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Fertility, fears and expectations with Nancy Mae

Fertility, fears and expectations with Nancy Mae

Mystic Mag’s Miguel Amado talked with Nancy Mae, creator of the Energetic Fertility Method and also a life coach and energetic healer. Nancy talked about her method, what she sees as the main concerns and blocks that people have these days and also how to avoid having stagnant energy. Check it out!

Please present yourself to our audience

I’m the creator and author of The Energetic Fertility Method and my main specialty is empowering women on their fertility journey. I’m able to connect with people’s Spirit Babies and future children and teach folks how to do this for themselves.

I had the honor of working with the late Walter Makichen, author of Spirit Babies, for five years before he passed. It was my own fertility journey that brought me to him. Through my work with Walter Makichen, what I realized was that there was this huge missing piece in my fertility journey that wasn’t being addressed. I learned that there were these less-concrete aspects of us – namely the emotional, mental and spiritual blocks — that if not addressed and worked through during this journey, they can actually keep us from the practical steps producing the results we want. For me this was the missing piece.

This is why I created the Energetic Fertility Method, to offer a more balanced and holistic approach that includes both action-oriented steps and the ability to turn inward to discover what could be blocking your ability to bring in the family of your dreams.

You released a book about the subject. Can you explain to us what the method is in a nutshell?

The Energetic Fertility Method is a process that allows you to create transformation in your life so that you’re able to have the most positive, supportive and empowering journey to motherhood possible. It heightens your chances to conceive and birth the family of your dreams while also helping you to find a sense of wholeness and peace along the way.

And we do this through a powerful three-step process called recognize, refine and realign.

In the Recognize phase we identify the often-unconscious blocks within ourselves and our lives that are keeping us from truly being able to create transformation and wholeness. It’s through this awareness that change can happen. The Energetic Fertility Method provides tools and techniques to help you identify these potential blocks.

The Refine phase is where we start designing an internal and external life and help you to make choices and implement simple tips and tools that set you up for success. This may include such things as working on dismantling limiting beliefs that are holding you back, letting go of the energy from past partners, and looking at any secrets you may be holding onto.

The Realign phase is where you create ever-lasting change by implementing a daily practice to shift the patterns that have been holding you back from the life of your dreams.

What do you see as the main reasons for problems with fertility that don’t get much attention or mention?

We focus so much attention on the physical body and the action-oriented steps we take, such as lab tests, changing our nutrition, tracking ovulation, taking the right supplements, and other things of this nature.

What doesn’t get much attention are the aspects of fertility relating to the emotional, mental and spiritual realms. Some examples include where you may have some forgiveness work to do, expectations of how you think things are supposed to look, and your ability to connect with your future child to name a few.

For me, and many of the women I work with, delving into this more subconscious realm and unearthing and working through these emotional, mental and spiritual blocks, is the missing piece.

This is why I’m so passionate about the work I do. I want to do what I can to bring to light these other equally important aspects of fertility.

You mention your training in Clinical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, yoga and meditation. What does that diverse background give to you and how do you think that everything fits?

My diverse background offers me the ability to help make people’s lives easier by being able to more fully recognize where they may be energetically stuck in the emotional, mental and spiritual realms. In addition, it affords me the opportunity to connect deeply with a wide variety of people.

My training in Clinical Psychology included working with pregnant and post-partum women as well as children and opened my eyes to the emotional and mental impact of trauma on the human psyche. It also showed me how traditional therapy seemed to be missing an important piece. Namely, integrating the spiritual realm in the healing process.

My training in Cognitive Psychology included doing research at a well-known tech company with children and adults. It allowed me to better understand the mental realm including how people think, and what people find intuitive versus difficult.

My training in yoga and meditation along with my training with Walter Makichen, author of Spirit Babies, and my training at the Academy of Intuition Medicine affords me the ability to more deeply connect with the subtle energy realm. This gives me the ability to sense people’s energy, see where they have energetic blocks, as well as connect with the Spirit Baby Realm, among other things.

My formal training is definitely a big part of what makes me who I am today. Without this diverse set of instruction, I would not have such a deep understanding and toolkit from which to pull when working with clients.

How can I avoid having energy stuck or stagnant?

Practice daily energy hygiene! I like to explain this with an analogy. We tend to take good care of our physical hygiene – we brush our teeth daily, bathe often, nourish our body with foods, etcetera. Yet, when it comes to energetic hygiene most people have not been taught what it is or how to do it. This is something that I love sharing with folks.

From my perspective, our energetic hygiene is as important as our physical hygiene. It behooves us to bring in a daily energy hygiene practice to help us avoid stuck or stagnant energy. It does not have to be hard or take long periods of time. As an example, I like to encourage people to practice grounding twice a day for two minutes each time. Of course, you can always do more. It’s paramount to get at least some energy hygiene into each day if you want to avoid having stuck or stagnant energy.

As a life coach, what do you see as the main concerns and blocks that people have today and what do you want to say to them?

Two concerns and blocks that I see in just about everyone I work with to some degree are fear and expectations.

Fear is a big one and comes through in many ways. Fear of missing something that they feel they need to do or try on the fertility journey, of not doing things correctly or well enough, or of never having the family of their dreams, as examples. Expecting a certain outcome after doing something is another block I see often.

Fears and expectations are never in present time. If you ever use words and phrases such as “should” or “need to”, you’ve already set up some level of expectation. Both fears and expectations are predicated on something that has happened in the past. Both fear and expectation are ways of giving your power away.

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