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Voice Healing is Pioneering Throughout the Holistic World - Susie Smith

Voice Healing is Pioneering Throughout the Holistic World - Susie Smith

“Love is a source beyond all potential – let us all unite and work together in bringing this universal truth to the here and now.” 

Susie Smith from Aiyastar Sounds talks us through her healing therapies and shares her insights on the world of sound healing. I was privileged enough to have a mini sound healing session with Susie at the end of our interview – it was an enlightening and effective introduction to her healing.

When did you first realize that you needed to work on yourself and what steps did you take?

I always knew I wanted to be a holistic therapist from an early age, when I was 9 or 10 years of age, I had reflexology for persistent ear and throat problems. I remember being blown away by this woman, and how she managed to bring me back to being healthy and functional. 

However, I had to experience life, so I went off and traveled, and only found holistic work in my late twenties. The first therapy I studied was reflexology, and in this period of time, I went to see a psychotherapist, simply because a friend did and I saw the positive effects this had on her. Her experience intrigued me, I never really knew that I had any issues (my parents divorced before I was born) until I saw this person, and realized that I perhaps needed to work a little on myself. I completed my training in reflexology and then Reiki found me. I took the course without knowing anything about it. 

Six months after the Reiki course was over, it somehow took over my life and I accelerated through the Reiki systems really quickly and intrinsically knew that this was where I was meant to be. Through friends I had met through Reiki and from the various modalities that we all completed, I realized that I needed to do profound work on myself. 

As a healer or therapist, I am intuitive through feeling, so connecting initially with Reiki was affirmation that what I was doing felt right and I was following my true path. My journey into self healing has only continued to deepen over the years. 

To be able to hold a space for my clients and to guide them through their journeys, and to be able to bring the energy in, I need to be resonating with as much pure love and self-worth as I can. It is important to work on myself so that I can hold better space for my clients and support them to the best of my ability.

I am now following the path of sound healing and this is my defined future. 

Instinctively, were you aware that this was to be your life journey?

Yes absolutely, I cannot imagine my life working in any other role or industry. To work as a healer is congruent, completely aligned with who I am, my morals and ethics. In supporting and helping others find peace or their own alignment brings me joy. To show my client’s their own belief systems and energy and how this way of looking inside oneself can allow them to find their own life journey enriches my soul. Anything that enriches your soul and brings passion into your world, for me,  is the very definition of a life journey. I trust the process. 

What healing therapies do you offer your clients?

Going forward, I work with energy and sound. Assisting clients who come to me with a problem (blockages in life, relationships, work…) I will help them shift the problem through energy and sound, sound that is channeled through my voice and also the array of singing bowls and more in my treatment room. As I am trained in theta, I am always looking for the root cause of the block. Checking for unresolved patterns and beliefs systems that are not supporting my clients.

I also work with clients who want to bring new energies in, so sound is used as a kind of activation. It could be that a client is needing access on a dimensional level, connecting to the angelic realm or even with the realm of dragons. Dragons are here to support the New Earth and assist us traversing the dimensions and aiding communication to the Starseed and Galactic Beings.

When working more on an activation level, it is often to support new frequencies aligned with the New Earth, 5D Consciousness.

Occasionally, I may bring reflexology into a session for someone who is particularly closed off, as touching the feet allows people to open up and speak more easily. However, my leading therapy is sound energy.

I also host workshops and courses that allow group activations for Goddess Empowerments and events that allow people to open up and discover parts of themselves perhaps unknown to them and also in teaching people how to access and become a channel of sound too.

How does the word ‘light’ resonate with you?

For me, light is the essence of your soul and it is within us all. As humans we are both light and dark and there are polarities in all of us –  light cannot exist without darkness. We are looking to reach that place of liberation, self- love and completeness within. That is honoring light, at least my perception of it. 

How did you come to work with sound and can you elaborate?

Sound has always been part of my treatments (gongs, drums, singing bowls) but I started a channeling course about 5 years ago and this is where sound healing became an integral part of my journey. 

I didn’t know I was going to be a channel for sound until one event where we were all in deep meditation and the facilitator said that we would all open up and express our energy. After 20 minutes, there was a room of 30 people all making different sounds. 

I can’t sing to save my life, but when I channel sound, it can be almost operatic and angelic. I have no idea where it comes from. It all started from here. There has been a real progression in my sound therapy and how I have transitioned in my sound healing since then. 

Can sound healing be compared to other energy therapies such as Reiki?

All healing modalities use energy so they are all similar in the outcome and the goal, they just have different journeys to achieving that outcome. Ultimately they involve bringing relaxation, relieving stress, and aligning that person with whatever their healing intention is set for. 

Reiki is a beautiful healing system and an intelligent source and will always direct the healing to where it needs to go, whether there is a conscious awareness at the time of this or not. I believe channeled sound is deepening that process, going further into the unresolved areas of the client with the ability to bring in higher and different frequencies. 

Sound can travel through different dimensions and you can access different points in the universe. Sound resonates through the person’s body so it pushes on a deeper level. The client will still feel energies moving, pushing, releasing and pulling, and may still visualize things if this is part of their healing process.

As a healer I believe I am blending the very essence of source/reiki into sounds and delivering a unique experience for my client.

What is the ‘science’ or ‘magic’ behind voice channeling?

I am not scientifically inclined but I believe that sound has a very scientific background. I think that science and the spiritual are very aligned although the human ego has very much separated the two. Perhaps the New Earth is about aligning and bringing the magic back into science.

For me, the magic of sound and how it works for me as a channel is simply to get out of the way, surrender to the process and to what is happening. Forcing it just doesn’t work. The magic is to trust and to bond with the energies.

How many sessions would you recommend typically?

It really depends. For someone who is completely surrendered and wants to let go, it can be done in one session, but this goes for any kind of therapy. I have been doing this work for fourteen years, and I have witnessed how people can hold onto patterns and energies on such a deep level. How much that person is willing to go into their journey depends on how many sessions are needed. I always tell my clients to trust their own intuition, they will know when they are ready to show up to release and receive again.

What, in your experience, has been the most rewarding healing therapy you have performed?

It is sound because I am sound. It is something that brings me joy, it opens me up and I just know it works. I trust it and know it!


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