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Reiki Your Way to Divine Wellbeing with Sharon Leech

Reiki Your Way to Divine Wellbeing with Sharon Leech

Sharon Leech from Reiki Diva has been practicing Reiki, pregnancy & post natal massage for over 15 years in the Wirral and Merseyside Area, UK. Sharon gives her insights on the practice of Reiki and the wellbeing that comes with it. Her one recommendation: Everyone must try Reiki at least once!

How did Reiki first resonate with you and do you believe it was always your calling?

Reiki was always my calling. I have been a healer since early childhood. I used to sense when my granny was tired, or in pain, and would place my hands on her instinctively. It was in 2004 that I decided it was time to share my healing with everyone else but I didn’t know which route to take. My guides directed me to Reiki, and at this time Reiki was becoming more accepted and well known. I was then Reiki attuned by a Master, and it took off from here. 

How has the practice of Reiki on others impacted your life and wellbeing?

When I have practiced Reiki on other people, I am always humble. It has given me gratitude and an overwhelming unconditional love feeling. I can’t put this feeling into words, but the closest feeling that I can compare it to is when a mother feels that unconditional love at the moment her newborn is placed on her body, or in her arms. The unconditional love I am referring to with the practice of Reiki, is magnified a million times. 

When working with clients, do they sometimes see vivid colors and experience ‘strange’ sensations?

They always feel either heat, cold or tingling sensations. A lot of people will see colors, and if not on the first time, it could be on the third, fourth or fifth session. Some people feel like they have pins and needles.

If a client has stomach issues or digestive issues, even if I am working on another part of their body, their stomach will start to rumble SO loudly that they become uncomfortable and apologise for their rumblings. This is the Reiki working on their digestive issues.

Everybody is different and will have different sensations. Reiki works on the three bodies; the mental body, the emotional body and the physical body. 

What are the main benefits of Reiki for the unaccustomed?

They would feel instantly relaxed. An example I can give is policemen I work with at Merseyside Police Federation. They are big lads and most have never heard of Reiki. They describe it as having been on a two week holiday after a session. It is complete relaxation.

How many sessions do you recommend to achieve results or should it be an ongoing practice?

I always say to my clients that they will know themselves when they are in need of their next Reiki session. If they have an illness or physical issues, I will usually see them on a weekly basis for the following six weeks, and then they can decide whether they need to continue or not. This also applies for the duration of those six weeks. It is not for me to say whether a client needs a session or not; they will know within themselves, or they will be guided. 

Would you say Reiki is a preventative, curative or collaborative therapy – or ALL three (and more)?

For children, it is definitely preventative. I practiced Reiki on my own children from birth and they have never been in hospital or been to the doctor. I have many stories like this, all that to say Reiki is definitely preventative if practiced from a young age.

Reiki is also curative and I have one story that stands out particularly. A man I once worked on, was in the Navy and had throat cancer. The Navy operated on him but afterwards was sent home and to a local hospital. I met him at this stage and suggested doing Reiki on him. I practiced on him everyday, six days a week, for four hours or so. Neither of us felt the time passing. When he went back to the hospital and they performed their tests, there was no sign of the cancer whatsoever. It had completely disappeared. 

There are many miracle stories I could share with you and they all highlight that Reiki can be all of the above. I have no control over my hands when I do Reiki, they just follow the Reiki instructions and do the work. Interestingly enough, working remotely is actually the most effective approach, surprisingly.

What other services do you offer your clients?

I work with crystals and have started to do sound therapy, which my guides incited me to do. I use my sound bowls or my tingsha bells – all my tools take on a life of their own. The tingsha bells work like a pendulum and are incredibly powerful.

I also offer pregnancy massage and post natal massage which I absolutely love. I am connecting the baby and mum together but also taking away all the stress from mum, so she can be at one with the baby. Reiki and pregnancy massage both hold very special places in my heart. 


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