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Written by Sarah Kirton | Updated On January 30, 2023

Planet Hopping with Astrologer Patrick Arundell

Planet Hopping with Astrologer Patrick Arundell

Patrick Arundell reveals his “Sparkling Twist” on Natal Astrology. We chat with him to find out more.

How and when did you first start to dabble with the stars and the tarot?

It all started at school actually, when I was about fifteen and took a real interest in my peers’ birthdates. Interestingly enough, the first classical piece of music I ever purchased was Holst: The Planets. 

When I started my professional life, I would read Patric Walker, the international Astrologer, in the Daily Mail every day on the bus to work. He had a massive reach around the world and I found his column compelling. Later in my management career, I would find myself guessing what peoples’ Sun Signs were. 

It all grew from here and it became quite a compulsion in my life. One day, I chatted with a lady from the Faculty of Astrological Studies and started taking lessons with her. A few years later, I gave up on the idea of following a formal career, and took the giant leap of entering into ‘impoverishment’, and took up a career of Natal Astrology, which back then you didn’t do for the money. Some people would say, nor does it now! Generally, in those days people were more interested in their “Stars”. Things have dramatically changed over the last ten years with a real growing interest in Natal Astrology. 

How did astrology and tarot become part of your professional journey and how did this influence your life?

The Tarot has not been a huge part of my personal development. My wife is extremely skilled at sorts of modalities though, Tarot included. For myself, Tarot has always been in the background, and of course there are commonalities between Tarot and Astrology but Natal Astrology has always been the ‘love’ of my life. 

What services do you offer exactly?

We sell Personal Horoscope Reports, based on people’s Time, Date and Place of Birth, including Forecasts, Character Analyses, Relationship Analyses and so on.

My wife, Alyssa, and I, both do personal readings 1 to 1 Readings via Skype or Zoom. On my website with do partner with a couple of Spiritual Agencies. My wife and I also do a Weekly Astrology and Spirituality Video Show shared on the site but published through YouTube. Alyssa focuses on the Hermetic Wheel card(s) of the week, an Oracle Card, we discuss a Word of the Week shared by viewers, I provide the Astrology for that week, as well as select a “winner” for a Free Natal Analysis and Birthday Solar Return Analysis.

I also do DEEP DIVE Videos for Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Zodiac signs, as we as Regular “Specials” on Moon Phases and Natal Analyses on Royals, Politicians and Celebrities. Our YouTube Channel has 91K Subscribers and approaching 30 Million Views.

I also write the Daily Horoscope Column for Britain’s most read daily newspaper, The Metro and have been lead astrologer for the UK’s Press Association for getting on for 20 years.

In terms of 1 to 1 Personal Consultations, Natal Astrology requires a lot of prep. This is my passion. I work not only with the Natal Charts but also Draconic or Soul Astrology and the Transits, and guide clients through how their Charts have evolved through Progressions, Solar Arc Directions, Profections and their Solar and Lunar Returns. 

There are many strands to Natal Astrology, including Fixed Stars and Asteroids.

Indeed, one of the most satisfying aspects of my work is when people don’t know the time of their birth, and I proceed with a rectification. I am absolutely passionate about this as I find it really helps people discover their true identity. 

In your experience, have you found that the pandemic and its aura of uncertainty has encouraged people to seek ‘psychic’ assistance more?

Actually, many professionals reached out to me last year, as they were stuck at home and experienced an overwhelming sense of isolation. There was a definite increase in appetite for ‘astrological’ connections and personal development, and in particular concerning my business, interest from younger professionals, aged between 35 and 45, keen to better understand Natal Astrology. 

How has the digital era impacted your profession?

I feel we have been slightly ahead of the curve. When we saw the arrival of digitization, we quickly adapted to the new format and we developed the XML feeds and Mobile and Responsive technology to supply content to other partners. 

Which discipline of astrology do you follow and can you provide your reasons?

Understanding what we were given when we were born is the most magnificent thing. Some of those aspects found in our natal charts can keep popping up, often can grow, and sometimes, we can grow beyond them. 

There is also Draconic Astrology where the North Node is repositioned to the Vernal Point, and this is more to do with our spiritual development and our life purpose, rather than our potential which is our Natal Chart. Then there are secondary progressions and other formats to follow. They all come together and interact in a big mass of information.

One of the most wonderful things about being an astrologer is trying to find the purpose in that, or the pattern that is most relevant to that person at that time, so they can steer their way through that passage of their life, grasping the opportunities while being protective over their challenges. I don’t tell people what to do, but the information given from astrology helps guide them to move their situations in a more informed way.

Can the art of reading tarot be learnt by us all, or does one need a certain level of intuition and spirituality?

Personally, I believe one needs to have a natural gift. This doesn’t mean that one can’t learn to read the tarot, but, like everything in life, we can all have the intellectual talents to achieve something, but it’s whether we have the intuition, aptitude, people skills and most of all passion to bring it to life for the client.

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