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Written by Katarina Todorovic | Updated On August 15, 2023

Empowering Souls and Channeling Energies with Monica P. Hall

Empowering Souls and Channeling Energies with Monica P. Hall
Step into the world of spiritual exploration and mystical insights as we delve into the remarkable journey of Monica P. Hall – a true natural-born psychic-medium, Usui Reiki Master Teacher, and a guiding Lightworker Mentor. In a realm where the boundaries of the ordinary and the extraordinary blur, Monica’s story unfolds as a testament to the profound connection between the spiritual and material realms. With her unparalleled abilities and dedication to sharing wisdom, healing, and guidance, Monica has illuminated the path for countless individuals seeking solace, clarity, and transformation. Join Mystic Mag as we unravel the layers of her unique gifts and the profound impact she has made on the lives she’s touched.

Can you share a pivotal moment from your journey as a psychic-medium and Usui Reiki Master Teacher that solidified your belief in the connection between the spiritual and physical worlds?

I realized I was psychic at the age of five. Because I have the ability to hear my spirit guides, they essentially informed me about who I am. It was more like a conversation outlining how we would map out my life. They made me understand that I would be pursuing acting, living in New York, and attending a particular college, among other things.

I have always been sensitive to vibrational energy from people. As a matter of fact, I used to get into trouble as a child because I would avoid interacting with certain adults based on their vibes. I come from the South of the US, known for its hospitality and respectfulness. However, as a child, I would distance myself if I didn’t resonate with someone’s vibes. This was very frustrating for my mother as it gave the impression that her child might be disrespectful. Nevertheless, I didn’t care about this perception. I would simply state that if I didn’t like someone’s vibes, I didn’t care whether they liked me in return.

This disposition was evident in me even at ages 5 or 6. Even if you examine pictures of me as a child, you’ll notice a consistent look of suspicion in my eyes. I always approached the world with skepticism. This awareness of mine developed over time. I had an innate knowledge of things; I could tell when people were lying, being authentic, or putting on a facade. I could judge who was trustworthy and who wasn’t. This intuitive sense gradually heightened during my teenage years, particularly around puberty. I started hearing voices more prominently – I recognized them as my spirit guides helping me navigate through adolescence.

When I went to college, I was introduced to Reiki for the first time. I had always felt a sense of being a healer, not just through words but through my energy. This conviction grew stronger. I had always been interested in metaphysics, and my spirit guides played a significant role in guiding me towards it. They even taught me how to meditate when I was 13. I didn’t even realize that’s what I was doing until I reached around 17. During my early meditation experiences, they instructed me to find a quiet space and listen, which I did.

My connection to energy healing, especially Reiki, was solidified in college. I had a movement teacher who discussed these concepts. He was born Jewish but practiced Buddhism, which opened up discussions about chakras and shiatsu. I had come across Reiki in my readings as I had always been a seeker. In my late 20s, I felt a significant surge of energy surrounding me. One night, I woke up to intense vibrations and itching in my hands. This prompted a conversation with my spirit guides, during which I realized that I needed to study Reiki.

The moment I acknowledged this, my hands stopped vibrating, and I could go back to sleep. This experience revealed that it wasn’t merely about me deciding to pursue Reiki; Reiki had called out to me, and I responded. Subsequently, I dedicated myself to intense study for a year and a half. I progressed from Level 1 to master teacher within that time frame, which surprised even my Reiki master. She was taken aback when I confidently stated my intention to become a Reiki master teacher at the start of my Level 1 class.

Despite her initial disbelief, she eventually acknowledged the alignment of my journey. To this day, I still face moments where my intuitive sense is undeniable. Challenges in my life arise when I ignore my intuition. Every instance of not heeding the call of Spirit leads to unfavorable outcomes.

What role does intuition play in your psychic-medium sessions, and how do you distinguish it from your Reiki-based guidance?

I always refer to intuition, and this is a personal belief that I share with people I’ve worked with, those I’ve helped awaken their own third eye. Intuition truly is an inherent aspect, and I consider it part of our divine birthright, along with instincts. They go hand in hand. In my view, instincts are more outward-facing, while intuition is more internal. Much of what I’ve accomplished has been guided by intuition. Whenever I’ve attempted to prioritize logic and reasoning over intuition, it has led to chaos and unnecessary drama. This has taught me to respect that inner voice. The more you heed it, the more pronounced it becomes. Moreover, it unveils an entire realm that exists beyond the visible.

I hold the belief that intuition serves as a gateway to our extrasensory abilities, whatever they may be. To me, it’s comparable to a doorway into a metaphysical realm, one that encompasses quantum physics, the unseen world, empathy, and more. Intuition acts as the entrance to this expansive realm. Regrettably, we’ve been conditioned, and I do perceive it as intentional, to disregard the innate part of ourselves that we’re born with. We’ve been conditioned to listen to external voices defining who we are. When you verbalize this concept, it might sound incredulous. Allowing a group of others to dictate your identity seems irrational. However, this is the narrative we’ve been ingrained with. This belief system erodes personal power, rendering people estranged from themselves.

The moment an individual recognizes the presence of various forms of conspiracies that have contributed to their detachment from self, a pivotal transformation occurs. This realization fosters confidence and steadfastness, making it difficult for misleading information to sway them.

How do you approach combining your psychic abilities with Usui Reiki energy work to offer a holistic healing experience?

That’s an intriguing question. In my private practice, I find it imperative to incorporate psychic readings alongside Reiki. It’s not common for Reiki practitioners to combine psychic readings within their services. However, I must do so due to my ability to listen intently and perceive messages. I cannot administer Reiki to someone without their body indicating specific needs or guidance. It’s as if their body communicates, expressing needs like “I require this” or “I’m lacking that.” For instance, their body might convey that they need to take more walks for calmness. I can’t ignore these messages.

Reiki primarily involves removing energy blockages. Once these blockages are cleared, the effects last anywhere from 4 hours to four days. However, preventing oneself from recreating these blockages is crucial. This is where psychic messaging comes into play. During my Reiki sessions, I initiate the Reiki practice first. In distance healing sessions, I usually allocate the last 10 minutes for myself, allowing the client to be in a light trance or even experience out-of-body sensations. During these final moments, I record the messages that the client’s body, angels, and spirit guides communicate. These messages guide the client on how to carry the healing forward by integrating the provided insights into their daily life.

A memorable incident occurred during a psychic fair a couple of months ago. A client requested a split session – half Reiki and half psychic reading. This client couldn’t remain still during her Reiki session due to her racing thoughts. This prompted me to deliver the psychic reading concurrently with the Reiki practice. While administering Reiki, I also conveyed messages about her actions and connections. The session was an emotional roller coaster for her, shifting between laughter and tears. Witnessing this blend of my wise woman psychic side and the realization of my abilities was both humbling and awe-inspiring.

This experience emphasized the importance of adaptability in practice. The comfort of sticking to the conventional approach isn’t always suitable. Our role as healers demands flexibility to cater to our clients’ needs effectively. This extends beyond communication style, encompassing the choice of words to resonate with the client. A common struggle among psychics is conveying messages effectively. This challenge includes choosing words that truly connect with the client. My personal readings are direct yet compassionate. I believe in delivering clear information to clients rather than obscuring messages in vague terms that hinder practical application.

I draw wisdom from my spirit guides and angels in my approach. They have taught me to provide messages in a manner that the recipient comprehends. This could lead to varied reactions, from anger to gratitude. As a messenger, I’ve learned not to be emotionally attached to how recipients react to my messages. If I were to succumb to this attachment, I might manipulate messages to placate ego or evade unfavorable reactions. This would diverge from my spiritual path and disrupt my alignment. Being a messenger sometimes entails facing hostility or resistance. This doesn’t deter me; I’ve realized that people may lash out initially but later acknowledge the truth in my words. Ultimately, my duty as a messenger lies in conveying messages as they are, in a way that resonates, regardless of initial reactions.

What type of services do you offer?

There’s a lot to my identity – on the surface, I’m a psychic medium, a Reiki master teacher. Yet, I also serve as a mentor to light workers. Many star seed light workers feel they don’t quite fit the mold of others. I recall experiencing that too. In those moments, you feel simultaneously crazy and isolated. Reflecting on this, I contemplated how I could assist. The initial step is letting them know they’re not alone. Just saying that seems to alleviate the sense of craziness, as realizing others share similar experiences reduces the feeling of isolation. Subsequently, I guide them in making sense of their unique journey.

When you’re bombarded with an influx of information, it can be overwhelming. To address this, I’ve developed a tailored psychic reading for light workers and star seed individuals. This reading helps them focus on one aspect at a time, aiding them in feeling grounded and self-assured as unique beings. Once they find their footing, they can ponder how to harness their abilities effectively. These individuals tend to possess heightened empathy, compassion, and intuition. My goal is to assist them in grounding themselves, empowering them to carry out their work. This work is essential, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be in a professional capacity. It could happen anywhere, even in aisle 5 of a grocery store. Someone might approach, pouring their heart out about losing a job or going through a divorce. In such moments, lightworkers step in to serve and help, all the while managing their own responsibilities.

My role as a light worker mentor encompasses diverse aspects. I offer a class titled “Trust Yourself with Yourself.” This course aids people in differentiating their inner voice from societal and ideological expectations. Many are confounded by the pressure to meet societal norms, which often leads to unhappiness. My class guides them in aligning with their authentic selves, helping them decipher their true thoughts and feelings. I provide them with the tools and courage to follow the whispers of their inner voice, helping them build confidence step by step. I also emphasize that choosing this path can be life-altering. It’s akin to a pebble in a pond – it ripples outward, potentially influencing jobs, relationships, and more. However, this journey is about being true to oneself, demonstrating self-love through actions. It’s about cultivating a genuine relationship with oneself by fostering honesty, trust, and self-assurance.

Through this process, they develop a deep bond with themselves, leading to self-love. Subsequently, all other relationships become accessories – like icing on a cake. They’re important, but the core is self-empowerment and self-love. While these topics are often overlooked or underemphasized, they’re at the core of what I do. My role revolves around empowering others, and the methods I employ are just various ways of achieving this goal.

Given that you work with diverse individuals, tapping into their energy and employing Reiki as an energy tool, how do you prioritize self-care? How do you ensure your personal well-being?

I would say it’s a lifelong practice, and it evolves. One thing I’ve come to understand is that people might find it hard to believe, but the first step for me was recognizing my half-introvert nature. Even though it might not be immediately evident, I’ve always needed moments away from people to simply embrace silence. In retrospect, I realize this is why my spirit guides taught me to meditate at the age of 13. Now, it’s clear that shutting down is imperative. No matter the circumstances – even if the house is ablaze or the world outside is in turmoil – shutting down is vital. It prevents exhaustion, which can lead to recklessness. Fatigue prompts us to utter things we don’t mean and do things we shouldn’t. Pushing onward in such a state only leads to negative outcomes.

In my case, I’ve rearranged my schedule as a psychic to accommodate this need. I’ve discovered that working from Sunday to Tuesday is sufficient for me. By Wednesday, I’m depleted, functioning on empty, and experiencing a sense of internal anger. It’s akin to being upset with myself for not prioritizing rest when necessary. Therefore, I keep Wednesdays entirely free. On these days, I don’t communicate with anyone, nor do I venture out. I might even stay in my pajamas all day or abstain from watching television. On Wednesdays, I almost feel like I cease to exist on the planet. These days off are truly rejuvenating, providing a welcome reprieve.

Solo travel is another strategy I’ve embraced. As I’ve grown older, I’ve recognized its tremendous significance. Typically, when I embark on solo journeys, I gravitate towards nature or immerse myself in the art, food, and culture of a city. These experiences nurture me deeply. Additionally, I engage in self-Reiki regularly. It’s an integral part of my routine. On a quarterly basis, I might treat myself to a spa visit, indulging in thermal water baths and engaging in reading. Digital art, particularly painting, also forms part of my relaxation repertoire. If my mind refuses to quiet down, I channel my energy into detailed digital painting. This tactic effectively shifts my focus and allows me to unwind.

I believe it’s crucial to understand oneself deeply and develop a toolkit of self-care practices. This toolkit can consist of various activities that cater to different needs. Depending on the circumstances, you can decide which practice to employ. Self-care, I’ve found, is multi-layered and multifaceted. Knowing yourself well enables you to curate a palette of strategies, ensuring you have the right tools for the right moments.

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MysticMag contains reviews that were written by our experts and follow the strict reviewing standards, including ethical standards, that we have adopted. Such standards require that each review will take into consideration independent, honest and professional examination of the reviewer. That being said, we may earn a commission when a user completes an action using our links, at no additional cost to them. On listicle pages, we rank vendors based on a system that prioritizes the reviewer’s examination of each service but also considers feedback received from our readers and our commercial agreements with providers.
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