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“Predict Events in The Future by Understanding the Present...” with Robyn Ray

“Predict Events in The Future by Understanding the Present...” with Robyn Ray

Robyn Ray has worked with astrology for many years and has studied with numerous astrological bodies. Robyn teaches and runs workshops and gives private astrological consultations and ongoing counselling work. We chat with her to find out more. 

Robyn has recently published a book called Unlock the Secrets of The Moon Phases. Follow the link to read more

What is your astrological journey?

My interest in Astrology began in the early eighties when I was living in India for a couple of years. The local Astrologer spoke English and watching him at work helped me while away the long hot days when one was unable to go outside in the soaring heat. I became completely fascinated, listening to his many stories about the Planets and the Fixed Stars and when I returned to the UK, I immediately looked for an Astrological Course, so that I could study the subject properly. 

After receiving my Diploma with the Faculty of Astrological Studies I joined their two-year Counselling Diploma course. Over the years, I have attended many courses, especially involving Traditional and Horary Astrology. I love being able to combine my understanding of modern Psychological Astrology with my passion for the more in-depth Traditional Astrology.

My main passion however has always been the Moon. I remember the old Astrologer in India saying to me, no matter what the transits, one must wait for the Moon. I used to think “for the Moon to do what?” Then I discovered that the Moon would always complete the story. No matter what transits one’s chart was experiencing, the Moon’s Phases were essential to accurately time events.

Would you define yourself as an evolutionary astrologist?

I have been using the phases of the moon for many years. This is a tool that allows me to predict events and this is how I differ from other astrologers. Most evolutionary astrologers don’t believe in prediction because they can not time anything accurately. 

Personally, I am a very practical astrologer: What is happening in the heavens, how is it playing out and how is the story going to develop? I believe in prediction, but that is because I know how to time events, and prove it. 

Do you believe counselling and astrology go hand in hand?

Yes, I think it’s essential to have Counselling Training in most professions that involve talking to the public on a personal level. I think all good Astrology courses nowadays include at least a one-term Counselling module. 

I was one of the first of seven qualified Astrologers to follow my Astrological diploma with a 2-year Counselling Diploma. The Counselling Diploma was set up by the Faculty of Astrological Studies as an experiment and was very in-depth, requiring an enormous amount of commitment. 

We had to be in Therapy ourselves for the entire course. We also had regular clients, under weekly Supervision etc… I know that my Astrological knowledge developed enormously during that two-year intensive period, and it gave me a lot of additional understanding and experience.

What is humanistic and transpersonal psychology?

It is basically a person-centred system where the Therapist encourages the client to discover their own answers and solutions. A talking therapy that introduces the client to their own power. I worked as a Counsellor for a well known Slimming company for three years and it was amazing how many clients were able to resolve their long-term addiction to over-eating.

Does performing readings for others help grow your spiritual quest?

I think the more experience one has in respect of using Astrology daily, the more one’s intuition develops and so yes with experience, of not only Astrology, but other subjects such as Reiki, Tarot, Meditation, Mindfulness or even Martial Arts etc… one’s intuition heightens and one naturally becomes more tuned in as well, on a Spiritual level. It’s a process, when practiced mindfully, that can enrich one’s Spiritual development.

How important is the Metonic cycle in the work you do?

Using the METONIC CYCLE is the Icing on the Cake. If one doesn’t understand and use the Phases of the Moon, one isn’t able to accurately time events. Every weekly Moon Phase is part of a bigger story that develops over a period of three years. 

When a client consults an Astrologer for advice and direction, the Astrologer needs to understand exactly where the client’s story is, in that process. Timing is everything when dealing with life’s many challenges.  Each set of Moon Phases form into a Group or a Story, so every single Moon Phase, of which we have one a week, is part of a Story. There are 52 Moon Phases every year, therefore we have 52 ongoing stories.

I have designed a Moon Phase Diary called UNLOCK THE SECRETS OF THE MOON so that the user is able to accurately link the events of one week to the events that occurred nine months earlier etc… I have used this system for many years and I am finding my Diary to be a godsend, in respect of being able to link each event or period into a whole story.

I brought the Diary out in July this year as a trial and the response has been phenomenal, so now I have printed my 2022 Diary and am working on 2023. Every Astrologer will find this Moon Phase Diary invaluable as it will enhance their ability to accurately time events, both in the past and in the future and it also gives them a greater understanding of the Story being told by the Phases of the Moon.

Can one tap into the moon phases even if we do not have a time of birth?

Yes of course one can use the Moon Phases even without an accurate Birth Time. Provided one has a Birth Date, it is possible to have a Birth Chart which I would personally set for Noon. It is possible over time with the help of rectification, to adjust the time forward or back.

Under such circumstances, I would simply ignore the Angle degrees for the time being and focus on all the other planets and points in the Chart, especially the Nodes.

Which planet resonates with you the most?

Well, that’s a difficult question to answer because ultimately the most important planet in any chart is the Sun, but other major players in a chart are the planets that are in Angular houses or on the Angles or conjunct or square the Nodes etc… They all have their role to play. Personally, my Sun is in Aries, it’s place of Exaltation, so I guess I probably resonate with my Sun the most, although my Moon in Capricorn in the tenth plays a pivotal role.


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