Written by Miguel Amado | Updated On September 24, 2021

Connecting with loved ones that passed over with Susan Grau

Connecting with loved ones that passed over with Susan Grau

This week Mystic Mag’s Miguel Amado talked with Susan Grau, an intuitive medium based in California. This really insightful talk touched in near death experiences, talking with loved ones on the other side and the clients necessities recently. Check out!

Please present yourself to our audience.

Hello, my name is Susan Grau and I am an evidential intuitive medium, life coach and grief counselor. I work with the spirit world using my Claire senses as a means to communicate with loved ones that have passed. I’ve been offering my services professionally for over three decades.

My goal is to help people that are grieving consulate understanding that their loved ones have not left them. I am an evidential medium which simply put means that I find evidence of your loved ones existence on a higher vibration.

You mentioned a near death experience when you were very young that connected you with the spirits. Do you believe that this type of connection is a gift that only few receive or is something that can be trained and polished?

I was connected to spirits prior to my NDE. As far as mediumships, I used to see animals floating when they would pass but I didn’t really understand that as I was quite young. I believe I was born with the senses and my near death experience did help grow it rather rapidly. I believe everyone has the capability for this type of connection if it’s trained and polished, however I don’t believe everyone is here to use it in this lifetime.

It is something that comes naturally to some and harder for others but we all have abilities and with hard work and willingness it can expand. I don’t believe everyone is meant to do this as a career but I do believe everyone tabs in if they listen closely. Most people have had the experience of feeling or seeing a loved one that’s crossed.

However, I believe everyone is intuitive and has the ability to strengthen that even further and it’s a very powerful tool in the life journey. Tapping into your Intuition and wisdom comes from practice also but more so it comes from trusting what you sense.

I’m really curious about the Doctorate in Divinity. Can you explain that to us?

I was very fortunate to have my doctorate of divinity given to me by working with the renowned Dr. Raymond Moody “The father of near death experiences”. It’s a two level process which includes several years of study of the afterlife and the history of spiritual belief systems.

It was a great honor to work alongside Dr. Moody in order to achieve my Doctorate in Divinity. Creating a dissertation on near death experiences and my own experience was quite revealing and created a great deal of growth for me personally.

When you connect your clients with their loved ones, what is the point? Do people look for closure, new information, purpose?

Well there’s many reasons why people want to connect to their loved ones on the other side. Maybe it’s their own fear of death, wondering if life really does exist after death, sometimes it’s closure, sometimes it’s a way of getting through the grief. Connecting with a loved one on the other side is quite powerful if it’s done correctly with honesty and integrity.

I have people coming to me who never believed in an afterlife to leave with an absolute knowing that it exists and that it’s a vibration close to them. Knowing that your loved ones never completely leave you and that you’ll see them again it’s a very powerful experience. So closure is part of that but grief is the largest part.

Your blog has great content about “hot topics” like getting up after a setback, loving yourself, etc. What are the main concerns and subjects that people bring to you in your sessions?

Most people come to me wanting to know what their life purpose is. I try to explain to them that it’s not just the job you do but it is more about how you work in the soul arena. Meaning growing, learning, empowering the soul. Our experiences are our greatest asset for our future if we utilize it in a way to learn and grow and become more.

Our life purpose is to expand our awareness and gain clarity about who we are and who we choose to be. Other people have difficulty getting through the grief of some form of loss and want to process the pain.

Many people come to me because they don’t feel they fit on this planet and they don’t know how to interact in their world. They are lonely and scared. And many come to learn about their own intuition and abilities. The gamut is so huge it’s hard to put a finger on one thing.

What I do know is they come to me for some form of healing or change and they leave with the information and availability to do so.

We always like to end with a special message from the guest. Can you share with us a few words to face these difficult and challenging times?

The world is in a very strange place right now but the universal energy is utilizing that to help us grow and challenge us to face ourselves and others with a different point of view.

Pain is our greatest motivator to change and change is needed as we all know. Good and bad experiences are equal in value as they both teach us something. This time is giving us the opportunity to get to know ourselves in a different kind of way.

I feel these circumstances in the world have put us in a position to have hope again, hope for a better tomorrow. The universe is working very hard to achieve this for us. Doing our part is very important. Our part is healing ourselves and the world one person at a time. Our part is giving love even when it’s difficult.

I think one thing that I want the readers to know is “what you fear, you feed” so work on moving forward knowing that fear is not your friend and it holds you back from being everything that you’re meant to be.

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