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Auriculotherapy and personal growth with Sarah Arntt

Auriculotherapy and personal growth with Sarah Arntt

Born and raised in rural Colorado, Sarah Arntt saw the need for alternative holistic health and wellness options in the rural areas. One of the “tools” used is Auriculotherapy, that Sarah explained to us in more detail in this interview for MysticMag. Check out more about Sarah’s story, her work helping people to quit smoking and also how to achieve a better work-life balance.

What were your biggest challenges after you noticed the need for alternative holistic health and wellness options in the rural areas?

The biggest challenge I have encountered with trying to bring alternative holistic health modalities to rural areas is skepticism. The majority of the people out here have never heard of Auriculotherapy. When they hear they can get relief from pain by putting a flower seed on their ear they do not believe it. Also, as a Reiki practitioner, people do not understand it or think it goes against their religious beliefs. When in fact it aligns with almost all religious organizations.

The second challenge has been getting people to come to my location due to the distance in the area. Northeast Colorado is spread out over a lot of space. I am currently practicing out of my home but working towards finding a small shop in Fort Morgan. One other challenge I have continuously encountered is the struggled with getting the different media outlets to respond. I have sent emails without response, left messages, and even sent postcards. Again I think it comes down to the lack of understanding of these modalities’ work. I do believe when the time is right everything will always work out.

Can you explain to us what auriculotherapy is?

Auriculotherapy is a beautiful modality that looks at the ear as if it is an upside-down fetus. Every part of the body is recognized as a point on the auricle (outer) part of the ear. The easiest way to explain it is it is like reflexology but on the ears. For the most part, both sides are the same except for a couple of points like the pancreas and spleen point is recognized on the left ear but not the right ear.

By stimulating the various points on the ear with massage, acupressure, or applying ear seeds sends signals to that part of the body to begin healing or to return to balance. There are historical indications dating back centuries (think all the way back to 700-200BC) of the use of stimulating the ears for relief in other areas of the body.

For example, in ancient Egypt, women would prick their ears as a form of birth control. Although these days, with scientifically proven methods, I would not rely solely on ear pricking as the primary way of avoiding pregnancy, that’s why it is complementary medicine.

How does the process advance? Do you have immediate results with auriculotherapy, do you need more than one session for that?

This truly depends on the individual and what is hurting. Headaches are almost immediate relief whereas for other type of conditions it may take a bit to notice a huge shift. Some people will notice immediately their pain has decreased, others it may take some time, a couple of hours, or a few days. I do recommend people start out with weekly sessions if they have had chronic pain for a long time. After 4-5 weekly sessions we can begin to spread them out until they come in monthly for ‘tune-ups’.

What issues and pains can be alleviated with your treatments? Migraines, anxiety, joint pain?

All the above and so much more. I have helped people with nerve pain from a tragic accident reduce the pain and gain strength back in the injured hand. I used ear seeds post-surgery for my husband when he had foot surgery and was able to manage his pain without the use of heavy narcotics. I, also, used them on myself for my recent shoulder surgery and needed zero pain medication which includes not taking Tylenol or ibuprofen.

I have used a combination of NADA protocol to bring an individual down from an extremely high anxiety level and followed it with ear seeds to continue the effect. Migraines generally respond very well to ear seeds. I like to tell people I can help them with just about any issue or condition along with their western medical team.

It is very important that a person does NOT change any medication or treatment processes already in place by their medical doctors without consulting their doctor. Auriculotherapy is a complementary medicine, not a replacement. If an individual sees improvements they should always, always talk with their medical team about making any changes.

How can you help with smoke cessation?

I am a certified addiction counselor with the state so I would use motivational interviewing along with auricular therapy to help people on their path to quitting smoking. There is a smoking cessation protocol that can be used with ear seeds.

I am also certified by NADA (National Acupuncture Detoxification Association) to use their five-point protocol with acupuncture needles for an additional boost in Auricular power. By combining all these ways together and the individuals working really hard I believe success is achievable. Recovery from any addiction is difficult but with the right mindset, anything is possible.

How can someone start to enjoy and seek pleasure in a hectic day, with work/education, family and much more to balance?

I believe that in order to seek pleasure you have to be open to a variety of ideas about what pleasure is specifically for you as an individual. What one person may find as pleasure or joy another person may not. Also, Individuals need to set a daily intention to recognize their personal pleasures and be open to receiving the pleasures all around.

I believe starting with gratitude recognition as part of the day is important. Lots of research has been looking at finding even the smallest things to be grateful for opens the heart and reduces anxiety and depression symptoms. Being mindfully present each moment of the day allows one to see even more things to be grateful about and able to recognize joy. Pleasure also does not have to be this big glorious event.

For example, I find watching my dogs play and be rambunctious very enjoyable but I also just love to look out across the fields and see all the beautiful colors of wildflowers.

Setting the intention to allow yourself to feel pleasure, see the marvelous beauty all around is how one can start finding their personal balance in life. Along with knowing what you want for your life. Identifying boundaries and then enforcing those boundaries will help. Boundaries with work schedules, making and taking time for self (meditation, self care practices) while enjoying your own company, and also enjoy the company of friends and family.

We as humanity need to realize that life is more than being a slave to capitalism. It is about connecting with loved ones, friends, the Earth, and most importantly with your higher power whatwhoever that may be.

What is the first step for someone that is looking for personal growth?

The first step for personal growth, in my opinion, is to recognize in yourself where you can grow. It is taking ownership of your own triggers, faults, and biases. You cannot fix what you do not know is broken. Be willing to have hard conversations with the important people in your life, getting feedback, and creating a plan with your life coach on how to make the changes you desire so you can become the person you want to be.

Personal growth is all about growing into your true self and connecting with your higher self. That means working through all the hurts and hang-ups from past traumas, generational traumas, and possibly even past lives. Personal growth is not a single destination is a continual journey with no end.

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