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Written by Chené Murphy | Updated On May 31, 2023

Natalia O'Sullivan: An Expert Guide to Spiritual Healing and Growth

Natalia O'Sullivan: An Expert Guide to Spiritual Healing and Growth

If you’re looking to unlock your spiritual potential and find healing for your mind, body, and soul, then Natalia O’Sullivan might just be the guide you need. A renowned healer, holistic therapist, and spirit counsellor with over thirty years of experience, Natalia has dedicated her life to helping people overcome past trauma, stress, and negative emotions using a combination of ancient wisdom and modern psychological techniques.

Her private clinic in London and Los Angeles attracts clients from all over the world, and her work has helped countless individuals to find healing, peace, and spiritual growth. Natalia’s work has been featured in several bestselling books, including Soul Rescuers, which she co-authored with her husband Terry, and The Ancestral Continuum, which she wrote with Nicola Graydon. She is also the author of Do-It-Yourself Psychic Power and Mind Power, both of which offer practical advice for developing psychic abilities and unlocking the full potential of the mind.

With her honours degree in psychology and mastery of various holistic arts, Natalia is a true expert in her field, and her approach is sure to inspire and enlighten anyone seeking to deepen their spiritual journey.

Please tell us a bit about your background and what led you to help others in their healing journeys?

My journey began in childhood. I was highly sensitive and could feel what others were feeling, which sometimes drove me mad because I knew it was the emotions of others, friends, my parents, or people at school. Along with that, I had vivid dreams, often about people that I knew were deceased which was quite frightening.

I believe this was a combination of being highly sensitive and conscious of the spirit world around me and my personal ancestral experiences that I inherited from my family.

My mother was Spanish, and her father was executed during the Spanish Civil War which affected her whole family. During that time five of his brother’s died due to being involved in the war, which left my great grandmother bereft and grieving. My father was Hungarian who left Hungary during the uprising of 1956 when Russia invaded Hungary. Therefore, they were refugees and immigrants caused by war. This had a profound effect on my grandparents and my extended family who remained behind, who I adored and was very lucky to have met during my childhood.

These historical situations create interesting ancestral wounds very like the families I know whose grandparents and family members were murdered during the holocaust or suffered during the pogroms, which caused the epigenetically causations of mental and biological health problems in their descendants.

When I visited my family, my hypersensitivity and psychic awareness became more vivid. As a result of these experiences, I had allergies and general health problems particularly bronchitis, eczema and digestive issues and it seemed like all this “extra noise” was following me around. By the time I was in my teens, I knew that if I could learn how to help people, all this noise would dissipate.

At the age of seventeen, a good friend gave me a deck of tarot cards, and he suggested that if I learned how to do readings with them, my “craziness” would calm down. I began doing readings and realized that I had a gift to communicate with people’s ancestors.

I learned about the ancestral journey and realized that every generation has a child born with a gift to help the family heal. This gift manifests in different ways and can sometimes be overwhelming. I started learning about psychology and holistic therapy, including Chinese medicine, shiatsu, massage therapy, and reflexology. My goal was to have as many tools as possible to assist people with their problems, which I realized could be on different levels.

My husband, who was my teacher’s teacher, was also involved in rescue circles, where he helped deceased people who were earthbound from properties and places, such as those who had been murdered or died tragically or those who were lost when they passed over. We realized that by combining our gifts, we could awaken people to become their true, authentic selves, heal their spiritual heritage, and deal with their human issues, such as their health, mental well-being, and success.

Our business has been successful because we have many tools, but we are also aware that problems can come from many different levels.

What are your main services offered?

We offer three different platforms for clients seeking help. Our one-to-one sessions are where I prefer to start because I believe that people come to us when they have had enough, either at the beginning or end of their journey. For instance, we recently had a client whose father had just passed away. She wanted to understand life after death, ensure her father was safe, and find ways to recover from grief. We also work with clients who have faced challenges such as divorce, death, illness, or mental health issues. In these cases, we explore how they can change their journey and what lessons they can learn to overcome these challenges.

As a psychologist, psychic and healer, I offer a combination of special counseling and encourage clients to look at how different factors affect their behavior, such as family upbringing, repeating patterns, acting as a victim, or being afraid of love, intimacy, or money. We also delve into their spiritual power, their karmic journey, and how they can make changes. Our aim is to give power back to the person.

We use Oracle Cards, which are archetypes based on Tibetan Buddhist Dakini’s, to help clients explore their feelings and experiences. These cards add a visual element to our sessions and help clients understand their stories better. Our one-to-one sessions are just the beginning. If clients wish to learn more, we offer two other services.

The first service is for clients who have a gift for healing others. We provide the Soul Rescuers Practitioner Course, which not only teaches them how to help others but also helps them grow spiritually. The course covers psychic development, healing skills, becoming a medium, healing land and property, and healing one’s own family.

The second service is our Sacred Healer Retreats, which are popular because they are more personal. We teach people how to work with the cycles of life, the moon, the seasons, the land, and history within themselves. Our retreats involve meditations, yoga, rituals, and vision quests, and are a blend of traditional and psychological approaches.

Could you tell us a bit more about the methods you use in working with clients?

Currently, due to the impact of COVID-19, I conduct most of my sessions with clients through Zoom, but I also offer one-to-one in-person sessions. During the first session, clients share their story, and I use my counseling skills to help them unfold their issues. I then analyze the story and extract the main components, especially for those who are experiencing challenging situations such as divorce, the loss of a loved one, or a serious illness. To do this, I use those beautiful Dakini Oracle cards and a setup called the Tree of Life, which provides a comprehensive view of the client’s spiritual, emotional, and karmic journey.

The Tree of Life helps me to understand the client’s story and background, including their childhood and how they are affected by people around them. This approach provides clients with a broader perspective on their experiences and helps them to identify new sources of strength.

After identifying the main components of the client’s story, I proceed to the healing phase of the session. The healing process involves the combination of reflexology and Shiatsu pressure points to relieve stress and clear the physical and emotional bodies, this is where emotions are can get blocked and cause biological and nervous conditions. By removing this emotional burden, clients can focus better and manage their problems more effectively. This phase typically takes three sessions: the first session is the most critical, and I offer two follow-up sessions.

In addition to one-to-one sessions, I also offer Sacred Healer retreats, where clients can delve deeper into their spiritual and emotional healing. These retreats usually last for three to five days and help clients to connect with their soul and explore their deeper needs, including issues related to love, intimacy, creativity, and growth.

In summary, my approach to working with clients involves analyzing their story and using the Tree of Life card lay, providing healing through reflexology and Chinese pressure points, and offering follow-up sessions or retreats for further healing and growth.

Are there any spiritual or self-care practices you use personally to maintain your wellbeing and self-care?

There are many ways to perform spiritual and self-care practices. My favourite is going into nature. Nature can support our physical and mental health so spend time in open spaces where you can be entirely alone, be peaceful and to be able to mindfully spend time in connecting with the natural world. Which can teach us so much about life, within its stillness, nurturing and peace.

That is an absolute priority every single day, even if it’s just for 15 minutes. If you are lucky to have the time walking for an hour, at the very least once a week to be able to spend an afternoon in the woodlands, or gardens, parks, or by the beach.

Not necessarily everyone is into wild swimming, but even a 20-minute dip into the sea allows you to connect with who you really are. If you are lucky to be close to open sea or a river that access for swimming. If not just finding ways to let yourself be natural and open to nature.

There’s a book called ‘Women Who Run with the Wolves’ by Clarissa Pinkola Estés, which talks about reconnecting with your true soul. So, for me, self-care means listening to myself every day, being quiet, and reconnecting with my true nature.

The second thing that works like magic is to have a sacred or spiritual routine in the morning. We are most sensitive just after waking up, so instead of rushing around, 15 minutes of yoga, reading in a quiet space, doing breathe work practice, or admiring the plants in your garden can realign mind, body and spirit. Then, of course, there are other things like eating well, going to bed early, doing yoga, exercising, which are all part of mind, body, and health management. Spiritually, it’s about finding your way to communicate with yourself, your inner landscape, which is so wonderful for your creativity, self-love and connection. Some people put on loud music and dance around the kitchen, I think it’s whatever suits you.

Lastly, what piece of advice would you give someone trying to develop a richer connection with themselves?

My advice would be to trust yourself. Everyone knows who they truly are. In reference to Clarissa Pinkola Estés book and her story of the seal woman, the beautiful seal woman comes out of the sea and must take off her pelt to pretend to be human. But she always remembers where she put her pelt, and every single day she puts her real essence on and just strokes herself, saying “I’m here, I am, this is who I truly am.” Even if we spend most of our time engaging in relationships and slightly losing our connection, everyone, even those with the worst or most abusive childhood, always keeps a little bit of light of who they really are inside themselves. Nobody can kill that. Have courage, trust yourself, and be in your truth.

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