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Written by Miguel Amado | Updated On April 01, 2023

Music Therapy and protecting your inner sanctuary with Shoshana Averbach

Music Therapy and protecting your inner sanctuary with Shoshana Averbach

Energy Healing, Music Therapy, Social Work, Light Coaching, Emotion/Body Code. Shoshana Averbach has a multicultural professional background and an interesting journey that includes 2 albums. Check out our interview with Shoshana for MysticMag, where we talked about her story, how many alternative methods can help people and spiritual healing journeys.

What is Healing Notes and what do you do?

Professionally, I have worked as a music therapist and social worker with all areas of geriatrics. As a healer, I incorporate my professional knowledge and experience and add the spiritual dimension.

My professional background as a social worker and music therapist has been primarily with geriatrics. My healing services include energy and spiritual healing in which we explore metaphysical and past-life issues, spiritual blockages for a person’s challenges, and soul conversations–what is the music and message of one’s soul. Additionally, I am a certified practitioner in the Body Code and Emotion Code.

The latter are energy healing modalities that use muscle testing to identify and release trapped emotions, imbalances, and traumas from the subconscious mind so that a person may have increased well-being. The Body Code and Emotion Code may heal traumas much more quickly than talk therapy because they clear the trapped emotions and trauma from the source in the body, although talk therapy has its place. Many clients contact me when they are looking for alternative ways to approach their challenges–mostly in health, wealth, and relationships.

While I have a large tool kit, I employ a general approach to a healing session and use the other modalities as needed. Sessions are done in person for people who live locally, by proxy, Zoom, or by phone.

I also present at conferences and webinars for professionals and I produced 2 CDs of original healing songs: The Time is Coming and I Reclaim my Heart. You can listen to these original healing songs on YouTube and Spotify by searching under my full name, Shoshana Averbach.

When did you discover your purpose, that you could heal people with alternative methods?

The short answer is: In retrospect, I realized that G-d was calling me to heal myself first and then offer healing services to others. While some people are called via a healing crisis or an epiphany, I had no idea what was going on viz. a higher calling. I just kept healing myself during an intensive one-and-a-half-year healing journey that began literally right after I finished my first master’s degree in music therapy in the mid-1990’s.

I figured I was going to take the next career step and get a job as a director of recreation in a nursing home since I had been working with geriatrics for so many years. However, G-d had other plans for me.

At that time, I met a woman who suggested that I try a session of what is now called Resonance Repatterning. One session became 1.5 year of a total transformation of how I perceived life and relationships. The more I cleared out, the more I could hear my inner voice, the music of my soul, my intuition that I never knew even existed.

As a result, my self-esteem and even my most challenging relationships improved greatly and that was the proof that this was working! Most notably, even as an Orthodox Jew, I deepened my emotional relationship with the Creator. My mentor helped me clear out a lot of dysfunctional thoughts and past-life issues and forgive myself and others.

Over the years, I have had formal healing sessions with clients. However, I also learned that healing occurred by having a healing presence and broadcasting or exuding that energy. One’s presence has a greater influence and effect than one can imagine!

For example, I used to work as a social worker doing home visits. Patients were amazed at how calm their noisy dog was around me or that an unsociable cat would rub its body on my leg. Patients remarked that they gauged their guests by the reactions of their pets! My authenticity and exuding a loving, caring, healing presence made my patients feel at ease.

What do you see as the main issues and concerns that your clients have? Is it stress, anxiety, lack of motivation…?

Most clients come to me feeling stuck and troubled by relationship issues with living or deceased persons, for example oppositional relationships, relationships with a parent, ex-boyfriend, child.

Also, physical maladies like pain or “weird symptoms”, feeling unfulfilled without an apparent reason, not feeling as happy as they would like to be, feeling socially unfit, feeling different, bad luck. I also do space clearing.

One of the most interesting cases involved a freelance architect who was considering taking a job that involved remodeling a building that used to be a state-run mental institution. He was concerned about the residual energies that the former inmates had left and if it were energetically safe for him to work on the building.

My clients have tried conventional approaches in psychotherapy and other medical modalities that haven’t achieved the expected breakthroughs, happiness, and well-being. They want a new perspective, and that’s what makes my approach different and unique: the spiritual perspective, the perspective and vibration of a person’s soul. I take into account what other professionals advised the client and add this dimension which is not accessible nor visible to most people.

One could view anything from a spiritual perspective. For example: If there’s an ailing body part, I look at the metaphysical meaning of that body part with my intuitive vision. A foot or leg problem might indicate fear of moving forward in life.

I imagine that in a journey of spiritual healing, some can be faster than others. But what are the first steps? What can anyone do to start that process?

Every person’s journey is an individual one. The problems and issues sometimes take many years to develop, and may take many years to heal, especially the more deeply embedded and traumatic they are. There are some amazing healing modalities that deal with trauma and can facilitate and, sometimes, accelerate the rate of healing faster than talk therapy alone. Some examples include: The Emotion Code, The Body Code, EFT, TAT, Resonance Repatterning, and EMDR.

In a way, it’s like deciding to go to a doctor or to live with discomfort as a way of life. The journey of 1,000 miles begins with the first step. Like the 12-step programs, the first step is recognizing that one needs assistance. The second step is to realize what is making the issue too uncomfortable, too intolerable to motivate one to change and seek help. When does one say, “I’m fed up and I am ready to change”?

The third step is taking action and seeking that help. There is a lot of help out there. You need to want it, be motivated to change, and most of all, to believe that change can happen. That’s one of the wonderful qualities about being alive or about relationships: They are dynamic and can change for the better!

What do you believe are the main misconceptions about Spirit and spiritual healing sessions?

I’m sure you’re familiar with the Harry Potter books and movies. Harry and his friends balance and live in two diametrically-opposed worlds. There is the concrete, material, self-serving world of Harry’s guardians, who abuse him because they are afraid of the spirit world. The other world is the world of magic which is who Harry and his friends really are!

In school, we’re trained to be thinkers, in the cerebral mind, and not in the spiritual, intuitive, artistic, heart world. Many people are skeptical about what is not real, tangible, measurable, scientific. There is a difference between being psychic (a different dimension of reality) and psychotic (out of touch with reality). I have met people who deny and suppress their intuitive feelings because they are afraid of them. They may be afraid of anything that isn’t measurable, concrete, in plain sight, incomprehensible to the left, intellectual, analytical brain.

They may otherwise be afraid of opening themselves up, or think they’re crazy for having intuitive visions and thoughts—especially the first time they have them or if they’re a child when that happens; they don’t know if it’s real or not.

Likewise, there are doctors who are strictly allopathic and hold rigidly to the medical regime while there are others who are open to alternative methods. Bottom line: You cannot sell something to someone who does not want to buy the idea. I put my energies into people who are open and receptive.

Please share with our readers a special message for these challenging times.

Stay centered. Protect your inner sanctuary by vigilantly guarding your boundaries of what you see and hear, of the people you associate with (are they nurturing or draining?) and the energy fields you go in and out of (stay away from crime scenes or arguments). This place of focus and grounding is essentially who you are and will guide you like the eye of the hurricane. You will always have and be who you are even in turbulent times and you can exude love and light to others.

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