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Written by Miguel Amado | Updated On June 06, 2023

Irlen Syndrome and caring about your clients with Sara Levine

Irlen Syndrome and caring about your clients with Sara Levine

With a wide knowledge base and training in a diverse set of methods, Sara Levine aims to improve your wellness and quality of life. In this interview for MysticMag, Sara talked about the Irlen Syndrome, the correlation between it and Autism and ADHD, how she works with different groups of clients and what can a regular person do to start positive change. Check out the interview below.

What exactly is Irlen syndrome?

It’s a disorder that causes overwork and overstress of the visual cortex in the back of the brain from certain kinds of light—especially fluorescent–and black-on-white patterns. This causes distortions in perception with many possible symptoms. Many people think it’s a vision problem but, as I said, it’s really a brain issue; it can cause a wide range of things, like words blurring, halos and words seeming to float off the page; it causes reading difficulties, like losing your place, poor concentration or understanding, skipping words or repeating a line again and again.

There also could be discomfort, such as actual pain, migraine, headaches or feeling overwhelmed from light sensitivity. There can also be dizziness, nausea and space perception issues, like bumping into things and difficulty changing lanes when driving.

It is on a spectrum that ranges from mild to extreme. I met someone years ago over the phone who was autistic. She told me she drove by means of her GPS, without even being able to read the street signs. She was in another state, so I arranged for her to get funding and get Irlen lenses, which totally changed her life. It was an amazing thing.

A person could exhibit symptoms of Irlen even as a young child, especially extreme light sensitivity. Since most kids don’t really read before 5 or 6, the reading difficulty aspect of Irlen usually doesn’t show up until first or second grade, when there are more words and fewer pictures on the page. And because knowledge of Irlen is downplayed—even surpressed—by people with a vested interest in other types of disabilities, such as dyslexia, the majority of people with Irlen suffer ongoing and might never find out about Irlen.

Fortunately, because of the great effectiveness of Irlen method, it is spreading by word of mouth. I increasingly have clients referred by counsellors, teachers, even optomitrists. Psychiatrist Daniel Amen has identified a particular pattern with brain Spect scans that people with Irlen have.

What is the correlation between Irlen and ADHD and autism?

They are all centered on the brain; every part affects the whole. Irlen affects perception; ADHD affects focus and follow-through, and autism is the flow of information into action and communication ability. And all are very sensory-sensitive. They’re just like different flavors of ice cream, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, but they’re all just different expressions of the same lack of energy flow, centered in the brain.

I wanted to say one thing: Helen says that Irlen, like many other things, is genetic. I’d like to bring in here the fact that Dr. Bruce Lipton, who wrote the Biology of Belief, brought out the subject of epigenetics (above genetics), because he was teaching hematology in Medical School and was working with cloned cells. One day, he realized: cloned cells had been enucleated (had the nucleus removed), and did not have the genetic material anymore. Lipton realized that it couldn’t, therefore, be that the nucleus is the brain or controller of the cell because if you take the brain out of any living thing, it dies. So, he started to research and he found, in essence, that genes don’t control your health; because in order for them to control your health they’d need to be able to turn themselves on and off, which they can’t do. Your emotions control your genes. Emotions can change genetic expression.

He found work that showed identical twins born with the same genetic sequencing at birth, at 6 months down the line, because of the different emotional experiences, it might no longer be the same. He also found studies that showed that many adopted children develop the physical issues of people who adopted them as opposed to their biological parents. Our physical issues are the result of how we handle stress, and that is something we see. I thought that was very interesting.

You have a very diverse knowledge base. How to know what to use to get results in each case?

With my emotional work, I have to admit in all honesty that it’s not me that is leading the session, it is the client’s system that takes the lead.

To access information about what is needed in a session, I use Kinesiology—muscle checking. Muscles can only tighten or relax, so it’s like Morse Code. If you apply pressure to a person’s arm and ask a question, you get a strong or weak response, indicating “yes” or “no”. The response is from their physical, emotional or higher consciousness, depending on the intention of the practitioner. I’m always focused on the highest level response. If they resonate with the information on the subconscious or higher-self level, their arm will stay strong; if not, it will weaken. At the end of the session, the muscle response regarding the issue almost always reverses to the positive.

The person’s Higher Self or subconscious guides me what to do by accessing my knowledge base. It’s a very interesting partnership.

Of course, I’m immensely dedicated to research in order to have ever better results. Presently I’m focused even deeper on the issue of spirit attachments—the influence, or even attempted take-over of a person by a discarnate spirit.

A fascinating work on this is the book An Amazing Journey into the Psychotic Mind by Jerry Marzinsky. He spent 35 years working with prisoners who heard voices and was actually able to cure them by recognizing and then interacting with the “voices”, which he realized are spirits. He also validated the patients and taught them to view the “voice” as separate Marzinsky’s work puts schizophrenics and psychotics into a totally different light. Specifically, not all our thoughts are “ours”. Interestingly, he describes how the spirits access the person’s knowledge and memory, and that’s how they manipulate. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to know more about this. (By the way, he got into a LOT of hot water for actually curing inmates and was eventually fired!)

I also work with and release spirit entities when needed by disconnecting the emotions that keep them from going to the Light, and then they leave. Often I hear “Thank-you” as they go. This is more advanced work than Body Code, and often makes all the difference in the results.

In terms of working with different people, of primary importance is to make them feel safe. I have to really connect with them, love them and care about them. That is essential. If not, their subconscious or Higher Self could withhold information as too “dangerous” to reveal. Again, this is because we have a subconscious equilibrium that could be seen as threatening to change—even if our situation is painful, and especially if spirit entities are involved.

In a related question, I saw some success stories on your website and there are children, adults and pets. You mention being a vessel but how to adapt the message to each of these audiences?

Many times when I’m working with children, especially problematic children, I am working remotely. It allows me to work on a deeper level than a child can understand, although I do sometimes work with older children.

Just today I did a remote session on a 15 month old baby who has tantrums when she is put into her crib. Amazingly, what came up was death in a past life by suffocation. Emotions related to her neck also came up. Her mother confirmed that she has neck issues! Family System issues of stubbornness also came up, going back 6 generations on her mother’s side. Disconnecting it also releases it from everyone effected down from that original past family member!

Another recent case was a 12 year old girl who had uncontrollable pain issues and was going to go away to camp. After I did 2 sessions on her, I did an Advanced Session on her mother, who was exhibiting similar issues.

Advanced sessions are done with a medium who works with Spirit Guides. They take an average of 2 hours. We release Family System issues around the client’s problem, as well as working on the person’s issues directly. With this second girl, her mother told me this week that she is now totally fine. These examples highlight the crucial influence of the Family System and past life trauma, especially with complex issues.

When working directly with children, they can thrive by seeing something that is really helping them. I engage them, I try to use a little humor, explain things and encourage them to ask me questions.

What do you see as the main blocks and behaviors that people have that get in the way of their success?

First is trauma and we all have trauma.

The second is foundational beliefs: they are whether or not we believe down to the subconscious level that we’re worthy, deserving, have value, authentic power (power over yourself), are lovable or good. Whether you “own” and project these beliefs or not will correlate with how you perceive yourself, and, since our thoughts don’t stop at our skin, they project out and attract back the mirror of those thoughts. Others, who may have negative intent, are attracted to them. That’s why sometimes “instant attraction” might lead to working out a limiting issue with the other person.

The third thing is the soul plan. The late psychologist Dr. Michael Newton, founder of the Newton Institute, found people in his hypnosis practice that would go to what he called Life Between Lives after ending a past life regression. They described in detail meeting their spirit guide, their Counsel of Elders, and reviewing how they fulfilled their soul plan in that lifetime.

The soul in this dimension understood when it came that there were things that could have been done better. So, they described spending their time learning how to handle that better. When it was time to have another incarnation, the soul discussed its soul plan with the counsel of elders. They might elicit help from other souls in their soul family, to be able to create the same type of scenario in order to do better this time. Sometimes a failure, illness or other crisis is “planned” or possible.

How does this help us? When something happens to us from another person or an accident, or we get fired from our jobs, it’s hard not to self-blame or take it personally. But if you understand that it might be that your soul “planned” that as a growth possibility, it’s a very different perspective.

Can you give us some tips on how to start positive change?

Step number one is forgiving yourself and everyone who might have been involved in it. Just remember that it might have been part of your soul plan.

Number two is praying. It makes such a difference! Number three would be asking God’s help to be able to forgive and make the positive changes, especially if you feel resistance. Like when you want to get over anger or fear, admit you need and ask for His help. A recent new client who said she was always so jealous of her sister told me that right after her session she called her sister and said she wanted to work on improving their relationship!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, can’t start, or you are stuck in a pattern, remember and honor that it might be your soul plan and mission, and use the following technique: Body Code teaches us that if a concept comes up and you get a muscle response from it, it’s in your nervous system somewhere. By tracing your fingertips or a magnet repeatedly from the knuckle down to the nail of the top of either middle finger, it will break up that thought or feeling. It might shift to another emotion, memory, etc. Just follow it and continue the tracing.

If you do it long enough, you will shift out of it. You will have a sense of quiet in your brain. It’s great with children—usually tracing down the spine. Eventually you’ll start to see that it happens less frequently, is less intense or shorter. It’s a wonderful self-help tool.

I want to leave you with the thought that nothing is a coincidence—not this interview or the people who will read the article. It is happening especially for the reader—and for you too. It is to show everyone the potential to live and be happier, more successful and to expand their perception of “reality”.

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