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Bring Abundance to Your Life - Nila

Bring Abundance to Your Life - Nila

Nirmala Raju, or Nila, from Infinite Healing, chats with us about her professional and spiritual journey and touches on the wonderful work she performs. Nila has been practicing numerous different modalities in the world of healing for over 20 years to provide spiritual and physical relief to people around the globe.

Of all the modalities that you have studied, is there one that best resonates with who you are?

There are three that I feel resonate most with me.

When I was growing up, I felt so different to everybody else and really thought there was something wrong with me. I spent a lot of time reading and learning how to try and ‘fix’ myself. This belief was very much challenged by Access Consciousness. 

Access Consciousness celebrates your uniqueness and ultimately sees your ‘wrongs’ as your ‘gifts’. ‘You’ as an individual contribute uniqueness to the universe, and this creates new possibilities. Access Consciousness challenged me to be MYSELF.

Sedona Method is very subtle, but it takes you into who you really are and focuses on letting go of what you are not; attachment, judgement etc. You simply let go of everything and be who you are – so much so that you almost get a taste of infiniteness. Although this is a very subtle approach, it is particularly effective.

Light key wellness System, channeled by me, is all about mastery, creating your life actively, enjoying this life as an active creator and making it fun. Light keys give me the tools to be the creator and master of my own life and to enjoy it to its full potential.

Can you tell us a little about your background Nila?

As I mentioned earlier, I felt very different to everyone else while growing up. I grew up in a small village in India and women were (and sometimes still are) considered burdens rather than being celebrated. This is something that I always questioned and struggled to conform to. I found it impossible to follow the rules and structures and to be obedient. People around me would frown at me, including my friends, teachers and community as a whole. 

I think I left India for this reason, in a certain way. I graduated from university in India as an Engineer and started working for an Indian Engineering Consultancy firm. I worked with a lot of foreigners such as the Japanese, the Americans and the British for example.

I was very curious about these different cultures and wondered what it would be to live in a foreign country. I started to look for opportunities to work abroad. I ended up going to the UK with my husband and this really was the turning point for me. It changed my life. I was around 30 at the time.

Would you describe physical and spiritual healing to be one and the same?

I definitely think so. When your mind, body and spirit are in alignment with the source, there is no imbalance anywhere. I think imbalance first appears in the spirit. We tend to start accumulating imbalances in the spirit, which then translates to mental imbalance and mental illness, and then into body imbalances. If we start by healing the body imbalances and do not solve the core imbalances of the spirit, we will continue to replicate the same patterns. I think it is crucial to start by working on the spirit and then everything else will fall into place.

How has your own spiritual and healing journey led you to where you are today?

In 1997, while I was still in India, I gave birth to a little boy and subsequently lost him six days later. The grief was intolerable and I really struggled to see past this horrendous experience. This grief stayed with me for a very long time. 

Right after, I started learning Reiki. I continued to seek relief from this heaviness that I carried, and after the incidence of another death in the family, I had a phone reading with a medium in the UK. This reading blew me away and in addition, this medium told me that I was a medium myself, and a healer. I really thought this was all nonsense but somehow I ended up attending spiritual development and mediumship development circles. This is how I started with mediumship, and the expansion took off from there.

How did you know when energy healing was to be your life calling?

I didn’t know this was to be my calling. In fact, I was afraid of the medical profession and anything to do with the body and blood. I have the capacity to read people quickly and change their energy quickly, but back then I was not in a position to accept or acknowledge any of this. 

What can you tell us about your Light key Wellness System and who can best benefit from this?

Light Key System is about you taking responsibility for your life, and creating your life actively, as the master. It is all about empowerment – you are no longer a victim. 

Light keys are high vibrational symbols channeled through me. Light keys along with light key frequencies and processes help the individuals to change and transmute the energy they perceive in their universe. 

For example, if you have intensity or density in your universe, you simply invoke the frequency of kindness, whatever your situation. By invoking the frequency of kindness you are in a commanding position and you are no longer identifying with this intensity or density that is present in your universe. Instead, you are moving towards mastery. 

Eventually, nothing can really bother you, as you realize that you can do anything you desire. You can be the space around this energy instead of resisting reality. If you choose, you can change and transmute the energy. You may choose not to. 

You become solely the space around this. When you take responsibility for something, you give yourself the power to change it. When you think someone else is responsible, or you blame someone else, you are actually giving them your power, and you turn yourself into a victim. 

In a nutshell, Light Key System involves taking responsibility, taking actions and moving away from any heaviness towards a place of lightness. It’s suitable for everyone including children. 

When did you first become involved in mediumship and what impact did this have on your life?

I first started in 2004 while I attended a spiritualist church for mediumship training in a development circle. This changed my life altogether. During one of these circles, my deceased son came through to me. 

After 8 years of uncontrollable grief and heaviness, he came through and basically made me understand that we had planned the experience together. He made me understand that the life I had given him – however short – was the life experience that he wanted and needed. He did not understand why I was dragging this heaviness around with me, when I should have been celebrating him and seeing it as a gift I had been able to give to him. I had made myself a victim and all he wanted was for me to live my life. This experience liberated me completely and I now celebrate my son.

In your experience, which areas of life tend to be the hardest to shift, and how do you go about this?

It depends from person to person but generally speaking, money, body and relationships are always of top priority. The core problem is, however, lack of self love. If you don’t love yourself, you don’t gift yourself with abundance because you believe yourself to be unworthy of it. 

If you love yourself, as the master of your life, you will make choices to bring abundance to your life. Without self love, you are emitting these ‘negative’ vibrations to everyone around you and in turn, you are blocking amazing people or attracting abusive people. Without self love, you ignore and neglect the body, because most of the time we identify with the body, more than with the spirit. 

The reason we don’t love ourselves is because we buy into beliefs, labels and identities created by society – all of which are limitations we impose on ourselves. We have to let go of these beliefs and bring abundance to our lives.

What are your views on ​​the practice of Ho’oponopono?

I believe it is an awesome practice and I perform it almost every day at least once. It seems simple but it has a profound impact on those who practice. There are four statements; I’m sorry, Please forgive me, I love you and Thank you. 

These are chanted repeatedly in order to change things, and although it may appear strange on the outside, it is the same as mastery. The fundamental concept is that if you can perceive something in your universe then you are responsible in some way. 

It is once again about taking responsibility for whatever happens in your life, letting go of everything related and showing no resistance. Seeing what is in your life as it is without adding values and meaning to it.  From this point, you have the choice of changing it, letting go, not changing it…

What words of wisdom do you have for our readers to confront the turbulent times of today?

I would recommend above all being kind to yourself; don’t judge yourself, don’t resist who you are, don’t suppress emotions, don’t criticize yourself for feeling those emotions. Allow yourself to feel what you feel and to be what you are. 

Allow the frequencies of calm waves of kindness to run through you and know that you are not alone. Do not suffer alone and whatever you do, do not be afraid to reach out for help. 

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