silenced. I was immersed in a Pure Positive Love Energy as the veil was lifted between physical and non-physical. Eventually the bubble burst and I came back to reality but the truth is, I literally changed everything in my life thereafter. I had an awakening in consciousness and from here, the work began. 

How did this help you become the person you are today?

This whole journey has been a hugely liberating experience for me to let go of how I used to view myself and how it has allowed me to be in my authentic power. Human Design has really supported this, by recognising that this is who I am, and embracing being a highly sensitive person was a huge part of this process. 

Is an empath a highly sensitive person?

Not necessarily. I love that I have both perspectives. I am specialised in highly sensitive persons, and educating people about the sensory processing sensitivity trait is truly important to me. The term ‘empath’ can mean different things to different people. I like that I have both the understanding of the scientific trait of a person’s Human Design because when I do a consultation, I will ask people to do both their Human Design birth data, and the questionnaire for HSP. More often than not, people who self-identify as an empath, after taking the questionnaire, reveal themselves as not having the trait. They are not an HSP when looking from a scientific perspective, but when I look at their human design, they will typically have their solar plexus open or ‘undefined’ as we call it. This means that they amplify the feelings and energy of others. 

I also have HSP’s with their solar plexus undefined, which means they identify themselves as both. This is the approach I take when working with people; nothing is black or white.

How does a highly sensitive person (mother or father) cope with the daily challenges of having children?

Being highly sensitive has its challenges, but when you become a parent, everything changes and everything is elevated. But it can (and must) awaken you to the realisation that you need to take much better care of yourself than before. Taking the time for yourself every single day is hugely important. Over stimulation arises very easily with the additional sounds, activity and needs of the children. Therefore, self-care is number one. Take a break and breathe love.

Which modality (amongst those you work with) resonates most with you and why?

The number one modality that I have been guided to use for both myself and for my clients is ‘take a break and breathe love’. No matter what the scenario, every person is in a position to take a moment in the day and breathe love. Your breath is with you always and if you connect with it, it helps you to go inwards and connect with your true source, inner wisdom and power. I always tell people to try and do this five times a day because the more they do this, the more they can move out of their heads and into their bodies where they can actually feel things and receive that communication from their inner guidance.

Does one ever reach a stage of complete harmony in this world? 

I believe that for me personally, my intention is to maintain my alignment with the truth, who I am and what I value every single day. I think it takes daily practice to do this in the world we live in today. I certainly believe in the possibility of this. 

What advice would you give to people in general, going forward in this crazy world of ours?

Take a break and breathe love as often as you can. Surrender yourself to the divine orchestration of all things and appreciate what is happening within you. Surrender to what ‘is’, then connect and choose how to move forward. 

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Sarah is a keen and passionate advocate of the spiritual and healing components within the mystical realm of the world we live in. She resides in Cape Town, South Africa, where she enjoys spending time in the outdoors, kite surfing, and playing guitar.