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Written by Miguel Amado | Updated On April 01, 2023

Life Purpose and psychic tarot readings with Rosemary (Tarot MOON Light)

Life Purpose and psychic tarot readings with Rosemary (Tarot MOON Light)

Rosemary is a psychic tarot spiritual advisor for more than 30 years, but started to work with the general public in 2017. In her website, she invites everyone to “slow down your mind, bring clarity to your thoughts and experience personal growth.”

In this special interview for MysticMag we talked about her special gifts, how was her process of opening out and working with the general public, starting Tarot MOON Light, and much more.

When did you discover your gifts and interest in cards?

As far as I can remember, probably since I was a child. I had a deep sense and emotions that I couldn’t handle. I always felt I was right, but no one would believe me. As I became an adult, I always had the feeling of knowing something is not right or I just don’t trust whatever situation it is. If I didn’t like something I would have made it known but others wouldn’t believe me. Lost a number of friends over the years as whatever visions I was getting for them they thought I was crazy. They couldn’t handle the negative talk I had over the years, so they flew the coop. What they found out later I was right.

I had one best friend who helped me discover I have a gift. My friend had some old Tarot Cards that she handed them to me and told me to start learning tarot as I will be good at them. So, in my early 20s I began to learn the tarot. I was able to practice on her and she always said it was accurate, especially the things about the future.

As I practiced more on Tarot I had another gift come out. Dreams coming true. Some Dreams have saved me from a lot of negative times in life. As I worked on my Tarot and inner knowing, I was able to develop stronger. I took a break for 10 years until 2017. I did deep spiritual meditation and chakra healing, I really discovered that I should pursue Psychic Tarot Readings. Also, it was my life’s purpose to help and guide people.

What was your biggest challenge when you started to read cards for the public in 2017? Was it a big change for you?

Starting a business is always a scary thing. Always wondering how I get clients, will they believe me and what do I charge for an inexperienced business.

Well like mentioned the practice of meditation (being positive), chakra healing and having faith that I can do it got me starting my business.

Once I was clear of negatives and understood my purpose in life, there really were no challenges for me. As far as I know God gave me this gift and he would want me to use it and he will help along the way when needed. I was blessed to have wonderful people come to me for a reading as they always say to me “something about you and your website just drew me to you .”

The only main challenge for me was my mental health. I was limited to how much I can do without getting sick. It’s alright now as my clients since 2017 are still my clients today. I am always gaining new wonderful clients which lessens the worry.

You also offer online readings. Is it too different to you or the process is exactly the same?

There are no differences to in person or online readings except it’s hard to show the cards that are being drawn out and still be visible to the clients. The process is the same as to any psychic reading tarot reading. I just find it for myself I feel more relaxed when I don’t have to look at the client. It’s the energy that I pick up just hearing the voice.

When someone reaches you for a psychic reading to gain perspective on their own lives, do you notice that people come with preconceived notions or are they open to everything that appears?

Good question. Do my clients have a preconceived notion I would say no. Some clients may have heard about me, read my reviews or may have had other psychic readings. I may have had 1 or 2 people but I am lucky to have clients who trust and believe in my service.

Can you explain to us what automatic writing is?

Automatic Writing is a psychography where we connect unconsciously to the spiritual soul of ourselves and others. We are placed in a trance-like state or altered state of consciousness, from here we can receive messages from our higher selves, spirit guides or deceased loved ones.

In my case I connect with loved ones who have passed on. By connecting with them what is being said is written down. We each have our own spirit guides we can connect in many ways either by being in tune and knowing what the message is sent or we can automatically write down by allowing the spirit guide take control of our writing.

Do you have a special message to our audience in these challenging times?

My dear Friends, every day is a challenge. The key to a wonderful life is to Live Love and Believe. Live your life to the fullest. Love yourself no matter what and believe in the power of the universe and God.

Have faith, let go of regrets, consult a trusted advisor to guide you along the way. If you’re not happy why stay, Live your dreams and who cares what others think. You are you and you are not them. Stand up with your head up high and trust in yourself and your dreams will come true.

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