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‘All the world's a stage and we are merely players’ - William Shakespeare

‘All the world's a stage and we are merely players’ - William Shakespeare

Nedda Wittels from Rays of Healing Light has practiced Animal Communication and Multi-Dimensional Energy Healing for animals and humans on a professional level since 1994. She is also a Master Teacher of Animal Communication and has worked with Spiritual Empowerment and Ascension Coaching since 2009.

When and how did you first discover that there was a way of communicating efficiently with animals?

I really started as a child, and could feel, hear or sense what was going on with animals. My very first experience of animal communication was when I was growing up. We lived in the country and we had many cats. We didn’t practice spaying or neutering back then, so numbers really were quite prolific. 

One day, my sister’s cat, Silver, had given birth to her new litter, and my sister and I went to change the bedding in the box we had prepared for this very purpose. This particular litter was bigger than usual and I distinctly recall, as the kittens were placed back into the box, Silver counting them ‘1,2,3,4,5… This was when I realized, as a child, that animal communication was REAL! 

As an adult, I became involved in the world of horses, animals that I had always loved but only came to be with in my 30’s. A veterinarian friend of mine was getting into acupuncture and chiropractic training. She came back from a training weekend with a book by Penelope Smith called Animal Talk, which is a “how to” book on communicating telepathically with animals. My friend suggested I read the book first and so I took it home excited to learn this skill. After carefully following each of the steps suggested in the book for learning how to communicate with animals, I was stunned to realize I had been doing this my whole life. 

I also realized that, despite speaking telepathically with my horse, I had been treating her as if she had no opinions or feelings about her life. I had not been truly listening to her. Ignorant of the fact that distance is irrelevant for telepathic communication, I got in my car and drove to the stables to speak with her. When I apologized to her, her answer was ‘you take care of me, and I take care of you’. That was an emotionally powerful message for me. I understood that it was true. Physically, emotionally and spiritually, she had been teaching me all along. This was where my journey began.

Do you believe that communicating with animals telepathically can be more effective than the work performed by animal behaviorists – or are they two separate things?

My goal is to help people understand that their animals are intelligent, have feelings and opinions, and are not lower than humans on some hierarchical scale. When you think of them as equals, then there is room to create a win-win solution that works for both the human and the animals. 

During a session, I am usually on the phone or zoom, and I will be talking telepathically to the animal, and talking to the human at the same time. It’s as if I were an interpreter, describing everything I am getting from the animal: visuals, words, feelings, physical sensations, knowings. I encourage the human to participate, not simply by listening, but by also responding. 

Animals are telepathic but sometimes need to be given more information to understand the human perspective and how the human is feeling. My goal is to make sure the two parties understand each other so as to create a resolution. 

If there is a behavioral problem, we have to understand what the animal is thinking and feeling. Animals do not misbehave for no reason. One of the areas that I help people with quite often is when their cats stop using the litter box. Cats like to be clean, so if they stop using the box, they are not being “bad.” There’s a good reason, from the cat’s perspective. This can be due to an emotional or physical problem or the animal is trying to communicate something important, but feels they are being ignored. This is part of what I do. 

I also help people talk to animals in Spirit. I can help when their animal is getting ready to leave their body, and I can help when a new animal is coming into the family.  

I also work with animals and their people when it comes to illness. I can do an energy scan of the animal and find out how they are feeling.  Some of my clients call me before going to the veterinarian so they can have as much information as possible from the animal’s perspective before speaking with the vet.  I do not diagnose illness because I’m not a veterinarian and not trained to do that.

Are you able to communicate with animals once they have passed over?

Yes.  Think about it this way.

Who are we? We are a soul in a body.

Who are the animals?  They are also a soul in a body.

We are both Consciousness. 

When you and I talk to someone, we are not talking to their body, we are talking to the soul, the whole person – a spirit being. The same is true for animals.

So does it make any difference if that spirit being is in a body or not?  Not to me.

Often, when animals approach death, they may spend periods of time outside of the body in preparation for departure. While their spirit cord is still attached to the physical form, most of their spirit can be outside the body. This is also true for humans preparing to leave.  A common experience for people who have elderly pets is that they may see their old dog walking around the room as if lost, not seeming to know where it is or where it’s going. This is a sign of preparation for the spirit leaving the body.

Also, when animals and humans are getting ready to leave, their energy fields are expanding. I can feel this energetically, so I can let my human client know that the animal is preparing to depart. This helps people understand what is going on with their animals, that they are still here but will be leaving soon. Then we can have a conversation around the dying process, the human and animal together.

“The world out there” is a reflection of your inner world… Can you elaborate?

Each person has a set of beliefs that we have developed over a lifetime. Those beliefs came in part from decisions we made about life and our role in it, and in part from authority figures in our life: parents, teachers, religious leaders, and so on.

If you and I are in the same situation, and my belief system is that the situation is terrible, while your belief system is that the situation is just fine, we will have very different experiences in that situation and very different memories of it, too. The situation will reflect back to us what we already believe.

In addition, we are all created in God’s image, as we have been told by many religions. For me, this has nothing to do with the human physical form, and everything to do with who we are as a Conscious being. This means we all have divine qualities and gifts that we were endowed with. 

Some of our God-given qualities are creativity, free will, as well as the abilities to imagine, feel, and focus our intelligence. Whatever we imagine, we create. We do this when we focus our imagined creation, have feelings about it, and energize it. Then it manifests as our experience, even if we don’t remember that we called it into our life.

For example, some people feel that the world is in a terrible situation and that we need to go back to “the good ole’ days.”  Others see what’s happening as the necessary breakdown of the old to allow transformation to a brighter future.  If you focus on a bright future, that’s what you’re helping to create. If you’re focusing on conflict and destruction, that’s what you’re helping to create.

What are Multidimensional Body Scans and is it true to say we each have many bodies?

We do have many bodies.  Several of our bodies exist in this dimension and others exist in other dimensions. 

In the Third Dimension (3-D) we each have a physical body, and 6 other bodies. 

According to my senses, the desk I am working on is solid. However, if you look at that same desk at a molecular or even atomic level, that same desk has vast amounts of space within it, actually more space than solid matter. This is known to physicists.  How close together or how far apart the molecules and atomic particles are is known as density. Our physical form is not any more solid than the desk. It just appears to be solid to our senses.

The 7 energy bodies, including the physical body, are each a different density and interpenetrate each other. The less dense bodies seem larger than the physical body when we can see them.  As a unit, we refer to them as the aura or auric field.

In a multidimensional scan, each of the bodies can be looked at separately. The chakra system can also be scanned.  

When doing multidimensional body scans, I call on beings from Spirit who are experts in looking at all these bodies and the chakras associated with them. The spirit beings show me issues and problems that the person is ready to know about. They may also make suggestions as to how the individual can heal or release various issues that are holding them back in their life path.

Where did your journey with healing begin, Nedda?

It all began with my horse, Echo. 

Echo had developed a cyst on her back. I had been learning how to find the primary chakras on her, and discovered that the cyst was in the same place as one of her chakras. I felt with my hand that right above the cyst one of the small vortices of the chakra was popping out.

Then, I remembered seeing a picture of a damaged chakra in one of Barbara Brennan’s books. It showed a damaged chakra with one of the smaller vortices within it popping out just the same way that my horse’s chakra was injured. I started to wonder, “Can I fix the chakra?  If I do, will it heal my horse’s back?” 

One of my guides told me to imagine taking the small vortex into my hand and putting it back where it belonged. I followed his instructions. It seemed silly at the time but a week later, the lump had gone, and it never came back. My veterinarian had said that cysts don’t disappear, but this one was permanently gone. This was where it all began for me. 

What healing therapies do you offer?

I do hands-on healing from a distance. I call it Multidimensional Healing because I work with all the energy bodies during a healing session. I am a facilitator of the healing, and the true healers are the individual and their body, human or animal. I always work with healing teams from Source, experts in whatever needs to be healed and with a wide variety of techniques. A Lot of the time I have no idea exactly what they’re doing, but sometimes they show me what they are doing. That’s when they are teaching me something. 

Some of the techniques I use during a healing session are from Cranial Sacral Therapy, Tellington Touch, Hands-on-Healing, and The Emotion Code™. I also hold the space for experts from the higher realms to do whatever needs to be done.

One special service I offer is called Preparation for Surgery.  If a human or an animal is scheduled for surgery, the client and I have a conversation about the surgery and their intentions for the outcome. The preparation process begins the day before the actual surgery. I call in Archangel Michael who sends me teams of angels to assist. I get permission from the Nature Spirits to set up a vortex where the surgery is going to take place. The angels use the vortex to clear the surgical space of all stagnant energies.  They also assist spirits who died but didn’t cross over to move on. I then call on the higher self of the surgeon and surgical team and ask them to set intentions for the highest possible outcome. Finally, I do an energy healing for the individual scheduled for surgery to ensure that their body is in the best possible state to receive the surgical procedure. I implant the positive intentions in them so that their outlook is as positive as possible. I have been doing this kind of work with humans and animals and have had incredible feedback and positive responses.

I consider Spiritual Empowerment Coaching to also be a form of healing. This offering is focused on assisting people to take back their personal power. You can’t give someone back their power. They have to take it. I support them in the process of reclaiming their power in any area of their lives that they are ready to make this shift.

I use a system called the Emotion Code™ in these sessions to help people release their fear of their own power.

Which resonates more profoundly with you and why – your work with animals or humans?

I don’t see these as separate. I’m excited to work with both and to see them heal and make new choices. I love seeing people get inspired, have new insights, and expand their consciousness.  I love speaking with animals because they are amazing beings who are in our lives to love and support us, to reflect our issues back to us, and often to be our guides and teachers.

What can you tell us about the courses you offer?

“TWA” (Telepathy with Animals)– is a series of live classes taught on Zoom where people who want to develop their telepathy with animals are shown how easy it is to do this. They speak with my animals and their own and each other’s, a large animal “faculty” of experts in telepathic communication.  These classes are focused on having fun while learning.  People learn a variety of techniques and participate in activities that open them up to the joy of speaking telepathically with animals.

I also teach a variety of courses on Ascension and Empowerment and being heart centered. Some of my favorites are “Heart Centered Living,” “Receiving Higher Guidance,” and “Becoming Abundance.”

In addition, I offer Professional Mentoring to other Animal Communicator professionals, and Private Tutorials in Animal Communication upon request.

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