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Written by Sarah Kirton | Updated On April 01, 2023

Goddess Only Knows - Reverend BlaQ

Goddess Only Knows - Reverend BlaQ

Reverend BlaQ is an Ordained Metaphysical Minister who advocates self-realization at all costs. She reveals why all women are goddesses and how important it is to reconnect with and become the beautiful creators we all are.

What is your definition of a Goddess – and are all women Goddesses in the making?

A Goddess is a woman who is self aware and aware of the God or creator within her. In fact she is so aware of this that she understands that she creates her entire reality, from incarnation to incarnation. 

When I talk to women about this subject, I always remind them they are always creating their reality – even the “negative” experiences and circumstances they experience. There is no cherry picking so to speak. 

All women are goddesses whether they are aware of it or not, whether they have stopped remembering or not. They are all creators and sometimes just need guidance to remind them of this and show them how to reclaim that raison d’être.

How does one gain knowledge of self and is it true to say we ALL need guidance?

I believe that we gain knowledge of self by entering into silence and spending time alone. There is a scripture that says – Be still and know that I am god. Being in the darkness, being still and silent is where we start to hear from the creator within – whatever you may call it; your higher self, tapping into your Akashic records, God…If you are a person that runs away from being alone, the silence and darkness, then you are running away from knowledge of self. 

We all need guidance, but we all agree to guide each other. Our karmic relationships or soul contracts with other people are, I believe, agreements between people to help others remember our true selves, our higher self, our creators. This may not be sugar coated and sweet, it could be something very harsh that is said or happens that forces you to go into that place of darkness and remember the creator you are. 

What does being an Ordained Metaphysical Minister entail and signify?

Ordained is really just another word for appointed. I have a Masters degree in Metaphysics from The University of Metaphysics, Arizona. For all practical purposes, I was appointed by them, but I was already teaching metaphysics long before I graduated. I believe that I was appointed by God, by the universe or by my higher self to be a metaphysical minister, I was assigned with reminding people or helping people remember the creators they are. 

I was assigned (as I believe we all are) with teaching the metaphysics of God – metaphysics being beyond the physical, the creative energy that is behind the manifestation of everything that is happening in the physical world. 

An ordained metaphysical minister plays a huge role in helping heal humanity and healing the soul. A metaphysician works with energy and helps heal. Heal is another word for remember.

Does the number 13 hold a particular significance for you?

One of the gifts that I feel I have is being a word magician. I use numbers and letters to help me work out things on the metaphysical level. When I look at the number 13, I see symbols – flip the 3 over and it becomes an ‘m’ – I am. The number 13 helps me remember that I am, and I am a creator.

13 is the mother energy, as there are 13 moon cycles in the year. I use the Divine Feminine of God to teach Self Realization of a Goddess, so connecting with the moon cycles is what resonates most with me.

What does BlaQ Fire offer individuals and who can best benefit from your services?

BlaQ Fire Nation offers to help remember that we are all creators of our reality at all times. This seems simple but many times we forget what reality actually is and tend to blame other things or people for events that take place. Not everybody has the depth to take on self-accountability.

As for healing, I particularly help women in the first part of my course, Self Realization of a Goddess – opening the mind. This focuses on women who have been raped, molested, sexually violated and physically abused. I help these women understand the law of attraction, how incarnations pass over from life to life and are connected to your mother, grandmother, great grandmother etc…We inherit their memories and because of this vibration in our blood, we can very well recreate an experience that happened to our female ancestors.

If you could define the role of metaphysics in our world, what would it be?

Metaphysics is always taking place, but in today’s world, it is particularly prevalent. People are quitting their jobs, and are expressing themselves as something more. The metaphysics of our soul is drawing us to be more creative. This is being expressed on a grand scale.  

Why do you feel that women particularly seem to have lost sight of their true strength and inner beauty?

I once read a book called Mysteries of the Dark Moon: The Healing Power of the Dark Goddess by Demetra George. That book was so powerful and inspiring to me and it was when I first started to understand the Divine Feminine. The book covers many historical facts and events.

I think at some point in time, we started to move away from our feminine inner energy towards the more masculine outer energy. We forgot how to be in tune with our intuition as we were too influenced by our measculine energy. 

However, of late there has been a shift back to focus on our inner energy. Of course, and needless to say none of this is gender driven, as it can apply to men and women alike. 

Is self realization the key to living successfully one’s Life Purpose and more?

I absolutely believe so. However I feel it is important to define life purpose…everybody’s goal or life purpose, whether intentionally or unintentionally, is to help others remember their God selves. Self realization is literally remembering one’s spiritual self. This is when we can tap into our life purpose and spiritual gifts start to awaken.

What can you tell us about your life journey and how you came to help others in need?

This is a whole other interview 😉

What led me to become a metaphysical minister was pain. Pain is what will push you to go inside yourself. Through emotions of abandonment, physical abuse, rape and other traumatic experiences, I was forced to look inside myself. 

However, the turning point in my life was when I went to see a palm reader – she read me like a book and literally blew my mind. She told me that I was a true teacher but that I needed to connect with my God Self. From this point on, there was no stopping me. 

It started with church, but then became more spiritual in nature and I started experiencing clairaudience and other such phenomena. This of course then led me to metaphysics, metaphysical Christianity and to where and who I am today.  


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Sarah is a keen and passionate advocate of the spiritual and healing components within the mystical realm of the world we live in. She resides in Cape Town, South Africa, where she enjoys spending time in the outdoors, kite surfing, and playing guitar.