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Spirits, haunted houses and connecting with the world with Spirit Guide Cara

Spirits, haunted houses and connecting with the world with Spirit Guide Cara

Mystic Mag’s Miguel Amado talked with Cara, a renowned spirit guide & psychic medium based in the UK. The interview is presented below. Check it out!

I would love to hear more about your journey, your life history. Please present yourself.

My journey is really very bizarre. As a child, before I could speak I could imitate singers. Very soon I started to talk and give messages. For instance, I’d maybe hear something playing by Frank Sinatra or Ella Fitzgerald and say something about them. Then, I started talking about the Dalai Lama or things before I was born, which freaked my parents out!

As I got a little bit older – always singing, occasionally, I’d get some messages and I wasn’t sure where I was guessing from. It was like watching a little film in my head. Sometimes somebody would come into my room and tell me something. A lady came once and told me my grandfather was going to die. It was not scary; it was just like talking to you. At that stage, I didn’t realize that the spirit would only come to tell me and that it wasn’t happening for everybody.

So I went through my adulthood and became a professional and successful singer. Then I started getting messages again. Sometimes they would be for people I was working with but then I received messages for myself and I was told that I had to go to the next stage of the journey.

And the next stage of the journey for me was to start doing readings and doing healing. I’ve always been able to do healing. I’ve always been able to connect with animals and people through touch and just thinking about them.

I ignored these gifts for a while because I made very good money and went to great places when I was singing. I did not see any reason to give it up and doing readings because I did not really know where the people or information were going to come from through me.

Then I had a car accident. I wasn’t hurt, but I was very shaken up when I heard this message: ‘Will you now start reading?’ To cut a long story short, I ended up having 3 car accidents. In the last one, the police had to cut me out of the vehicle – and I came out without a scratch. Then, I knew I had to start doing readings.


I saw on your website that you organized meetings in your “haunted home”. How did that work?  

It is quite an old house, three cottages knocked into one. The first entrance hall has an old York stone floor. The middle room has a great energy with old oak beams and a fireplace. The last separate room is the kitchen.

When I first moved in, I connected to the spirits who had originally lived here. In my kitchen, there was an old lady who hated children and animals –  so she made it unfriendly for little people and pets.

The entrance room is home to three men who sit playing cards and smoking!  There is also a man and his dog who sits at the dining table.  After researching I discovered that he and the dog had been killed in an accident on the road outside many years before.  People who come for Readings sit in this room whilst I meditate and pick up messages for them.

The house has an ambiance and people feel it stating that they feel they’ve had a hug and experience a great sense of calm and well being.  Sometimes they even fall asleep!

What is the most popular type of reading that customers are looking for? What are the most common concerns that interest them?

Initially, people used to think of my kind of profession almost like a ‘fortune teller’! I’m not really a fortune teller, although I do give people insights into the future.

The most important things would be:  relationship queries, health problems and obviously finances.

Very often the client has a specific reason for the reading but very often messages from their loved ones are about future events or past events which relate to their present situation! It might be the health, parents that have passed and are coming to give a relevant message about something that has been going in their life. They’ll come through by name and it’s very detailed. A reading takes me at least 90 minutes.


What advices do you have for someone that is just starting to get in touch with spirituality and being more connected?

I think it is very important to get your own ego out of the way and listen to what the spirit is saying.  Some insignificant message may be of great importance and meaning for the receiver!  It will usually mean nothing to me as I’m just passing on the message.

Readings are detailed and in depth. When I started readings, I used to think ‘I can’t say this’ – but the things were relevant to the person. You have to give the message as it comes, even though it doesn’t make sense. Sometimes, it will not make sense for the client immediately and take a few weeks or months until they realize the meaning.


Do you have a message for our readers, especially in these difficult times?

Yes.  I think we have to go through this Pandemic because we’ve all got a little selfish and we’ve lost touch with nature.  We are going to be fine but we have to start listening and start caring for each other, the Planet, animals….  everything is connected and we are all important.  We need to start realizing how lucky we are to be on this Planet and we need to take care of it.

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