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Reading burdens and psychometry with Phoenix Jansen

Reading burdens and psychometry with Phoenix Jansen

This week Mystic Mag’s Miguel Amado talked with Phoenix Jansen, a psychic medium based in the United States. Phoenix talked about her gift, how her readings work and also how she detects burdens in people being informed by spirits. Check out!

Please present yourself to the audience

My name is Phoenix Jansen and I am a psychic medium, I do automatic writing, and I also do burden readings. People carry burdens that might be known or unknown and I seek them out. Finding out burdens sometimes help spot what causes confidence issues and many career issues, for instance.

I also do psychometry and I read vessel dolls. I am a spiritual advisor and read for people who have burdens and past-life traumas. I work with them to bring the burden to the surface, so that they can get rid of or at least recognize and understand it. All my readings cover love, money, travel, career, and relationships. All those things teach you who you are and who you can become.

I also do paranormal investigation to reach spirits and learn more about them, because the more we know about spirits, the more we can direct people and understand about the world today.

How did you discover that gift? Do you believe it can be learned or is it an innate ability?

Personally, I believe a gift is given to someone for a purpose, and being a psychic medium is something given by God as a gift. I was born a psychic. When I was 6 years old, I had a fascination with playing cards. My brother was 16 and liked to gamble. He gave me a card set to play and I learned how to shuffle cards. One day, I realized they started talking to me. I started looking at them and when I’d see a certain card, I’d see things. I knew different cards told me different things.

When I was 13 years old, it took me time to realize I was different. But then, I met a boy in a roller-skating rink, who liked ghosts. We went to a supposedly haunted place and were sitting there in the dark when I said: in a minute, three lights will come across that lake – and there they were! If there ever was an “a-ha” moment, that was it for me. He was shocked that I could communicate with spirit! Since that night, I have continuously grown in spirit communication and respect to spirit.

That summer I went to Alabama with my family. They visited my family grave and my mom showed me a tiny grave, telling me “This is your father’s son”. At that moment, something happened. We went that night to my aunt’s home. I laid down but could not go to sleep. Something was calling me, and I didn’t get it. Then, all of sudden a spirit came through the room’s window.

I did not see anything with my physical eyes, but I knew the spirit was there, and that it was this half-brother. He talked to me. I don’t know all he said but, after that day, I was very in tune with spirit. My abilities heightened. I know spirit is all around us and there is life after death, in many forms and on numerous levels.

How can you tell what types of burden a complete stranger carries in a burden reading session?

I do not know. When a person sits in front of me, it is as much a mystery to me as it is to them. First of all, when I sit down with a client, I believe that client was sent to me for a reason, just as my gift was sent by God. I set intentions to these facts and it never fails me. I believe our intentions are everything. My intention is to help others. The burden is discovered through spirit.

When I have Zoom readings in my home, before the person comes in, I’ll do automatic writing if it comes to me (90% of the time, it does). Then, I read it before we get started. When the session is over, I text them the writing, as a gift. We then take a ” journey,” which is what I call my readings. We start where we are and where we are going. Based on what we find out here, it is possible to point potential paths to follow and things to develop and make life more progressive.

It is based on what the cards pulled and spirit tells me about these people. I start out knowing nothing about the person and I learn of their burdens through spirits.

I always tell my clients to answer my questions silently to themselves, not outloud to me. I also answer two questions at the end of reading which they silently thought of during the reading.

Psychometry is one of your specialties. Please explain what that is.

Psychometry is reading the energy from an object. I believe psychometry relies on the energy of a person who owned the object or the spirit that stayed with the object. So, you can touch an object and be able to tell where it has been, what its story is, sometimes where it came from. Sometimes it is amazing what you can get from an object.

Would you like to share a final message with our readers?

Let’s take a journey!

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