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Empowered Living with Sherry Coffman

Empowered Living with Sherry Coffman

Sherry Coffman from Empowered Joy LLC, is ‘passionate about helping people free themselves from energy blocks and beliefs that no longer serve them’. She reveals how we can access “empowered joy” and ‘bring power, balance and passion to every aspect of our lives’.

How do you feel you help people the most?

I believe my gifts are in the area of helping others understand and appreciate themselves more, allowing them to shift into higher levels of personal empowerment. 

I help my clients and students weave their Passions with their Personal Power to create a life tapestry that sustains them during the tough times. Not every day is a feast day, but we can access what I call “empowered Joy” and bring the best version of ourselves forward for our own sake as well as those with whom we interact.

How do you define Empowered Living?

Empowered living is so many things, but I believe it begins with being real about who you are, identifying your passions and skills, finding where they intersect and offering that to the world. It isn’t a state of unending bliss – it’s choosing every day to show up as the best version of yourself. Some days that may not look empowered to others, but if you’re accessing what you can, and offering what you can to others, to me, that is empowered living.

Is this attainable for everyone?

Yes, absolutely, but it doesn’t happen by accident. In order to live an empowered life, we have to know WHO we are, ACCEPT ourselves and live in ways that are in alignment with what we KNOW to be true for ourselves. We have to love peace & contentment more than we want to win over others. Practicing mindfulness and releasing the subconscious blocks we have to our own empowerment. We have to be willing to face what’s true and move forward from there.

If we all reach these heights, how would the planet be?

If every person on the planet were experiencing life from a place of empowerment, there would be no need for constant comparison. This, I believe, would greatly reduce, if not eliminate, depression and most forms of harmful behavior.

When we feel empowered, we don’t have a need to “defeat” someone else and we’re content to allow others to choose their own paths. We don’t feel threatened by other opinions and perspectives. We are centered, calm and much more likely to experience Joy & Gratitude, the highest frequencies we can attain. 

What is the practice of Aroma Freedom?

Aroma Freedom is a wonderfully gentle, quick and effective technique using essential oils that I use with clients to identify and release blocks they have to creating their heart’s desires. It’s also powerful for releasing the emotional sting from troubling memories. The essential oils are able to gain access to the limbic area of the brain where memories are stored and give greater access to releasing blocks and emotional charges from prior experiences. It’s like aromatic Magic!

Can you tell us about remote crystal viewing?

Remote Crystal Viewing is a process that allows clients to travel back to other lifetimes in order to access knowledge and power from that experience as well as release trauma and feel complete with that journey. My clients find that this helps them fill “gaps” in their current life experiences.

As an example, I received a session from a fellow practitioner and requested to travel to the lifetime where I was most in partnership with my own body. Bringing the energy from positive attitudes about my body into this lifetime healed some childhood wounds around body image and allowed me to make better choices in regards to my physical health.

How did you first come to work with crystals?

As a child, I would sit on the curb in front of my house and break open rocks to see the shiny bits inside. (My father eventually gave up trying to keep me from ruining his hammers and bought me my own.) 

My original work with crystals was at a renaissance fair selling my brother’s wire-wrap jewelry. I realized that I was able to feel the energy in a piece and pair it with customers who weren’t able to choose for themselves. From there, I began to take crystal healing classes and build up my own collection of crystals.

Should crystals be part of our everyday lives and how can they empower us if used correctly?

In a way, crystals ARE part of our everyday lives since we walk on the earth and they earth is full of them. There are also crystals in many of the devices we have in our homes since they are excellent transmitters of energy. Sonar, ultrasound, computers chips, amplifiers in electric guitars, microphones, and most digital electronic devices use quartz crystals. 

In regards to having other crystals around, they are certainly useful for enhancing our lives. Everything in Nature has its own unique frequency; the key to creating an empowered environment is in knowing which frequency will help us the most. Some crystals, like some essential oils, carry a frequency to lighten the mood and sharpen our focus. Others carry a frequency to calm or comfort. In order to benefit from crystals, we need to do some study to select the “right” crystal for what we need in each situation.

For example, crystals on the nightstand next to the bed will help us if we select ones that encourage relaxation and sleep. On the other hand, if we’re going into a corporate meeting, we’d want ones that help us feel confident and alert. We also need to be mindful as which crystals need to be cleared and charged (most do) and which are self-clearing. My favorite reference for choosing the best crystal for each situation is Melody’s Love is in the Earth.

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