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Life and death, a memorable experience in India and more with Tim Braun

Life and death, a memorable experience in India and more with Tim Braun

Tim Braun is a medium for more than 20 years and an author, with his book, Life and Death, being published in the United States and Europe in 2015. We talked with Tim about his gift, stories about his sessions and a special journey he took to India, where he met with Mother Theresa. Check out our interview!

Communicating with people on the “other side” is one of your passions. When did you discover that gift and what your clients look for when they try to create that communication?

I started seeing, hearing and feeling Spirit when I was six years old. I began to realize that what I thought was normal was apparently not normal. Clients look for proof that life after death exists based off of the person’s personality, details, the way of passing, etc.

Do you have a session that comes to mind when you talk about your work because it was surprising/powerful?

I had a sitting with a woman in her mid sixties and throughout the siting, her father came in saying “give love to my son and other daughter” and woman said to me that she did not have a sister but the father on spirit side came through so instantly that there was a brother and another sister.

The woman was getting frustrated because she thought it was not true but two weeks later she called me to tell me that she called her brother in new york to tell him about the sitting and her brother admitted that their dad had an affair and they do have a half sister.

You wrote about a journey to India in your book. Can you share with us what that trip meant to you and what changed in your way to see the world and work?

I went to India and worked with Mother Theresa. I sat with her and prayed with her too for a week and a half. Being in the accompaniment of a Saint changed my life. Coming back from India, I realized that here in the States, we are materially wealthy but spiritually bankrupt but in India, it is the opposite.

Most people have a grim view about the end of life and even afterlife. What do you have to say to those people?

Go to a qualified Medium!

You have a great media presence, creating, for example, videos on your Facebook page. What is your intention with them and what do you try to communicate with your followers?

My intention is answering everyone’s questions that they write in daily to help them and their. lives. I try to communicate information on how to help them with their daily lives.

To end our interview, we always like to give a space for the interviewee to send a message to our readers in these challenging times. If you have something that you want to share, please!

Thought creates reality. Thoughts are things. Whatever is entering your mind right now whether fear or prosperity, you are creating it and manifesting it. If there is fear, more than prosperity, that is what you are manifesting, Disciple yourself to keep your energy up and do not dwell on negativity. Anyone who wanted to be in Maya Angelou’s presence, they needed to watch every word they said. If they were negative, she would walk away. Try doing that in your life.

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