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Written by Miguel Amado | Updated On January 30, 2023

Understanding the horse's energy with Pam Allen LeBlanc

Understanding the horse's energy with Pam Allen LeBlanc

Pam Allen LeBlanc started teaching Reiki in 2011. But Pam’s work is different: she wasn’t interested in people when she started, using Reiki to connect with animals. Based in New Brunswick, Canada, Pam explained to us in this interview for MysticMag how she integrated animal communication and Reiki, her work with essential oils and more.

How do you integrate animal communication and Reiki?

I’m not a natural animal communicator. It has always been something I wanted to be able to do, but I couldn’t do it. I learned Reiki, which has a way of bringing wonderful synchronicities into our lives. Reiki both opened up my intuition and brought me to a course that allowed me to hear animals for the first time.

Once animal communication opened up, I started teaching it through a very deep, spiritual horse course around Linda Kohanov’s book, “The Tao of Equus”. A natural result of that course was that people would hear animals at the end of it.

One day, I got a call from a lady telling me a group of 10 women who did not like horses, but were “cat people” instead, wanted to learn how to communicate with animals in a day, without the spiritual part of it so I created my Animal Communication course. Since then, I’ve learned a lot and expanded the course to two days.

Initially, I taught Animal Communication without including Reiki, but at one point the guidance of Reiki showed me that if I brought Reiki into animal communication classes, I could help more efficiently lift my students’ blocks and barriers to communicating with animals.

Communicating telepathically is something all animals can do and humans are an animal. So, it’s a talent we must have, even though we have forgotten about or blocked it.

What is the difference between Reiki for animals and Reiki for humans?

When I first learned Reiki, I was not interested in working with people. Now, I love working with people, but initially I just wanted to work with animals. So, I used Reiki with animals.

After my Reiki attunement during the master classes at the Center of the Stonehenge Stone Circle in England, with William Rand, flying home, I had an epiphany: I love animals and people are animals, therefore I must also love people. So, I immediately started working with both people and animals.

I am involved with the International Center for Reiki Training. When I knew they were developing an Animal Reiki class, I reached out to offer some help, which was accepted. In January 2019, we teamed up and met every week for two and a half years. We listened to energy and, in this process, animals showed that they wanted us to work with a whole other frequency of Reiki energy. So the ICRT Animal Reiki class has its own energy which is complementary to Usui Reiki.

We realized the animals often interacted with energy a little differently from humans. They were very natural with it and wanted us to be aware of our own safety, to become really skilled listeners and observers. Generally, it is believed that humans have a dominion over or are above animals, and the animals wanted us to be very aware of our equality.

You can use whatever Reiki you have with animals but they want to be in charge of the session. We need their permission to work with them. There are some things we’ve put together in manuals and in the course that can help people who are serious about working with animals.

What do we need to know about horses that is not common knowledge?

I’ve been working with horses for 44 years now and we’ve gotten to know each other very well. One of the amazing things about horses, though, is that we are always learning. The time I spend with my horses is very productive with the combination of Reiki and animal communication because they can really fill me in on how they are feeling and what they are doing.

One thing I find fascinating about horses is that there is a mysticism about them, and everybody feels it. They are so beautiful in the way they move and there’s something about being with horses that changes you internally.

I feel that an entrainment happens and we move a little bit into their frequency or energy just by spending time with them. In a lot of cultures, horses are said to be very connected both with the material and the spiritual worlds.

There’s wisdom in them. There’s also a belief that horses, dolphins and whales are memory keepers for other species. They wait until we are ready to remember who we are and of what we are capable of, and then elevate us into that.

What are the benefits of essential oils?

Essential oils are so amazing because, just like Reiki, they can impact us mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally. If you place an essential oil on your skin, within 30 or 40 seconds it enters the limbic system of your brain. The olfactory senses are located near the emotional centers of the brain, so scent is one of the things that can really impact our emotions.

So, if you are having a bad day, there’s nothing like taking a little bit of an essential oil you love and breathing in. Just the same way the smell of something like your grandmother’s cookies or pie evokes memories and emotions, oils have the ability to do that.

One of our horses, Dawn, had lost a baby 14 years ago and gone into a deep depression. She wasn’t eating or interacting with other horses, just standing and staring at the woods all day. We tried some things to help Dawn but nothing helped much, and then we discovered essential oils.

Back then, it took me about 2 months to research and find reliable information to be able to offer essential oils to animals. They can’t be put on a horse’s skin, because it’s too sensitive, nor be ingested. Mostly, you just let them breathe it in. Offer them different oils and see to which one they are more drawn – in Dawn’s case, it was lemon oil.

She spent 15 minutes breathing that deeply and immediately started eating hay and interacting with other horses. I was guided to give her a few days off then went out again with lemon oil and she was 90% back to her personality before losing the baby after that.

Some time after that, some humans started asking me if I could create essential oil blends for them too. I saw they were so effective for horses that, of course, I was willing to develop it for humans!

Besides depression, are there other problems with which essential oils might help?

Horses are very emotional beings and they sometimes have not been treated the best, even by well meaning people. We use the essential oils to help them with fear, hormonal imbalances and skin conditions.

For humans, there are so many things… I have a long list of oils. Some of them help with spiritual protection for people who are very sensitive, picking up energies from others. Other oils help balance the chakras or energy. We have oils for sore muscles, for arthritis and joint pain, autoimmune disease, to balance hormones. We have oils for relaxation and releasing anxiety… There’s an oil for pretty much any condition or emotion you want to let go or invoke!

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