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Written by Miguel Amado | Updated On April 01, 2023

Psychic readings and hearing the clients with Tina Bliss

Psychic readings and hearing the clients with Tina Bliss

Mystic Mag’s Miguel Amado talked with Tina Bliss, a Psychic Medium and Healer based in Virginia. Hearing your clients and dealing with energy to better heal people is one of the messages that Tina had to us. Check out the interview below!

Hi Tina. Please present yourself to our audience

My name is Tina Bliss and I am a psychic medium, a healer and a teacher as well. I teach the healing and metaphysical arts. I am 56 and I have been aware of my gifts since I was 3 or 4 years old.

Does that include communicating with animals or did you find that out later?

I feel like I always did but never tapped into it until my late 30’s. But being empathic and feeling the other side, clairvoyant predictions, prophetic visions, dreams came to me as a child.

How did you develop your gifts to help people?

I feel like I was spiritually pushed to this. When you are in any kind of industry and you are working with people, you can feel everything. So, I just felt everything with all my clients and combined the two together:  I did my readings and healing upstairs and owned a salon and spa with 15 employees downstairs.

Many people took reiki classes from me, readings, I had many guest speakers upstairs. I can’t explain why and how I did it that way – it just “clicked”, it went together.

I had 3 near-death experiences and I foresaw all of them. When they do happen, it is not like “oh, this is the day I think I am going to die or pass out and come back”. I was warned and then they happened. When they happen, it heightens you and puts you in a place of this most eternal love. You feel like a spirit has moved through you. I saw my passed on loved ones, they spoke to me and told me I was not ready. They pushed me back to my body. When I came back, the leaves of the trees were greener, I could see everything really clearly.

How does your reading work, since you have all the knowledge about healing arts and tools in your box?

I feel we are all different and that we are all masters of our craft, but this is how I work: I love to hear my clients, I love to speak with them.

In the general reading, the people choose a topic to talk about them and that is exactly what I am going to say. Psychics are not mind readers, we pick up on energy, but I want to hear what they are going to say, because people come to me for a reason, even if it is a curiosity.

I tell my clients I can hear, see, feel, smell, taste, and I get snapshots, visions. But I like my clients to communicate with me and tell me what they want me to look at. I write everything down because I love to channel my messages: I cannot decipher if I am seeing, smelling, tasting… It all hits me, so I have to write it to make sure I get the whole message down. My clients take the messages with them.

I am easy to work with but I like my clients to be easy as well. I know people come with a world of pain, of joy, many emotions… But you have to be comfortable when you are reading with someone like me. I tell you exactly what I get and say everything for the highest good and not everybody likes that. Some people just do not want to hear things. But almost everybody really appreciates it.

When it comes to healing work, I am a reiki master teacher. I have an intensive workshop that I teach to sharpen your skills, to learn and help other people.

When people search for your help, what is their main concern?  Did that change in 2020 and 2021?

Yes, absolutely. These past couple weeks there are more people who want to connect with the other side, with passed on loved ones. There are more clients who want to take workshops with me and there are more clients that feel they are losing their mind because they are getting their own messages and do not know what to do.

Some clients are very prophetic and have premonitions but do not know how to handle it. My answer is easy: It is what it is, and you are meant to be walking in the light.

There are so many people who are stepping into their power. I had a prophetic vision about seven years ago and spoke about it in my radio show:  I saw Christ standing on the top of the world and he put out his arm and his hand to the left side. People were in the dark. He was not scolding them.  Then, he put his hand to the right and people were on the left and I heard “there is a divide”.

So, what do you think is going on in the world right now? This is our divide. I saw it and, as time became closer to what it is in the present, I understood I saw that correctly. I do not have a frightening feeling – I have a concern, but I also have a peaceful feeling.

To wrap things up, please share with our readers a message in these difficult times.

I feel that everybody should own their mind, body and spirit. Learn how to harness your energy, protect yourself always, keep yourself embedded in beautiful, loving light and bring everything good and beautiful to you. Wish well upon others and, above all, forgive and love everybody.

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