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Written by Sarah Kirton | Updated On June 06, 2023

“Never Compromising Living Consciously.” Sharita Star

“Never Compromising Living Consciously.”  Sharita Star

Sharita Star, Astrologer & Numerologist for more than twenty years, chats with MysticMag about snippets of her journey and how timing is everything!

Please tell us a little about your background and how you came to be Sharita Star?  

I started reading the horoscope “by default” at the age of 7, because it was next to the comic strips in the newspaper. While people’s birthdays intrigued me even at that very young age, at the time I did not quite understand “the why.” Esoteric and spiritual pursuits have always been of interest to me along the way. Later in my adult life when significant cycles were happening for me, concerning the very direction of my career, it was through working with Astromusic in Denver CO at an INATS (International New Age Trade Show) that led me to discover ‘Linda Goodman’s Star Cards.’ This deck relates to her previous book, ‘Star Signs’ which had been given to me a couple years prior. I distinctly heard a clear voice inside my head, prompting me when I returned to New York City where I was residing at the time, to take it off my bookshelf and read it, this time: fully. That was a moment when an entire faucet of “remembering” really, simply  got completely turned on in my life as I read it then, from cover to cover.  

‘Star Signs’ is what opened the concept and knowledge to me that it is the planets that connect both astrology and numerology together. It was also at this moment when I took Linda’s advice as she clearly said, “Don’t take my word for any of this. Just apply it and test these theories for yourself.”  

It was then I recognized, I had never forgotten anyone’s birthday I ever knew. The data base I had to research with was so accessible, and I was absolutely astounded by how much applying the knowledge in ‘Star Signs’ was so utterly spot on. That was basically it. I then started to just “read people for fun” even with the simplicity of the day and month they are born. I could distinctly tune in and read them like a book. People started to call me “psychic,” marveling at how I knew things about them from a couple of numbers. I laughed, because I was only discerning math, in my humble opinion. Yet it is a definite turning of these mathematical channels into an intuition and psychology if you will, that indeed does happen when reading any person, or any entity in life via their name and birthday.  

There was nothing more to do from there than to start working for myself. I knew this talent I seemingly “stumbled upon,” was absolutely meant to help people in life. ‘Sharita’s Star Secrets’ was then born as my original business entity in 2001. Now, due to current marketing trends, I simply go by the brand name today gratefully twenty years later as Sharita Star.  

What is self-empowerment, if you were to sum it up?  

The absolute joy of having power, control, flexibility and freedom in your life. Whilst this comes with amazing dedication and hard work, there should be no one else you work smarter for in your life, other than yourself.  

When would you choose to use numerology over astrology, or vice versa?  

This is why I am a very unique reader and expert in the work that I do to serve others to step into their empowerment and soul certainty. Once again, the planets connect both astrology and numerology together, you cannot choose one over the other for genuine accuracy. They must be analyzed side by side to capture, as Linda distinctly said, the “complete crystal ball view” whether we are examining one’s life purpose and meaning, or their current forecast.  

Mind you, astrology can not be applied to a name, which is about the only difference between them. Numerology’s self-knowledge gifts work with both our names and birthdays. Astrology only works with the birthday itself.  

What are lexigrams?  

This is the third divination tool that I learned about in ‘Star Signs’ and I became all the more floored by the insight they provided alongside astrology and numerology once I got totally hooked on how they distinctly worked. Lexigrams are the absolute uncanny way our words, names and titles have this mysterious ability to be able to “spell out the truth.” They are the concept of taking anagrams from any word, name or title, and the “spiraling” intuitive process of Lexigrams is how our sixth sense takes these anagrams and then phrases them like poetry or prose, in turn telling the story of truth from the word or name/title itself.  

Lexigrams inspired me so much – and when I also researched that no one else had really tapped into their brilliant insights beyond Linda extensively – I decided to write my own book about them, ‘It’s All in the Name,’ The Hidden Power Within Words. 

For some simple examples of how they work:  

How do we EVOLVE? We have to LOVE.  

How can we become fully connected to the EARTH? Tune in to our HEART.  

Why don’t people choose to LISTEN more? They have forgotten to practice being SILENT.  

As far as notable people, one of my favorite examples is Judy Garland, who was born to the real name, FRANCES ETHEL GUMM. It is also a rule by the way, that Lexigrams must be written in capital letters. Another is, it is our birth names that hold one’s life story, no matter what we may ever change a name to along our journey. So for Judy, we know the following to have been true about her life, which is clearly able to be spelled out from her given name at birth, versus the stage name she adopted along the way.  






I covered endless historical figures as well as entities from sports teams, famous animals, events to  businesses within ‘It’s All in the Name’ that exemplify the power of the wonders of spelling out the truth.  Equally, Lexigrams alongside name numerology, also help us to deepen our understanding of the extreme importance of what we choose to name or title anything within our lives.  

Can readings ever have a negative influence on a client?  

That is completely up to the free will of the client. Yet any reader, who is working with integrity, honesty and accountability, would never negatively influence a client. I equally implement the law of attraction teachings in all of my readings and classes. Our lives are always a matter of choice: due to the polarity the energies of our planetary guidance is able to grant us, being so connected to quantum physics and the very understanding of working with energy itself. There is always a distinct choice of the soul to live life consciously versus compulsively.  

Equally, we can always see that certain cycles and timing indicate it may be best if we slow things down, versus move forcefully forward. There are some people in life who just do not want to do their soul work, yet this is also not the reader’s responsibility to do it for the client. As I clearly have stated regarding my services:  

“If you are looking for me to “predict” your future, I will not be the reader that resonates with you. If you are seeking to go within, and look to yourself for answers, I always say timing is everything: even for us to be meeting right now. As your trusted reader and guide, I am honored to utilize my detailed knowledge of Astrology, Numerology and Lexigrams to give you a deeper understanding of your life’s trajectory. Employing these divination tools, I reveal truths about your past, present and future possibilities so you may use your own empowerment to create personal and professional success. Your free will is my greatest concern.”  

To have a basic understanding of astrology, or numerology, how deeply does one need to delve  into the science behind it (them)?  

Again, this is up to the free will of the individual. Not everyone is meant to become an astrologer or a numerologist. Yet, as any accountable guide or expert in life is meant to be, it is their responsibility to explain in simple terms, what the complex language of astrology and numerology is to a client, and translate what that language from above means for the individual down here below. Most people are truly not interested in learning the science behind them, and for those who are, we have classes and workshops for those purposes; such as an example of one I offer, Mastering Mercury Retrograde.  

The beauty of combining all three divination tools of astrology, numerology and lexigrams, is that they are an endless journey to embark upon. Whether it be for self-knowledge, to examine any kind of entity in life such as a country, business, marriage, the dynamics of any relationship, or anything with a specific point of initiation, we have a more than crystal clear ball in our hands in order to always do so.  

What can you tell us about the cycles of life?  

We would need a lot more than this interview to fully cover those wonderful details, ha ha ha. What anyone should deeply understand, is that cycles are always in effect in our lives from the precise moment we are born, or for any being or entity that has an established point of initiation. These precise starting points become the personal map. From there, any moment in time can be “energetically seen” as far as how the current forecast speaks to that original map – which is an ever changing flow of rhythm – and is distinctly able to be depicted and discerned.  

Both astrology and numerology break down amazing and intimate details about why we experience many significant shifts within our lifetimes. There is truly nothing that cannot be seen to allow anyone or any entity in life to deeply understand their rhythm, follow their timing guidance, and never compromise living consciously in awareness. I always refer to the infamous Benjamin Franklin quote, “Those that fail to prepare, prepare to fail.”  

Does the alignment of the planets have an effect on everything you do in your life?  

Absolutely. Yet, we have another expression; “the stars compel, they do not incline.” So once again, we refer back to the power of free will. What is always fascinating for a client to learn is how much they already follow themselves to a fair degree according to how those planets “see them.” The value of my work is; I help them to completely optimize their life and timing, instead of continuing to fight in frustration against their own nature and periods that favor pause versus taking definitive future action. Once again, helping them follow their soul imprint points them to embrace where they really belong and to OWN their NOW and to see how much they have WON. Just another fun Lexigram example about the JOURNEY, as we allow ourselves to be present. We are here in our human suits to ENJOY OUR JOY as we come to recognize no two moments in life will ever come to pass the exact same way ever again.  

Equally our natal charts, names and birthdays do not force us to do anything, nor will they bring us nor attract anything without us working with our own intentions and proper awareness. Nevertheless, especially when it comes to forecasting, they are an amazing guideline and a precise map to distinctly take into full consideration to live our life exercising our greatest empowerment and soul certainty, no matter what uncertain times may ever be in circulation around us. Sometimes we are meant to have our foot on the gas in life and seize our opportunities, and within many others, we are simply more favored to be valuing reflection and recharging, which is what my Mastering Mercury Retrograde recurring workshops distinctly tap into. Honoring our timing and rhythm is how we utilize the planets and their insightful language to our ultimate advantage and in turn, always access the very best of ourselves. 

Linda Goodman had a great point in ‘Star Signs’ relating that most people in life are a square peg trying to fit into a round hole. People are taught, programmed and conditioned to be followers. What one gains in the attainment of their self-knowledge via astrology, numerology and lexigrams, is how to simply follow themselves and their precise map for the most conscious and empowered life they can choose to live. My motto, especially in our seemingly uncertain times, is that we can still gain our soul certainty by “Never Compromising Living Consciously.”  

Interview, Mystic Magazine, 14 July 2021  

~Astrologer & Numerologist Sharita Star  

~Author & Speaker, It’s All in the Name 

Attaining Soul Certainty in Uncertain Times

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