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Written by Sarah Kirton | Updated On May 31, 2023

Bridging The Gap - Sally Fitzgerald

Bridging The Gap - Sally Fitzgerald

Through a Spiritual Mediumship Reading, Sally Fitzgerald can help bridge the gap between the physical and Spiritual realms, bringing clarity, healing, and the opportunity to connect with those who have passed on. In addition to her mediumship services, Spirit-Talks also offers classes in Meditation, Reiki, and Spiritual Development, as well as Reiki treatments and House Clearing Services. With Sally’s guidance and expertise, you can embark on a transformative journey of healing, growth, and Spiritual connection. MysticMag finds out more.

How did you discover your gift as a Spiritual medium, and what led you to pursue a career in this field?

Well, that’s always the great question, and I love when somebody asks me that. I was very intuitive and perceptive as a child. I remember having an invisible friend who was always with me.  I would tell my mother about him, who was coming to visit or was on the phone and had some interesting experiences with Ouija boards.  My mother was not pleased and I had to turn off all my psychic gifts for protection purposes. It wasn’t until much later that things started to resurface. 

As I moved through my life, I just knew things but didn’t know how I knew them.  It was very strange and uncomfortable for me.  I didn’t really trust myself enough to say them out loud or to act on them.  Just over a decade ago, I was with a group where someone mentioned a meditation class, and I just immediately knew I had to take it.  As I began practicing meditation, a whole new world opened up to me. In the class, there were two women who had lost children and all they talked about was being a medium so they could communicate with those lost children.  I think that scared me!  All I wanted to do was learn how to meditate, but life had different plans. I kept encountering opportunities that led me further along this path. First, it was the meditation class which began to connect me with my Spiritual side and after a few intense experiences, I knew that I was going in the right direction! 

I was drawn to a Spiritual store one day and started browsing their course offerings posted on the door. Angel Communications was listed and the thought just came that “I have to go to that.” The class was an eye-opener with profound messages and great readings for others. Mediumship still wasn’t even on my radar. However, it just happened organically. I had planned to attend a Spiritual development course one weekend, but the weekend before that, there was a mediumship class offered by one of the instructors. Once again, I just knew I had to take it. 

During that course, I had some incredibly profound experiences, communicating with Spirits and delivering powerful readings to people. At the end of the class, we had to stand in the middle of the circle of participants, identify a Spirit, determine who it was for and do a reading.  I was petrified!  I mean I had done readings for individuals that were bang on, but to try and figure out who the reading was for while standing in the middle of the circle was just terrifying to me.  As I sat there and the last person in the circle finished their reading, from over my right shoulder came a voice that said: “Hi!  I’m Stanley and I’m going to help you!”.  I looked behind me and of course no one was there!  Stanley literally pushed me up out of my chair and into the middle of the circle.  It became clear to me that Stanley was connected to the instructor who confirmed that he knew who Stanley was.  The reading continued with very strong evidence and statements that only the instructor would know.  At the end, the group told me that my mannerisms changed as well as the way I was speaking!  The true Stanley had come through me!  And that’s when Mediumship became my focus. 

Through my guides, I’ve learned that I had these abilities as a child, but I had turned them off.  I’ve always had a strong intuitive sense throughout my life, knowing things that I couldn’t explain, but as I mentioned I didn’t pay much attention to them. Spirit had a way of bringing it all back at the right place and the right time when I was open to it.  Now, it was undeniable that I had to embrace this path fully. Witnessing the positive impact my mediumship had on others only fueled my desire to move forward with it. It became a stronger and bigger calling. 

Can you explain the process of connecting with loved ones who have crossed over during a mediumship reading?

This is a fascinating question because everyone’s process can be different. Speaking from my own experience, I usually begin by cleansing the space I’ll be working in. I use sage and Palo Santo to clear the energy and create an open and clear environment. Before starting a reading, I spend some time meditating. During this meditation, I specifically ask Archangel Michael for protection and to invite in any Spirits – deceased loved ones, Angels, Archangels, 

Ascended Masters – any beings of Love and Light – who are willing to come forward. Then, I simply wait and allow them to come to me. I have a system that I’ve developed with my Spirit team to discern who is coming through. For instance, if a Spirit comes in on my right side, it could indicate a connection to the person’s mother, grandmother, and other female relatives or friends. On the left side, it may signify male figures like the person’s father, grandfather, and so on. Friends often present themselves right in front of me. This system helps me identify the Spirit’s identity, so when I communicate with my client receiving the reading, I can share who I believe is coming through.  And then we proceed with the reading. 

What are some common misconceptions about mediumship, and how do you work to dispel those misconceptions for your clients?

I understand that there can be confusion surrounding the role of a medium. It’s important to clarify that while all mediums possess psychic abilities, not all psychics are mediums. Being a medium doesn’t necessarily mean predicting the future, although some mediums may have that ability. 

Mediumship primarily revolves around connecting with those who have crossed over or exist in higher realms. One common misconception is that mediums always communicate with deceased relatives or friends but it can also be Angels or Archangels who will guide us on what to do. However, Spirit communication doesn’t involve being told what to do or given all the answers; instead, Spirits can offer guidance, suggestions, and assistance. They cannot and will not violate our free will. 

I recall a challenging reading I once had with a mother and daughter who approached me as a medium seeking information about a will. Spirit wasn’t going to provide that specific detail as it wasn’t what they truly needed. While the family was disappointed, it’s important to understand that Spirit’s role is about gently guiding us, offering considerations and insights. It’s not about providing lottery numbers or explicit directives. In addition, a mediumship reading is not like a telephone call.  We can’t necessarily ask for a specific person to come through although sometimes that does work. Usually it will be the Spirit who has the most important message for the client to hear who will be with us during the reading.    

Now, regarding the difference between those in higher realms and those who have crossed over, I perceive different levels and energies within the Spirit world. Deceased loved ones typically reside at one level with one type of energy, followed by Angels, and then further above are the Archangels and Ascended Masters. Angels may or may not have lived on Earth before. We each have Guardian Angels assigned to us from birth. Ascended masters provide guidance for individuals but also for the world as a whole. There is so much help and assistance available to us, but we must ask for it!

How do you approach working with clients who may be skeptical or hesitant to believe in the possibility of connecting with the Spirit world?

It’s not my role to convince skeptics or change the minds of non-believers. Instead, I believe my responsibility is to provide enough evidence and substantiation during a reading that it leaves no doubt who the Spirit communicator is. For instance, if I mention that I’m connecting with someone’s mother, it’s crucial for me to offer enough specific evidence that they truly know that mom is with us.  This evidence could include details about the mother’s personality, physical appearance, and significant events from her life—details that I couldn’t possibly know but that are verifiable and significant to the client.  The goal is to provide concrete evidence that establishes the presence of their loved ones in the room. When I can consistently deliver enough evidence and create those “wow” moments in a reading, where they ask, “How did you know that?”, skepticism can often be transformed. 

Of course, there will always be those who might suggest that I researched the information on the internet or elsewhere. That’s precisely why I strive to provide genuine “Wow” nuggets of information, those pieces that couldn’t be easily researched. It’s these specific details that hold significant meaning to the individuals I’m reading for. It might be something like a cherished memory from their childhood, such as their mother playing with them in the bathtub when they were two years old, using a specific toy. These specific and irrefutable pieces of information truly help them believe in the authenticity of the connection. I can’t simply say, “Well, your mother is here in the room, and she loves you.” While that might be true, it doesn’t provide the depth of proof they seek. That’s why having solid proof and evidence is crucial in fostering belief and trust in the reading and it’s what a good medium strives to provide each and every time. 

In addition to mediumship readings, you also offer classes in meditation, Reiki, and Spiritual development. How do these practices complement each other, and how do they contribute to overall Spiritual growth and healing?

As I continue on this Spiritual journey of learning and development, I believe that anything that sparks my interest or appeals to me is worth exploring. As mentioned earlier, meditation was my starting point and foundation, but each class and modality I’ve pursued has added to my toolbox. Now, depending on the client I’m working with or the type of reading or treatment they seek, I am guided to the appropriate tools to use.  It’s wonderful to have a variety of modalities at my disposal, offering different approaches and possibilities. During a Reiki treatment, for example, it’s not uncommon for a loved one to step in and deliver messages to the client, leading to a simultaneous mediumship reading.

I think meditation is key to Spiritual development as well because it allows us to focus internally, open ourselves up to receiving messages and guidance, and learn how to recognize and interpret those messages. I firmly believe that everyone receives messages from the Spirit realm constantly, but often we often think it’s just our ego, that voice in our mind, who is talking and we don’t recognize that they are coming from our guides and loved ones. The greatest gift from the Spirit world is the ability to discern what is our ego and what is a true message.  Both meditation and Spiritual development help greatly in this aspect. When we gather in groups for readings or practice, it’s about becoming aware of how information comes to us and learning how to work with it. We all have different clairs—clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing), clairsentience (feeling), or claircognizance (knowing)—so it’s essential to identify our strengths and develop them further. It’s like picking out puzzle pieces to understand our unique abilities. 

When working with clients, I bring forward all the tools in my toolbox, responding to what is presented and offering guidance. It’s also so fulfilling to assist those who attend my Spiritual development classes by helping them discover what’s next for them on their own path, if they seek guidance.

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