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Written by Sarah Kirton | Updated On June 06, 2023

When I Talk About Body, it has a capital ‘B’ - Sheila Birdsall 

When I Talk About Body, it has a capital ‘B’ - Sheila Birdsall 

Sheila Birdsall from Advanced Body Communication (ABC) facilitates perceiving Body’s  communication technologies intimately so that we can experience rapid new results in resolving Body, mind and life issues. Using this on-board technology congruently allows us to intersect the quantum field’s instantaneous change capacities.

Your Body’s perception of 3d earth reality is overlaid with your entrainment constructs about what this 3d reality is. This becomes your energy broadcast to the world. The more congruent with your Body’s perception of energy you can be, the more potent the request to the quantum field you have, the faster and greater a result you will see.  

What usually occurs is that your broadcast field is an inaccurate, non-coherent energy mess as your mind interferes with accurately translating ABCs. When ABC technology is mastered, congruent translations and requests speed rapid results. 

How accessible is this to the general population and how beneficial can it be?

It is easily accessible to everybody who has a body. As two year olds, we used ABC perfectly. Within a session that awareness is rekindled and tempered with adult awareness. People may need to come back to me with questions or brush up on specific issues of translation but they will have got the gist. Body will be excited and asking for more intimacy in communication. It’s stepping the mind out of the way and remembering to ask the Body to lead that takes practice. 

This is very natural as everybody has an ABC system that is waiting to be heard ENERGETICALLY. I have never met anyone who CAN’T do it.

Words limit energy and do not adequately convey the same info as the Body energy senses. You’ve heard “saying it doesn’t make it so?” When Body & Mind are amiss energetically and fail at that communication level, change in Body & mind becomes difficult and deteriorating health and mental/emotional issues ensue.

Is the awakening of the body & mind consciousness part of a spiritual or physical journey, or both? 

Body already is, has been and you can’t stop it from being awake/aware of everything in this reality. Body is asking to be perceived and received consciously. It is already far more aware and conscious than we have ever given it credit for. To not consciously receive and work with Body creates the atrophy of the system we call olding and aging. 

As far as spirituality, it would be far easier to have your Body show you spirituality. Spiritual journeys usually imply seeking the truth within. How much more within can you get than clear, concise communication and communion with your Body’s ABC quantum world? 

What can you tell us about your life journey?

Like most people I started trying to solve my own health problem(s). Then became involved in healing others. I started with massage and therapies that were mostly physical, except I quickly became frustrated with the fact the results were not quick enough and didn’t provide permanent relief. I started researching that place where instantaneous change is possible (in the Quantum fields and with the technology Body has to access and use quantum change). 

Working this energy gave me a lot of information about how we create from a level of energy that we are unaware of. Not grasping our own Body Tech, we lock Body into looping non-productive activities. The Body’s main job is to show you what will work in this reality and what won’t. And it never stops trying to get that across to you. The only thing limiting better results is our inability to congruently, effectively translate and use ABC technology.

When I started seeing authentic Body energies and choosing congruently with them, I really saw success for myself and others using ABC work.

How did you discover MetaCare and how would you describe it in a nutshell?

MetaCare (a personal specialty arising from Phoenix Vibrational Healing) is distance that works directly with trauma care, a talent I learned I possessed through years of saying, “Can’t everybody do that?” and finding out they couldn’t. 

If you’ve had an accident and are badly injured or are unconscious for example, there is a separation of consciousness where you are not or can not communicate or respond to your Body, especially if you are sedated, unconscious, or in extreme pain. Your body is still experiencing everything, yet ABC has no one to report to and it will not stop reporting and turn to healing until it is acknowledged. eg this is a source of chronic pain, inability to heal etc.

MetaCare is really my intercessory work as my skills allow me to see and listen to the ABC in real time as Body reports what’s happening within. 

Once Body is able to deliver reports in a way that satisfies the ABC system, the healing begins. This means recovery is quicker, more stable, less pain, fewer meds/co-infections etc. and better results.

This is what MetaCare is all about; me interceding at the quantum level to let your Body know that it has been heard, clear trauma at the field level and encourage the body to heal in a way advantageous to the Body. I only do this when people are not able to take up the ABC’s for themselves. Surgery/severe accident is a prime time for this work. 

Can you explain what Phoenix Vibrational Healing consists of?

This was my first level of work and where I learnt to do the MetaCare style work. It involves me intervening and doing the energetic work alongside a body that has lost its way due to some kind of trauma, and/or where the person can’t do the work for themselves. It also has depth of understanding about the subtle fields of BioScience (subtle energies) that most people know little to nothing about, let alone how to use and repair.

Are the modalities you practice recognized by the Allopathic world?

The Allopathic world is always forty or fifty years behind. They are doing ongoing studies of biosciences at NIH seeking the off Body subtle fields quantum effects on healing the dense physical Body. These BioScience fields are the interactive playground for ABC tech. Studies confirm that quantum to physical healing effects exist. They haven’t proven how or when or where or why, but it does work that way.

The likes of depression and suicide have a large industry of psychologists to help deal with our mentations and emotions. Usually that work takes a long time and is circular to “how do you feel”? ABC quickly moves these “feeling” things along with little struggle if the individual is willing to change. So we know that works because we have a whole industry in that area.

If thoughts and emotions weren’t creating physical problems why would we have psychology, mountains of drugs and entire industries devoted to resolving them? People can let go of issues (ABC technology helps quicken this immensely) and effect rapid health changes. That goes faster and faster as you become facile with your ABCommunication technology. 

How do you work with your clients and what can one expect from a session?

I help find, explore and gain confidence receiving and translating authentic Body energy into direct communication using ABC tools. When people come to me, they don’t realize they are using ABC’s sensory capacity inefficiently, mostly harmfully. 

They perceive communications like ‘watching an active movie’. That sensory “movie” is just like Tv. You feel it emotionally but it isn’t your stuff. Everything gets reported, no exceptions. From nature to their neighbors’ bad moods, all reported energetically.  Without ABC translation skills people embed these energies into the psych and Body and wrongly translate them as physical issues, emotional and mental stress.

For example, the neighbors are fighting. You notice that report which is not through your 5 senses but with Body’s ABC sense as a heavy heart feeling. You notice your mind in turmoil, your emotions screeching, irritable. What you don’t grasp is why do I feel this way? That gets revealed in sessions.

Would you be shocked to learn that 99% of what you think is your “feelings and thoughts” are really reports from the Body’s ABC systems about the world around you? This is the most shocking awareness to have when chronic, unsolvable, long held issues fall away in an instant. Surprises can be expected and it’s fun too!

Once you can distinguish between the two – your authentic energy or sensory movie –  instant healing starts. You will be VERY surprised to learn what your Body has to say. That awareness is received by participation in the session. I don’t “tell” clients. They get direct input from their Body and know directly what their Body is communicating.

This is what learning to use ABC offers people: a chance to find their authentic energy, what blinds their awareness to make effective change, how they can build up awareness for better choices and elimination of many many body issues. 

Eventually, this practice becomes second nature. ABC clarifies your perceptions of the world so you no longer confuse your sensory reports as personal problems. Life gets brighter and lighter, goes faster, happiness ensues. 

Another benefit is greater levels of surety and confidence; the doubt goes away, the worry goes away, the helplessness goes away, pain, suffering, depression, sleeplessness depart. ABC is the internal guidance system we know exists but struggle to find and use. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to see people enjoy that.

Imagine 40% 60% 80% 100% change to advantageous outcomes with everything in life and Body? It happens when people do the work to learn their Body’s technology and allow ABC to create a pathway to greater living. Imagine a whole world of humans doing that?

I often wonder what it will take for people to be more curious about their Bodies? 

We walk around in them all day long, yet we know nothing about them. We have no idea of their power, purpose or quantum capacities.  And we frequently mistake how to care for them.  What would it take for people to become curious? I would value suggestions that get this work into more people’s tool bag of possibilities.   


Further info can be found at these two sites :

 https://Heal.Me/Sheila’sABC  Booking session and easy contact. – My original site with info.

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Sarah is a keen and passionate advocate of the spiritual and healing components within the mystical realm of the world we live in. She resides in Cape Town, South Africa, where she enjoys spending time in the outdoors, kite surfing, and playing guitar.