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The Song of the Angels - Stewart Pearce

The Song of the Angels - Stewart Pearce

We had the privilege of chatting with Stewart Pearce – Master of Voice, Angelic Emissary, and Spiritual Wayshower. Stewart is synaesthetic – he not only hears sound he sees it too, and has been conscious of the multi-dimensional spirit world since the early years of life.
“Voice Alchemy arises from the intelligence and compassion of the heart, and as sound is at the core of creation, this work tunes the personality of the voice with the breath of the soul.”

Stewart, you have had a seemingly incredible professional journey – which experiences stand out the most for you?

Essentially there are three, all of which I believe were predestined – psychically or metaphysically – which I can put down to the over-lighting presence of my Master St Germain, who has been with me for fifty years.

The first happened when I was working in the USA as an actor. I had successfully acquired a part in a Hollywood movie, and as I prepared to move to LA from NYC, where I was living at that time, my brother called announcing that our 58 year old mother had been diagnosed with terminal cancer, and that she had been given three months to live.
The news left me speechless. I knew that I had to honor her and the incredibly beautiful and profound soul connection that we had with each other. So, I returned to London and nursed her for the next year, until she passed. I had, of course by this time lost my US manager and agent, and I was apparently in breach of contract with 20th Century Fox.
Then in the midst of this, I received a call from Cicely Berry, the Voice Director of The Royal Shakespeare Company, with whom I had worked in the early 70s. She had heard of my situation and was prompted to ask me teach for her, to be her apprentice, and in the next breath, so to speak, I was sent to work with the first female Prime Minister, who had just taken over leadership of the Tory party – two weeks later I walked into no.10 Downing Street and began working with Margaret Thatcher.

The second was when I met Diana, which was cataclysmic. She was one of the most extraordinary beings I have ever met, and we can mention this more fully later. Just before this, I’d been appointed as the Master of Voice at Shakespeare’s Globe Theater, which I served for over ten years. When the administration changed ten to twelve years later, I knew it was time for me to unfold my mystical wings and to fly – it was time for me to be of use within the Mind, Body, Spirit Community, or what we refer to today as the Human Potential Movement.

The third experience was in 1987 – after almost ten years of working as a voice coach, I had an incredible mystical encounter with twelve Angels, whose work I have been propagating ever since. I am in essence a hologram for twelve Angels, although of course at the same time I am a human being. Particularly for the last twelve years, I’ve been living the path of the Angels, teaching, sound healing, and writing books about them, producing their Oracles, and traveling the world to communicate their Divine message.
My book The Angels of Atlantis is based on the teachings of the Twelve Angels of Atlantis, and is a spiritual resource revealing much about how the sacred teachings and way of life in ancient Atlantis can be made applicable for us today. Therefore, how we may align with angelic power and divine wisdom.

“Our voices tell our stories, they are the very blueprint of our psyche, and how we use our voice utterly changes our lives” – Could you elaborate?

Our voices are part of the blueprint of who we are, in a similar way to our fingerprints, iris, and blood – our DNA and genetic code. Our voices are a way of promulgating our identity, or our sovereignty in the world. For example, even more than the Bio-identity check of the iris, the voice is being used more and more within cyber security. I find this fascinating!
Since the beginning of the twentieth century, cerebralization and noise have taken over, and the beauty of the authentic voice has become relatively hidden. Before our current fixation with the doing impulse, people believed that their voice was literally an index to their character. This means that within us is a sound that is our signature note, which is the frequency of our core identity, and therefore, the song of our soul. It would appear that because of ‘noise’ many people have forgotten or ‘unremembered’ this.

My work, love and passion is to awaken people through sound and breath, so that they may find their true voice. I tune people back into their authenticity, into their sovereignty, into their own creative power. You see when we are sounding our signature note we harmonize all of the organic fabric of our being; literally all of our organs move into coherence, allowing a person to enter the path of well-being and healing.

Samuel Johnson, who wrote the first dictionary in the 1800s once said: “Tongues are like governments – prone to disillusion”.

When you refer to ‘voice’, are you always invoking sound and vibrations or does the choice of words come into play too?

Words are vibrations, and the vibration of sound is at the very core of our atavistic and instinctual creation. The very first thing we do at birth is to take a breath and produce the ‘roar of life’, and the very last thing we will do is to release our breath and then pass over.
Sound proclaims us into the world. Therefore, there is an essential belief that sound is at the core of creation, whether this be in what we refer to as the ‘civilized’ world or other ‘indigenous’ cultures. Sound and frequency are the innate blueprint of our whole being, and by default, therefore, words are similarly sound transmissions.

Would you say our voices are impacted by our environment?

Absolutely. Our physiology is conditioned by the way we live. Life is holistic, what is outside is within, and what is within is without – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Earth, water, air, and fire. Carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and hydrogen. These are the building blocks of creation.
Our voices of course do physically change throughout the course of our lives as we mature, as we learn capacity, as we heal the pain within, and then we recognize that the pain or crisis opens us to the vastness of unforeseen possibilities.
It was said that Queen Elizabeth 11 at the young age of 21 thanked everybody from the bottom of her heart and the top of her voice, whereas now she thanks everybody from the bottom of her heart and the gravitas of her voice.

How has sound healing developed over the last few decades (within the Western world) and what are your views on this healing modality?

My views – extraordinary, sublime, and multidimensional. If sound is at the core of creation, we can use sound to reharmonize everything in our world, even chronic sickness. If the person is willing, sound can enrapture, reharmonize and often heal what can be described or diagnosed as terminal disease. We also know that sound has a profound effect on Alzheimer Patients, particularly if the sound used had been familiar to the person before their illness.
We are only just beginning to recognize the power of sound, and if we review the basic science of our cosmos – light is the most powerful energy, then light downloads into color, and color into sound. These are the three components that develop matter. If we use these components together, we realize that sound is a transcendental corridor of force that directly leads us to the higher regions of consciousness.
In ancient beliefs, sound was everything, hence the reason why angels are often depicted in stained glass windows with some form of sound instrument; trumpets, harps, lyres, or with their mouths open in sacred song, proclaiming creation into existence.
In fact, sound is one of the most powerful healing tools available to us, it’s just that most of the time we don’t hear this power because our lives are drowned by ‘noise’. Sound is the gateway to the spiritual world.

What can you tell us about one of your many books, Diana The Voice of Change?

I had the great honor of working with Diana during the last two years of her life, and so my book explores the essence of her life. It arises as a template of all that we processed, during the coaching period before her death. The book effectively illustrates how Diana became open to her authentic power and how she began to ignite her radiance. Our work took place post her divorce from Prince Charles, and just after the Martin Bashir interview had taken place. Diana wanted the book to be a testament and template of love for the women of the world.
Holistically, the wonderful women of the world are awakening to the substance of their power, after having been held in inequity for so many years by ‘we’ men. An ancient Japanese proverb: “If the women’s voices are aroused, the mountains move.”
This book is written for the women of the world, it begins and ends with love.

The Voice of Change shines a new light on the most famous woman of her time, as well as drawing you to your own dazzling transformation, your own authentic signature tone, and your own illuminated soul radiance!”

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