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Written by Miguel Amado | Updated On June 09, 2023

Multi-dimensional medicine and a spirituality path with Rebecca Llewellyn

Multi-dimensional medicine and a spirituality path with Rebecca Llewellyn

Rebecca Llewellyn uses the term multi-dimensional medicine to explain her work as a Shamanic Practitioner, Breathwork Practitioner, Intuitive Coach, Channel, and Reiki Master. In this special interview for MysticMag we asked her about how she combines all that knowledge to help people, what is the first step for a more spiritual life and more.

Check out this great talk directly from the Sacred Valley in Peru, where Rebecca is staying for a month.

When did you discover your intuitive side and the will to help people with it?

It began when I was a little girl. Through my teenage years, I’d open up, get very scared and shut it down again. I functioned in that “1 step forward, 2 steps back” manner for a few years, until about my 33rd year. That’s when I started to step back in with more of an intention. Yet, I was only working in those upper realms of archangels, angelic realm guides, and then I knew I wanted to go deeper.

I was interested in Shamanism but I didn’t understand it and was frightened by it, because it embraced the shadow work and the darkness. But I prayed on that and called in a teacher, who came to me in a dream. So, I accepted Shamanism and then all my channels just blew up, because I started getting the whole picture.

How do you combine Shamanism with other types of knowledge you have, such as breathwork?

When I first started as a breather, I just started exploring it as another modality that I perhaps could offer. I thought it was nice because everybody understands the science behind breath and I was still spiritually “in the closet”, just doing my energy workings in the evenings and on the weekends. So, I started exploring breath a little bit and it showed to be very powerful for me. I knew that I wanted to add that as a roster and now I have 2 certifications in breath work.

When I started serving breath, I tried to just be as neutral as possible, so that people would not be afraid, would enjoy experiencing it and see it as a modality supporting them, should they not go down the “spirituality path” or talk therapy. Yet, I’d feel as if I was in someone else’s skin.

So, I started to bring in elements of Shamanism, and I started with prayer. As I did that, the container I was holding became so much more powerful, because I was standing in my medicine and wasn’t trying to be someone else. It was such a big lesson for me.

When I do my group work, I hold it like a ceremony. I serve breath like a sacred medicine – because it is, it’s the medicine of life. When doing it online, I open with the Andean Cosmovision, calling in the 4 directions and 4 elements and all wonderful beings in between, creating a sacred scaffolding for all of us in that space, so that they can receive their breath in the way it is needed. My ancestors and the ancestors of the land where I live usually come forward and hold that space in my channel.

If it’s an in-person meeting, I have an altar, all of my sacred tools to do energy work. That’s how I incorporate my Shamanic principles in my breath work.

What does multidimensional medicine mean?

I used to get very hung up that medicine was only a sacrament that you eat or drink. Two and a half years ago, Spirit signaled it was time for me to step into the word ‘medicine’. I had a little battle in my head with the word ‘medicine’, even though I serve breath work and other things… We in the West like to have these labels, right?

I don’t do a lot of channeling with earthly ancestors. Often, the work I am doing comes from other plans, so it’s not me doing them. I’m not a healer, nobody’s a healer – you are your healer, and need to be open to doing the work and I am just a straw or a bamboo shoot, facilitating for the soul (the person) and the Creator on the other side.

For me, walking in the different dimensions includes the Ascended master teachers, working with their own Higher Self and their soul, working with galactic beams and guides, archangels and angels, the angelic realm, power animals coming forward… These are all different fields and planes and I’ll not pretend that I am an expert on it. I just let Spirit show me what I am doing and what is happening.

What do you believe is the first step in the path for personal transformation for a more spiritual life?

People are always surprised when I say that there’s 3 potential first steps, which are simple. Food is one of them, a practical step. We don’t eat well: we eat processed food, food we can afford.

When we start eating mindfully and consciously, less processed food, less sugar, less inflammatory food, we start to clear our channel. That’s why fasts are so powerful.

I remember the very first time I had all sugar, caffeine and gluten pulled out from my diet, years ago. It made me a very angry person for about 4 weeks! But I was so clear in my mental body and my emotional body!

Secondly, I think breath work is a powerful medicine. There are many practitioners out there, so people can try them and see whose medicine resonates with them. Breath work is wonderful because it typically moves through the physical sensations first, then through emotional and mental body. The breath opens us up and enables us to do the earthly work.

The other thing I’d suggest is a morning practice. This is what changed my life. I call it prayer. For someone else, it might be a meditation or the presence process or a gratitude journal. If we do that practice every morning, even if for 5 or 10 minutes, just feeling into our heart, grateful to wake up each morning, this is when we start to understand our own muscle of discernment, the difference between our ego and our mental body.

I believe that morning practice of going inwards, finding that balance, that still point is what truly allows us to understand and strengthen our discernment muscle. When it is strong, we know when we’re in intuition or connected to source (however you call it) and ego.

Even when I was in the corporate world, I did have prayer practice. If I didn’t have time to do my prayer before my morning commute, I’d do it in the car. And the days I didn’t do my prayer were wobbly…

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