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Insights Into Akashic Records with Sarah Lawrence

Insights Into Akashic Records with Sarah Lawrence

Sarah Lawrence is an Intuitive Coach who has always been sensitive to energy. She has used her intuition to build three different successful businesses and specializes in connecting clients to their authenticity through soul-level work, simple energetic exercises, and the power of intention to live an abundant life.

Please tell us a bit about your background and what inspired you to continue this path professionally?

I started my work career at the BBC in London at the age of 18, in the British Broadcasting industry. I worked in BBC Radio and Television for a few years, then moved to independent television and then Channel 4 Program Planning, following that I was head-hunted to help design what was then a very new computer system in the Independent Television (ITV) network.

In all those situations, and in the businesses that I created after I stopped having a ‘normal’ job, I found myself operating intuitively and often teaching what I learned through instinct.

I began to realize that this strong connection to intuition, and ability to teach from that, was a repeating pattern that I could consciously replicate through connecting with energy.

I’d always been very interested in human consciousness work after studying and applying skills from NLP™, (neuro-linguistic programming). I also studied and applied Accelerated Learning techniques in business courses for clients.  When I stopped a full-time career to have a family, I studied reflexology and then practiced 5 years of energy work with clients.

In 2010 I had what seemed at the time like a spontaneous opening to the Akashic Records.  Now I see it as part of a natural opening on a path laid down years before because of my career path.

For our readers who are not familiar with the idea of Akashic records, how would you describe them?

Imagine that, as you live and create your life right at this moment, all your actions, thoughts and emotions are being recorded as emotional energy in your own personal data stream, or cloud.  This has also been happening with all your Past Lives.

Your Soul can remember all these other lives and your present life because they are a part of your persona ‘file’.  This is also known as the Akashic Field or A-Field, Akashic Records, and is stored in fifth-dimensional awareness.

How can the Akashic records shed light on our soul purpose in a meaningful way?

There are many ways!  One way is that uncleared negative life situations from past lives and our present life can cause energetic blocks and restrictions.

This may result in a past life wanting to be talked about in an Akashic Records Reading.  When this happens, clients often discover an almost identical restrictive pattern occurring in present life.  If not that, then it may be that that elements of a past life pattern are still affecting their health, creativity, abundance and sense of purpose and happiness in present life.

We can also refer to our Akashic Records to learn about what to avoid or to prevent repeating in the future.  We can refer to our most successful lives and our Soul Blueprint to connect with and understand more about our innate talents, gifts, and abilities at Soul level – very helpful!

It’s also possible to zero in on present life energetic blocks and restrictions through an Akashic Records Reading as well, to identify and clear energetic blocks restrictions in present life.

How can accessing Akashic Records heal?

Clients can learn specific processes to clear and release past life or present life energetic blocks and restrictions.

These clearings result in more present life vital force energy (prana, chi) being made available to the client so that they can become more abundant, productive, and fulfilled in present life.  Something we all want!  Clients feel lighter and have more energy to uphold new and different choices in present life.

What are the more popular aspects that your clients seek guidance on?

I’ve noticed 3 main aspects over the years.

The first is Soul Purpose or Life Purpose.  What to do?  How to best express myself?  The Soul is most interested in experience, so in true alignment with free will, the choice is yours!

From the perspective of feeling abundant, energized, and fulfilled, clients are very happy to learn about their Soul Blueprint, so that they can align any new choices they make with their most abundant selves.

The second aspect is what I call ‘the Sneaking Suspicion’.  There is an instinct or awareness that something is holding the client back, either from past or present life, and it’s needing to be cleared.  It’s very validating for clients to discover that their intuitions are often spot on, and what they thought was a restrictive issue really is, because it can be identified within their Akashic Record.

The third aspect is a spiritual awakening or major perceptual shift.  The client may be experiencing energy in a new way, have an intuitive opening, notice unusual lucid dreams, may even become aware of déjà vu and synchronicity in new and sometimes startling ways.

The Akashic Records is a spiritual system, and as such, gives us a clarifying frame of reference from which to understand new and unusual happenings.

Discovering the Akashic Records for myself, after 20 years of spiritual enquiry, was such a relief and an expansion for me, because it connected so many dots surrounding my unusual experiences over the years.  I’m happy to be able to offer that sense of relief and expansion to clients, also.

You offer quite a vast variety of private Akashic reading, where would you recommend a person start in beginning their spiritual journey?

I highly recommend, for all new clients, that they begin with the Soul Star Reading.

This reading gives clients the opportunity to experience their Akashic Records in three different ways, in just one hour.

They learn some aspects of their Soul Blueprint, which can be enlightening and validating.  They also discover a Past Life Story that wants to be discussed, to reveal a karmic pattern ready for clearing.  They also get to hear about any present life blocks and restrictions and receive a method to begin the clearing process.

Beginning to shift to this awareness for a client in just a 1-hour session is a wonderful thing in my opinion!

In your experience in working with people what would you say is the number one thing that holds most people back from living the fulfilling life they would like?

In my opinion, the number one that that holds most people back from living a fulfilling life is toxic and negative thought-forms.

Negative thought-forms reside in the Akashic Field and are continuously activated outside of our conscious awareness.  For many thousands of years, certain beliefs and ideas have ruled human consciousness, often primarily from the perspective of ‘survival of the fittest’ or as a power-over control mechanism.  This has worked for our survival in the past, but as we evolve and grow we can learn to replace these old beliefs with new and more relevant ideas and approaches.

When we learn to work with our Akashic Records, people can often discover that issues of trauma, negativity and shame have their roots in restrictive ideas and beliefs from past or present lives.  These restrictions are simply being replayed out of habit and acceptance through our subconscious minds.

It’s simpler than people think to begin that change process for themselves.

Lastly is there any piece of advice that you would like to share for someone seeking their soul’s purpose?

One of my favorite mentors says, “Shift the filter, force the sort!”.  The meaning of that is, when we shift our perception around a thought, idea or situation, more information or data will become apparent that had previously been obscured, through our own unconscious biases or energetic blocks and restrictions.

So, my new thought for today, for anyone seeking their Soul’s purpose, is, first of all think in terms of plurals, e.g. ‘What are the many purposes of my Soul?’  Why does a purpose have to be singular?  Who said that it did??!

Secondly, I would add that context can also create massive internal shifts for anyone focused on personal or spiritual growth.

If you had access to a personal data stream of information that was all about you in your many aspects throughout many lives, wouldn’t that be useful?  Perhaps, this time around, one of your Soul’s purposes is to seek that knowledge out, unpack it and find actionable and useful information to apply in present life.  That’s how I see the Akashic Records.

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