Written by Chené Murphy | Updated On November 29, 2022

Tools to Enable and Empower with The Soul Mechanic

Tools to Enable and Empower with The Soul Mechanic

Kay Downie, The Soul Mechanic is a qualified Tarot Card Reader, Kinetic Shift Practitioner and NLP Practitioner using her many years of experience with these skills to enable and empower.

When did your passion for helping others begin and what inspired you to guide people in their life challenges?

When I began to believe in myself and accepting who I was and why life challenges happen when I was in my early 50’s.

Is there a certain area that you specialize in or feel most comfortable with?

I specialize in reading the Tarot/Soul cards to enable my clients to think for themselves and in Kinetic Shift therapy to help move any blocks preventing my clients living their full life purpose.

Have you found over recent years that a more diverse clientele has developed with an increased interest to access spiritual guidance and turn to mediums as a form of therapy?

There are more people accepting spiritual work as more people are awakening.

What do you find are the more popular aspects that people seek guidance with?

Many just want someone to tell them what to do – as I answered earlier I don’t do this, I encourage them to think.

What can people do to get the most out of spiritual guidance and healing?

A different perspective on life, feeling more worth and not alone.

In your experience in working with people, what would you say is the number one thing that holds most people back from living the fulfilling life they would like to live?


What is the one piece of advice you want to share about intuition and spiritual guidance?

Whilst many feel they need to seek help from another, when they embrace their own powers and listen to their intuition rather than their head then anything is possible.

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