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Communicating with Angels with Melissa Kitto

Communicating with Angels with Melissa Kitto

This week we talked with Melissa Kitto, from Communicate With Angels, an Angel Guidance Coach from New Zealand that offers private sessions and also a course (Communicate with Your Angels). Melissa explained to us how her spiritual journey began and how her sessions work. Check out our talk below.

Please present yourself to our audience.

My spiritual journey started when I was 12 years old. My mother was searching spiritually at the time and would share with me some things she was learning about intuition, angels, past lives. One day she asked if I wanted to have a consultation to learn about my intuition and how to communicate with my angels. I was curious enough to go along with it, even though I did not really believe in it.

During that consultation, I was shown a technique to ask my angels a question and get an answer. I did not know if it was going to work, but it did. I’d say I had a spiritual awakening at that moment, in which I could feel we live in two worlds at once.

As a teenager and in my twenties, I was on my own spiritual journey, going to a lot of groups and workshops, mostly with the organization called the Wayshowers College. Anytime I needed to make a decision or make a change in my life I would consult my angels, and it helped me have confidence in myself and to find my life purpose.

So, I realized it was my mission to share that with other people, passing on simple tools and techniques for them to tap into their own inner guidance and intuition and use it as a foundation for their lives.

Why do you think everyone has a unique life purpose?

It’s hard to say why I think that. I just know it to be true. One thing I help people with is to learn their unique spiritual thrust. Everybody is unique, with a unique personality, different strengths and they are the sum total of the experiences that have got them to where they are now.

You chose to come to this lifetime for a specific purpose, which doesn’t need to be grandiose. Mostly, we are here to learn and grow, but being of service to other people is often a big part of that purpose, because it is one of the best ways to learn and grow.

Many people are living a life they have been taught to live, and I help them to detach from those expectations and see that, innately, we know what we are here to do but we forget because of too many layers of intellect and programming in between.

Do you believe everyone can communicate with their own team of angels and have the spirituality you have?

For sure. I didn’t have any clue what I was doing when I first learned this, and a lot of the clients I work with now are further ahead on the journey than I was when I started. This is about actually reawakening what we’ve always had inside.

As little children, most people had a mystical or psychic experience. As we grow up we are told that was just your imagination. Yet your imagination is very real. It’s powerful. Its time to learn to pay attention to hunches and impressions we are getting every day. Sometimes, when angels come close to us, we’ll feel chills and tingling.

Everybody is experiencing that, but some people are not acknowledging that or are talking themselves out of it. It’s just a matter of paying attention and learning some tools to access that communication more directly, because you are energy, spirit, so it goes without saying you can communicate with spirit. It’s much more normal and natural than people think.

How does your session work? Is there any session that was remarkable in your experience?

Yes. The first session people do with me is the Angels Direct Connect, also known as the Orientation Profile. In that consultation I tune into my and their angels and get some information about them.

I find out what their gift order out of the 4 types of perception: intuition, vision, prophecy and feeling. We all have them, but they are ordered in different ways for different people. Your first gift is the primary way you receive messages from your angels. It could be inner hearing, inner pictures, inner knowing or inner feelings.

You also find out how many angels you have in your personal team and where on the body they give you chills, if they are male or female, what is their personality and energy. I teach people the same technique I learned when I was 12 to be able to ask their angels questions and get answers.

The most profound experience I have with clients is when I see the look on their face when they get a response from their angels. They are taken by surprise or get emotional – maybe they’ve been wanting to communicate with their angels for a long time and didn’t know if it was possible. At that moment they had a breakthrough and had communication from Spirit.

How does your course work?

The course does include the private session, the Orientation Profile that I just described. The course consists of five video modules and worksheets that accompany each video. First of all, I help people to learn ways to get more relaxed and cleansed. If you are tense and stressed and overly inside your head, it’s hard for angels to get through to you.
In the course, I give people practical, simple tools to communicate with their angels. There are also lots of ways to receive messages.

In the private Orientation Profile session you learn how to ask questions but it’s not the only way to communicate. You can also learn how to recognize the words that pop in your mind, the symbols, the gut feelings and premonitions. That can take a little bit of practice for people to master. Often, they’ve been receiving hunches from their angels already, but have habits that work against them. Sometimes they are second guessing, doubting or questioning if they are making it up. People need to trust they are getting messages and are able to interpret the messages for themselves.

The rest of the course helps people to ask the right questions and approach angel communication in the right way. For example, if you ask your angels if you should do something, they will not answer it because they don’t want to be your boss and tell you what to do. There’s a certain way to approach angels to get successful communication.

Many of my clients want to do things that are in alignment with their unique life purpose. You might want to ask your questions based on that: “Angels, in your opinion, is this a high priority for my life purpose?”

Angels have a bigger picture than us, because they are not part of Planet Earth’s energy, so they can see things we cannot, so they can help us to be in the right place, in the right time and do things in alignment with our purpose. Even though their opinion often is worth paying attention to, you always have free will and don’t have to do what they say.

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