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Insights with Tina Crowley - Psychic & Reiki Therapist

Insights with Tina Crowley - Psychic & Reiki Therapist

Tina Crowley is a Psychic Clairvoyant & Reiki Therapist who reads for people all over the world. In this interview, Tina shares with MysticMag more about her spiritual journey, how to get the most out of spiritual guidance, and insights into her self-care routines.

Could you tell us a bit about your spiritual journey and what inspired you to pursue this professionally?

When I was a little girl my lovely great nan was always talking to grandad in heaven, this fascinated me and I was curious how she could see him, and talk to him like he was sitting with her.  Also, my nan was telling me things about people by simply using a deck of playing cards as a young girl I wanted to know more!

By the age of 5 I was very aware of ‘ghosts’ around me, and I could see these ‘ghosts’ around living people I thought it was normal.  I had a best friend ‘ghost’ Katrina who I now understand as I got older was my spirit guide and to this day she is by my side.

Throughout my teenage years I dibble dabbled in using spirit boards with my friends and they were so scared when spirits actually came through.  I loved watching other psychics on TV and totally understood that I could do that too!

When I was 37 I had a mini stroke and I was really poorly and one evening my great nan and Angel came through to me, and asked me to show the world my gift and go and help others, as up to now I was too shy to let others know of my gifts.  Sooo that was it, I pressed the ‘go live’ button on Facebook and told the world who I am and what I could do, my first show I still had my heart monitor on, I didn’t mind I just needed to talk to spirit for others!

My first show was only 10 people watching, they were amazing week by week my page grew and my views grew, now each live show I have around 200 people watching and over 4,000 views, I love giving away free readings on my shows.

What type of readings do you offer?

I offer talking to heaven readings, where me and guide bring in spirit.  I do life guidance readings using tarot and my guide.  Spiritual therapy is awesome it entails Reiki, card work and spirit work.

Do you have a personal preference in healing modalities?

I love Reiki I have been doing this for 6 years, I’m about to complete my Master Reiki. I also use crystals and tuning forks too.

How do you incorporate crystals into your work and what does this bring to your practice?

I have a crystal addiction and use these in my reiki and protection, meditation and when I do readings I tend to hold a crystal.

In your opinion, what can people do to get the most of out spiritual guidance?

When you book a reading with me, whatever type you choose, I ask that you give yourself 20 minutes beforehand to relax, listen to music, hold a photo of a loved one, or simply just be quiet and calm, this allows me to access your aura and energy easily.

I ask for people to wait till after a funeral to book a talking to heaven reading as I personally believe it gives the person time to settle into heaven.

Also for the more analytical type of person if writing down your questions feels good, then do that as it allows their mind to be clearer.

Lastly, do you have any personal routines for self-care to conserve and protect your own energy?

Yes so I love to do 5 minutes of meditation a day, I also ground myself.  I like to clear and energise my chakras so I do self healing reiki a few times a week.  I love to put Epsom salts and lavender in my bath to clear my aura.  For me, daily prayer morning and night connecting with my Angels and guides is a big part of my spiritual routine.

Once a week I sage my home and say a protection prayer and ask my Angels to protect me and my family.  I also have lots of crystals around my home.  And lastly I always put my crystals out for a full moon and make myself some moon water!

Where can we get in touch with you?

Get intouch via my website www.tinacrowley.com
Whatsapp +44 7979 757570
I’m on Facebook, Angel card reading and Spirit messages with Tina where I have most of my followers, over 11 000 https://www.facebook.com/Tinacrowleypsychicmedium/ and Instagram @tinacrowleypsychic.

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