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Trust Your Inner Wisdom and Make the Right Choice. Sharon Lewis

Trust Your Inner Wisdom and Make the Right Choice. Sharon Lewis

Sharon Lewis from Inspired Transformation offers Metaphysical & Spiritual Guidance Counselling, Self Awareness Courses and Past Life Regression. She relates parts of her spiritual and healing path and explains why transformation plays an integral part in any healing journey.

How does the word ‘transformation’ resonate with you?

Transformation is a shift in consciousness which leads us to understand more of our True Spiritual Identity – our True Self. Events and circumstances bring about changes in our life. Significant changes can be a catalyst for transformation.

I like to use the analogy for transformation of the caterpillar: From caterpillar, to chrysalis, to a beautiful free flying butterfly in all its glory.

When we awaken to Spiritual Truths, our life journey can become uncomfortable, and many people may experience what is known as “the dark night of the soul”, but as we transcend this, our consciousness is expanded and we realise that we are much more than we had ever been led to believe. We know that we will not go back to the way we were before the event. We are able to see things from a different perspective. This is transformation.

Do you believe transformation to be the key to happiness and serenity on this earth plane?

As we shift and transform, we are able to look at life from a higher perspective. Transformation (ie, a shift in consciousness) can help us to accept things as they are – we are seeing things from a much bigger picture. The key to happiness and serenity is non-resistance to life as it is in the present moment.

As we move forward on our spiritual journey, we learn to trust our inner wisdom to make choices. When the choices are in alignment with our purpose, we will experience the blissful feeling of contentment.

What can you tell us about your journey of healing and discovery?

From a young age, I had an awareness that there was more to life than the physical, materialistic world.

My career background was working as an Executive PA. Later on in life, Reiki opened up opportunities for me to explore more about spiritual development, healing, psychospiritual, and metaphysical philosophies.

My journey of spiritual awakening was heightened during a trip to Egypt in 2008. Tragedy and trauma followed. Since then, I have been through some extremely challenging life experiences and my own personal journey of healing and discovery. I was inspired to assist others on their spiritual journey. My first book was published last year entitled A Book of Hope and my second book will be published in 2022.

A Book of Hope is intended to help those experiencing adversity of any kind. There are subtle messages of information for all readers. I share information about my journey, healing, and ongoing transformation. Perhaps one small detail will become part of someone else’s survival guide. I have been deeply inspired by Ancient Egyptian Mysticism and will be publishing a book pertaining to this soon.

How much of what you do is driven by spirituality?

Most of what I do is driven by spirituality. I have learned to trust my inner wisdom/guidance and, by recognising the divinity within others, help them to realise and remember their Truth. I hold space for Spiritual Truth.

Of course, I can still get caught up in the day-to-day fears of society (after all, I am still on my journey!) but I recognise the difference far more quickly these days and follow my wisdom rather than acting out of fear.

What services do you offer your clients?

Metaphysical & Spiritual Guidance Counselling, Self Awareness Courses and Past Life Regression.

What is the essence of Past Life Regression and how does it help our today?

Past Life Regression is a spiritual journey to pick up threads from previous lifetimes to help us to understand why some things are the way they are.

It can help us to understand what issues or blocks are in our present life and guide us to resolve them.

How do you proceed with a new client and what can they expect from your sessions?

New clients will have an initial free telephone consultation to ascertain if the sessions are suitable for their needs.

We will discuss and agree how to approach the issue for which they are seeking help.

Hypnotherapy is used for Past Life Regression sessions. It is very safe and clients will feel grounded and very relaxed afterwards.

I also work with a range of other techniques, including guided meditations, breathing exercises, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and spiritual treatments.

Clients can expect to achieve what is meant for them on the day. It isn’t possible to predict what will happen for any individual; everyone is unique. There will be a reason why they are drawn to the sessions – it will be because of a calling from their soul for something to be realised, processed and healed.


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