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A Face that Launched a Thousand Ships - Tony Uberoi

A Face that Launched a Thousand Ships - Tony Uberoi

Tony Uberoi –  internationally renowned psychic, clairvoyant and spiritual life coach – gives us a glimpse of his own inner journey, insights into how he works and some of his views on authenticity and compatibility. 

When did you first start your psychic and healing journey, for yourself and then for others?

I started doing readings when I was about fourteen or fifteen years old. However, I was very aware of something else that I had, although I didn’t know what to call it at the time – intuition – way before that. So my psychic journey started when I was very young but I started my healing journey in my early twenties. 

I have never had any teachers or mentors but am completely self-taught. I am a voracious reader, but I think my experience has to have been my biggest teacher. I have done thousands of readings over the years, but only started practicing professionally in my mid thirties. 

Did you always know that this would be your line of work and can you define what it is that drove you to success?

No, on the contrary, I was doing everything in my power to not do this line of work. I have a Law Degree, an MBA and a Commerce Degree. I was involved in my family business, and was very happy and doing well. My own journey and destiny, however, pushed me into this profession.

Whatever I have achieved, I can only attribute first and foremost to my clients – who I refer to as my ‘soul friends’ – and to the Universe for affording me my gifts. 

What is the actual process behind your psychic readings and how do you assess which modalities would be best suited?

Many of my ‘soul friends’ come on a regular basis. I never only ever work with one modality, but almost always with a combination of all the modalities that I work with; astrology, numerology, face reading, auras, palm reading, cards, voice vibrations…It is the energy and information that come to me from my client during a reading that dictate which modalities I use. 

I am here to serve the world, and the people that come to me. There is a certain humility that comes into play in my profession, and my job is to get into the skin of the person and help them solve the problems they are facing. It can not stop at empathy, but must go beyond this into compassion. When you immerse a person’s problem into compassion, you are able to help them.

You speak of helping people to be their authentic selves – have you ever come across someone who IS their true self?

I honestly don’t think so, except for young children. Sadly however, we take away our children’s innocence at a very early age and impose our software on them. It is very unfortunate, but I believe that we are doing a good job at creating efficient robots in this ‘modern’ world of ours. I, myself, find it hard to look into the mirror everyday and remain true to myself. 

Children lose their innocence as soon as they are sent to nursery school. We think we are teaching them how to behave, but it is a trade off. They give up their innocence. There is also a lot of competition in the education system, whether it be for good marks or better performance etc… This propels children into negative emotions such as anxiety, insecurity and fear that can affect them their whole lives. 

How accurate do you believe compatibility analysis to be?

If I have only the birth dates of both parties, I would say 80%. If I have both parties in front of me, or on video and I can see their palms, I would say about 85-90%. In India, when people are to be married, they go to an astrologer to check compatibility. 

Why have dating sites not been created alongside astrologers and numerologists (or perhaps they have)?

In India, your whole family goes to the same astrologer, and he knows a lot about each family member such as their charts, what they should be careful of etc… Sometimes, when the children reach maturity and approach the age to be married, the astrologer will recommend a son or daughter from another family that would be a compatible matrimonial match.

Western dating sites have not yet used this approach as part of their software I believe. Even today, many people are afraid of this kind of work and believe it is the work of charlatans, so perhaps this is why. Astrology is often treated with skepticism and is sometimes used as entertainment rather than an efficient tool and life skill.

How much can a Face Reading tell you about someone?

Face reading can tell me a lot about the physical and emotional factors that a person is feeling. It can also be quite telling from a psychological perspective, but I prefer to avoid this. It can pick up on the challenges and problems faced by an individual. Most of all, I look for hidden talents – what do they have that they are not using or using too sparingly?

What is your soul purpose on Planet Earth?

To purify myself and be a better person! I haven’t even scratched the surface ;).

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